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  1. Tremendous value for the money! A few hundreds of hours of work to finish what is really only the beginning of the life-long journey in becoming more complete. I'm a Stoic Humanist and mystic 6 years into my formal 9 year education to become a board certified professional medical chaplain. For the first time and over the last year or so I was feeling burnt out by graduate school and unsure that I was on the proper path. I did the entire Ultimate Life Purpose Course and it confirmed, affirmed, and focused my life's aim. I am feeling revitalized and more committed than ever to my mission. Thanks to Leo I now know without a doubt that I am doing exactly what I should be to become and live more fully into my authentic higher actualized self. Furthermore, I have discovered my values, strengths, and deepest drives demand I specialize in both children's hospital chaplaincy and chaplaincy education/leadership. In "retirement" many years from now when I open my spiritual development and retreat center (also a major long-term goal shown to me by this course) Leo gets free life-long access and VIP service Seriously, it's a promise. Much Love and Gratitude, -Ryan