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  1. I know about 21 Days to Change your Lifestyle Habits by Isabelle Lipari
  2. if you was looking for a virgin then you chose the wrong girl who cares how many men she had, it's in the past
  3. confident smart financial stable good looking
  4. I think that you don't have to think about it so much, you will meet her some day
  5. I use it primarily as a depression medication. I would say I use it for sleep but have bad insomnia that only medication makes me tired, but still blaze before bed. In LA it's legal to smoke weed by the way. I use delivery service 'cause it is fast, efficient and safe.
  6. beautiful kind confident smart nice ass
  7. I enjoy my job, you just need to plan your time wisely
  8. eat more vegetables, 2-3 times gym a week, less sugar
  9. I love playing video games. Esp I love playing League of Legend with my friends. It's just such a good social game. It helps with keeping in touch with those long distance gamer friends! I also found many good players on platform. This is really the only reason I play.
  10. I suggest to order The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood book. But don't mess with postal code. You know once I have $40 gift card on Amazon. I bought 2 books and I put the wrong zip code, instead of Canada I wrote my old adress. So now I always use finder to make sure there is no mistake.
  11. If you are still interested in cryptocurrency then I suggest to take a look at ICO Pulse information source. There you will find many articles and ico ratings and reviews. Also detailed description on every project. Hope it helps you in your research.
  12. I think you should learn more about crypto
  13. sense of humor, make her laugh, compliment (but not too much), say that she is smart - she will love you
  14. no sleeveless shirts or half sleeve shirts, most girls hate them