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  1. Truth is relative. Their truths are not your truths. It sucks, but what helped you won’t help them. It’s sticky to teach others what you have learned. It takes skill to reach out and help someone
  2. @xxxx you are both imagined in the same truth. Thinking you are god can catch you like this, tricking you into thinking you are the only thing real. You imagine yourself just as much as you imagine your brother, what is real is now. But as soon as you speak of it, it’s story.
  3. What does it mean to surrender? As in, surrender to what is.
  4. That’s the way I see it. The idea of a cosmic karma goes over my head. I prefer simple explanations. But what is good and bad, really? There’s simply occurrences, and we apply a label of positive and negative. Good or bad is a story we tell.
  5. Expression is natural. I’d wouldn’t know if it was core, maybe it is that seems alright to me. Expression is doing, really. You can’t do without expression. You can’t express without doing. Action is expression, they basically mean the same thing. Expression is just an alternative label to action, which implies emotion, it implies thought, it implies opening up, among other things. But really expression just means doing. Humans won’t cease to exist lol. Tho I’d argue that humans are a notion. They don’t really exist in the first place; this idea that we’re all the same is just an idea. You only know your direct experience; and the idea that humans exist isn’t true or false. It’s a story you tell yourself. Believe it if you will. I believe it! Lol! Humans! Imagine that! Crazy! As far as this human business is concerned, I’d say we’re expressive creatures. Human emotions... I say, emotions don’t really exist. They’re just sensation mixed with thought! Emotions are a story we tell ourselves. What’s real? What is direct experience? Are emotions there? My emotions are sensations mixed with thoughts. Illusory really. So no, they aren’t a means for survival, tho I guess you could argue they’re selfish, in that the ego is selfish. What’s selfish though? What does that really mean? enlightenment is illusion. it doesn’t really exist. it implies a change, and there is no change. You’re already awake! The idea of waking up is the idea of the self, there is no self. Existence just happens, there is no you. Enlightenment is transcending the ego. The ego is the delusion that you exist. The need to express is another illusion. you don’t need to express anything. That’s just a story you’ve woven. In reality, “expression” is just another word for action. Do you have a need to act? No, but action occurs. Action is the present moment unfolding. Expression is the present moment unfolding. It’s as necessary as existence, really. Is existence necessary? I’d say so.
  6. Survival is easy lol i think you’re onto something that people copy tho. Copying others is only the natural instinct
  7. Trust comes naturally when you are awake. If trust isn’t easy, you’re doing something wrong. Of course I trust myself; I’m the “person” I gotta live with. Best to trust that!
  8. Bad luck.
  9. What is this “deserves” you speak of? Everyone “deserves” exactly what they get. You deserve a plastic cup! What’s with this thought you have that anyone “deserves” confidence? If someone has confidence, they have confidence. If someone doesn’t have confidence, they don’t have it! There is no “deserves”; that’s needless moralization. And morals are air. Empty.
  10. The ego is an illusion; you think that you have a self but you don’t. The ego is all the conflict and identity that comes with thinking you have a self. You are no one. no need to have a strong ego to transcend the ego. Just wake up!
  11. Maybe you’re conflicted. But imo it’s perfectly okay to do whatever. Nothing wrong with being overweight. Nothing wrong with self indulging! If you like junk food then eat it; why you gotta shame yourself for wanting junk food? There’s a reason junk food tastes so good; it’s pure energy. Sugar and carbs are great! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Besides, watching your weight is about the calories you get. And a balanced diet doesn’t mean you’re not eating junk; it means you’re getting good nutrition despite what junk you do eat of course, if you want to self-regulate go right ahead. but don’t shame yourself for having cravings; junk food is good. Masturbation is good. If you truly want to not do them, it will be easy to not do them. But like I said maybe I’m lucky and don’t get it. Do what you want to do; and be clear with yourself what that is! Don’t guilt yourself for conflict at any rate. You seem to have conflicting desires. But it doesn’t have to be difficult! If you want to self regulate and not eat junk food, then you need to remind yourself why. Refraining should be easy! You just gotta be clear with yourself on what exactly it is you want. And like I said, nothing wrong with wanting junk food and masturbation! Don’t let some health nut tell you otherwise! If you truly want to be healthy, then it’ll be easy. But that’s assuming you’re not conflicted. I don’t know what else to say, hope I’m helping!
  12. Desires are natural to the human. Humans have desires. Being desire-less is just as natural as being with desire is natural. They both occur. Don’t shame desires; for they are natural to have.
  13. Sounds miserable. Self regulation. You make it sound like a chore, something I wouldn’t want to do. Is that what you want? Self regulation doesn’t have to be so hard anyway. Maybe I am lucky; but like I said, you should do whatever you want. If you want to self regulate, then do it. If you want to masturbate and eat junk food, then do it; you should! You “should” do whatever you want to do; if you want to self regulate then do it. The question is, do you truly want to self regulate? If yes, then what is the problem? Do it! You should! You should self regulate; you should indulge; you should do both; either! What will you do? That is the question. Don’t over complicate it.