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  1. My porn cravings greatly decreased when I applied sattvic lifestyle a year ago for about a month. It worked wonders for me and there is alot to say about how to bring sattva in one's life, so I'm just gonna tell what I did. Firstly, I meditated for 2 times a day with the beginner's technique of Ananda Marga. You can find it yourself, but I would summarize it as concentrating on a mantra with an idea of Unity and Love-like vibes. At the moment of applying more sattvic habits I already meditated for 2 months with this technique Secondly, I almost entirely excluded meat and other tamasic/rajasic food from my diet And thirdly, I did asanas 2 times a day after my meditation sessions. Surprisingly, I did quit fapping for 2 weeks then not by my willpower, but just because this craving almost never crossed my mind. I was also feeling a lot more happy and calm during this episode of my life, and now I'm trying to return to these practices again. I would also recommend you to do a research about svadhisthana chakra and see if you have symptoms which occur when it is unstable. If that's the case, you can apply to yoga to stabilize it
  2. It's okay to burn out. It's okay to lose faith in humanity or yourself sometimes. It's okay if you don't have the energy to be productive atm. Don't blame or rush yourself too much if you can't handle the pressure. The way you're imagining passion implies that you totally won't like it, and I can relate to that. It's NEVER going to be inspiring if all you focus on is negative. Idk, maybe your fatigue makes you think and believe that you're not capable of being great or living a life that you believe everyone else lives. Consciously finding your passion is a difficult goal and it's fine if you can't make it work easily. In fact, it's supposed to be hard and painful, but the most cool part is that suffering is actually not that bad when you can get over it and then cherish your victory. This idea shouldn't depress you, if you know how good it is to overcome pain. But that's not the case when you're just ill. When you're ill, you're not ready to overcome suffering consciously, and that has nothing to do with you being unique in your incapability of having a passion. I assume that your physical illness may be worsened by limiting beliefs you have about yourself. I know by experience how deteriorating it is to be mentally unstable and then constructing limiting beliefs and philosophy in that state. The mistake here is to call such philosophy the truth about yourself and your life, when in reality it's just a consequence of your temporary weak state of mind. Maybe it would be helpful for you to hear perspectives of other people who are inspired with living in alignment with their life purpose. That would refresh your whole view of having a passion and replenish your faith. There's so much to be passionate about, if your mind isn't constrained by the software you've constructed in the past. If you like video games, that means that you can possibly like competitive sports for their drive and action, or maintaining systems for the sake of order and efficiency, or constructing systems, or just understanding things to their root and then utilizing that to gain something. There's a lot to be interested in about life, and it doesn't have to be only one thing. It can be anything, really. Anything. And everywhere you will have to face temporary suffering which is worth coming through, because it's always too sweet in the end to not want to come back and overcome something else just for the sake of overcoming and learning something else about life and experience. It doesn't have lots of meaning, but that only frees you up: suffering is not an ultimate evil in life and pleasure is not an ultimate good which you need to experience every moment of your life for it to be decent. I hope that was helpful. Much love to you!!!!! Don't stop looking, don't stop questioning, and have enough rest
  3. Going half-way into nihilism Believing that suffering or pain is the biggest evil in life Underestimating experience Believing in me-life duality Making mistake of thinking that there exists such a state or a place as death where ego can escape to
  4. In my childhood I felt loved when my parents anticipated in fooling around with me. These are the moments when you can have fun and have no worries about how you are going to be perceived by others. I felt no cringe, my parents felt no cringe, and we were happy to be in this state together and do silly things. Naturally sharing and accepting each other's emotions in any activity felt very loving. Also, it felt loving too when they silently helped me with tasks I couldn't handle myself like bandaging a wound or carrying heavy stuff. Protection and support of any kind actually And I felt unloved when we couldn't connect like this. The bad thing is that I can't call my parents emotionally stable. Sometimes when I strived for connection and understanding they could push me away and feel anger towards me. I often saw how their egos came into play when I made a good point against their opinion. Every time when emotional connection could not be built because of my parents' close-mindedness, I felt unloved. The feeling would not go away even when I consoled myself with an idea that this is not their fault and they always want best for me when they are in a proper mood. Feeling of disconnection wouldn't go away as I knew that this would repeat again I've tried to summarize dynamics of love in my family with this. Of course, in my childhood I didn't have many concepts to bear in my head, so it's hard to remember certain situations when I could realize my own feeling of being loved or unloved. Some things just felt good and some did not, that's all
  5. Your pain is not permanent and nor is it so important as you think right now. I guess that your suffering is caused by too much karma in this period of your life. The stress, your parents, spiritual concepts, emotional exhaustion, guilt and fear. All these different things work themselves out in you and create inner conflicts which are not a pleasant experience. It's only natural that you want to go away and have a rest somewhere outside of your mind. So please find a way to give yourself some rest. Forgive yourself for being the way you are right now. Forgive your parents for not being aware of their ignorance. Let yourself to forget about the future for a few days. Nothing in this world matters as much as your willing to thrive and be happy, so defend it at all costs. It's like the only thing we have