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  1. Lets see, for now I think of China capitalism boost was thanks to ties with western countries, or rather their use of it, I do not see anything significant about it in any area that other countries should learn of.
  2. There is you assuming that he knows how much I have questioned, it is fine by me if my understanding will change with time and it for sure will , but when it comes to your arguments I assume I have gone trough them, they are not miracle to me, it is just confusion, being lost in different perspectives and have nothing to do with me knowing what is going on. Question is only interesting in abstract sense, but it hold no value outside of it. Yes I understand your question and I already answered it to extend that this topic is related to, going outside of it would be going into way to many directions of being, understanding that is miracle to you, or they are not even there, also I did not say that I know everything, but that nothing is wo wo to me. There you come to another problem, can you ever be sure that any answer is right? You see, you think that it can , or can't be answered, or already believe one as in your case.
  3. I have to disagree, there is nothing magical for me except some pointless questions like why there is anything at all, if there is something else that is not connected, that can never be connected. You either know , or you don't, another thing is if you think that you know. If you experience it, you know it, but there can be all kind of knowing connected to it, like where did it come from, what it means , what can I do with it, why did it show up. Your topic goes more into subjects of why connections to experience cause change of experience, because just as you said, as soon as you assign knowledge(which can be assumptions, reaction, etc) to experience it changes, to make it even more strange, even if you take thoughts, knowledge away, your state of mind , overall energy, chemical composition if you want to call , will change how the same experience is seen. You give way to much credit to thoughts, also there is intellect without thoughts, so you would have to take away intellect and become vegetable.
  4. How little left needs to start not liking someone, it is sad, I mean he is 90% great guy , but he is Trump supporter and believes some stuff I don't, so he is evil now and this is what we call supposedly more spiritual, loving and advanced people. Ohh god.
  5. Sounds like another bait from mainstream, making it sound ridiculous, at this point I don't take any of their 10 sec cut videos, phone calls serious, always trying twisting and changing as they want, one thing is free speech for press , another is doing this pathetic thing and calling it freedom for press to deliver truth. Who know maybe this time it was legit, but to actually believe that he would say something like that seems just dumb , what I suppose talk was about somehow found missing votes of people who supposedly voted for him, but where not counted, how they did found them is another question.
  6. So what is your point? Ofc no economist will say it, but it is not like there is no potential for it to be better even from such standpoint, it is just very unclear as they are talking about economic growth of the country, they are not talking about how people are becoming replaceable slaves, how housing is way to expensive, how debts are huge problem , homelessness or other issues, because it has nothing to do with economical growth.
  7. For me observer is reset point and it does not get effected by any experience or states that much , but I have no clue how to explain it to you.
  8. Sure, because states can be of any form, they don't even have to include you as subject, until you have subject to form interpretation from memory which will be just interpretation from subject. Well , it is not like subject is even gone, it is just completely different form.
  9. To many people , to many opinions, beliefs, even if you would have some genius plan, system, that per say can cope within environment of human flaws, reaching agreement to implement such changes seems goal that is to far to reach in near future, to many obstacles. I firmly believe that it is theoretically possible even now, but, things are as they are , so better technology, with change in society is thing we will have to relay on for now, if we don't exterminate us before we reach such point.
  10. Because it probably can't work, you have to assume that stock market is risk free, but it is not, you can lose all, or huge part of your investment that you spent years to accumulate in one go, even if you are financially literate. Idea is not bad to shake up imbalance on amount of people who hold wealth, but as further we dive into it more problems show up , it is like another idealistic idea , expecting perfection that in practice is very unlikely to give outcome as expected. I strongly agree about financially literate society though, less corruption as more people to call it out and more room or improvement.
  11. I am one of the people have benefited the most from EU too, as I am not UK citizen and came here thanks to EU, I didn't vote, but if I would vote , I would vote exit, as I think that this country has to recover, I just feel that it is right direction, I can't point to what will be better, as it could go either way, from point of trade it seems UK will be fine based on article I read like week ago, they have already made huge amount of trade deals with possibility of improving them, also EU is not closed, or non-option to improve trade agreements with. Also do not see problem with traveling besides current situation with Covid, or that opportunity for qualified people moving within EU disappearing. What I hope for is that housing and wage will be able to catch up with restrictions on immigration, wages are very hard to predict, as it depends on how industries will be able to cope, grow and if they don't decide to move, if that happens then we will have bad few years Overall will have to be more competitive and innovative, find niches where this country excels, if it does then it will be great and make it better for everyone in UK.
  12. Listen talk with people, ask them, how much they earned before, how much better were benefits, how better was work environment, how easy it was to find work, how cheap it was to get house, how you didn't finish school with debts. You are bringing out numbers that are good only on surface and probably in whole to elevate other parts of world, but if we are talking about citizens, they have it way worse.
  13. You are talking as if everyone who is out of EU are broke, believe it or not , people in UK had way better life before EU, I do not want to go in the list of people who got better part from EU, but it was not your regular citizens and I highly doubt that it is rich people who want out of EU , as they are the ones who have most reasons to stay, maybe some are not happy with strict regulations, but that is only and not that big of a problem for them.
  14. To clarify from what I understand, it is not that some organic foods are toxic, but that they are made more toxic by organic pesticides , not to mention that it is also not always clear if something that has been labelled organic, has not been in contact with synthetic pesticides. Another thing to note that nutrition values are highly dependant on quality of soil, so label organic, does not mean it will have better nutrition values. There seems to be some controversy about whatever organic pesticides really make food heavy in metals and it would be quite a long time to find source that I could trust, but it does make sense.