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  1. @Matt8800 I would classify myself as a pratyekabuddha (as evident by my title) and would love to know how to get siddhis, either through occult methods or some forms of yoga to repair my brain and generally modify the physical reality around me. I have thought about doing the sodarshan chakra kriya but I would like to know if you thought it would help me. Also meditation is sorta out of the question because the amount of caffeine, cardio and drugs it took to get me through the dark night was insane. Many blessings
  2. Hmmm, just sort of a passive occurance. That's a shame, would be great if they could be manifested at one's convenience.
  3. This describes my life pretty much, nothing to be upset about anything, there isn't anyone typing but typing is occurring. No "free will", my life is hell but there is no one in it.
  4. Playing the game is a lot more fun than waking up imo. Playing a character on the world's stage is more entertaining with a greater sense of certainty. Plus, waking up only results in more questioning and more confusion. If you have a basic understanding of the world with a nice little role to play, with a sense of time and self, then everything is good and normal. However waking up, ha, that's a whole other deal. In many ways I wish to go back tbh. I had an illusory sense of agency back then.
  5. We all have had certain hopes, dreams and fantasies inside ourselves we never even knew. When they're taken away our ego melts to nothing. Then we wake up.
  6. I sure hope so, I hope for productivity to hit an uptick soon.
  7. Yeah I get that to a degree, but here's the thing, my mental capacity has diminished in its ability to retain and learn new information as a result of the drug use previously. Now, I saw on the guidelines that this isn't the place to vent my personal issues and I get that; I have a therapist for that. But I seek to advance my spirituality if only to make my life more functional, even better fully self-actualised.
  8. If you were hoping that I have some extravagant siddhis because of my title, well, sorry to disappoint though we'll get to that subject later. Basically my enlightenment was similar to many people these days, little meditation or yoga but the colloquial "dark night of the soul". Passed through about 4 months of intense depression, insanity and generalised madness as I can only guess kundalini jolted around in my spine. I really experienced some states you would rather forget, some states that would make you not want to continuing living anymore. Not just the despair, but the absolutely dreadful madness. Anyway, somehow, by the grace of the powers that be I made it through the other end. Completely dissociated (not identifying) with my body and mind. Of course with initial states of absolute boundless ecstasy. Far better than any of the drugs I used to cope with the madness and depression. If anyone has any further questions about my experience, go ahead and ask in the comments below. But what I have to ask you guys is... how does one attain siddhis after nibbana, satori, moksha/God realisation? I've considered starting to do the Sodarshan chakra kriya but I don't know if it will yield results. For any more experienced spiritualists I would love to hear any advice you have on attaining lower to advanced siddhis. My life is sorta (not sorta, massively) in shambles and I need siddhis to fix my damaged brain to learn new skills and gain employment. Many blessings to all
  9. What if the observer is you? I mean I do agree with the annatalakhana sutta (don't know if the spelling is right there) that you are not the consciousness, body or sensory perceptions that move from incarnation to incarnation, but for argument's sake lets say you are. Then the you that exists is the bundle of sensory perceptions, the "I" that exists is a collection of identifications/identity/personality. However all these things are temporary, you can tear down ego and personality. You can distort perception. Anything can be you if you identify with it, the you that is experiencing the perception could be the observer, or the primordial consciousness you are not aware of. However few reach the state of coming back to this pure undistorted awareness. That's why enlightenment is described as attaining the "eye that sees", not judges, not jolts back from, not discriminates or conceptualises, but simply sees.