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  1. "The Axis Mundi: Sacred Sites Where Heaven Meets Earth. What do Mount Fuji in Japanese culture, the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, Mecca in Islam, and the Black Hills for the Sioux all have in common? They are all examples of a belief in the axis mundi – a perceived center of the world, where Heaven and Earth are connected. This concept is also known by other names, including the ‘world tree’, the ‘world pillar’, and the ‘cosmic axis’." An example of The World Tree, aka The Tree of Life Mount Fuji in Japan. Yggdrasil, The World Ash of the Norse Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man represented a symbolic and mathematical exploration of the human form as world axis. https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/axis-mundi-sacred-sites-where-heaven-meets-earth-009464 https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Axis_Mundi https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Axis_mundi https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axis_mundi
  2. The Red and Black Star of the American Friends Service Committee (aka The Peace and Social Witness Star) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and the closest thing unprogrammed Conservative (Traditional), Liberal, and Nontheist Quakers (all of whom practice the symbolism of no symbolism) have to an (un)official symbol: https://www.afsc.org/story/red-and-black-star https://smudgyguide.net/quaker-star-badge/
  3. The Flaming Chalice and Light of Unitarian Universalism: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flaming_chalice https://www.uua.org/beliefs/who-we-are/chalice/flaming-chalice
  4. Well done. Thanks for this Leo. You made it abundantly clear to critics and those with suicidal ideation alike that this work has nothing to do with harming the body and everything to do with living the good life. You did this without compromising the integrity of the teachings of the Absolute as well. Very direct yet heartfelt, thoroughly, and artfully explained. With the addition of this video to the catalog that truly does contain other cautionary episodes and warnings of traps in many videos, and with your commitment to have even more explicit warnings and disclaimers especially in the advanced work, surely any reasonable person would now be satisfied with the level of care and precaution being taken. As for the unreasonable people, well, haters gonna hate as they say and I concur there simply is no way to completely fool-proof these teachings. For the record I love and appreciate mostly everything about Actualized.org. Unlike many it seems, I even like your style, but to be fair I think that's mostly because it's alot like mine was and sometimes still is. For a guy just sharing his spiritual journey and philosophical insights on YouTube you are a fine communicator and a great teacher. The improvement in these aspects is clear from your early videos to present. Awesomely profound awakenings and deep wisdom you have down, but if I could offer you any advice it would be to approach your communication and teachings skills as you do awakenings in regards to how you continue to push for progress. Don't be satisfied with your current level of instructional ability. Become an ever better communicator and teacher. Sure, you are good to great now, but that's not mastery. In the game a being a masterful spiritual teacher the ability to effectively communicate the teachings is arguably more important than the extreme depths of the teachings themselves because most of those you teach will never work and sacrifice to reach such extreme depths of understanding to be actual God-realized Sages. Basically, superb instructional ability is at least half the job, and it's a very learnable mundane skill set. Some further honing of your communication skills will also go far in aiding you in future interviews, dialogs, and possible debates if you engage in such. I look forward to seeing you grow and mature in embodying your teachings and becoming a leader. The world needs more God-realized Sages in leadership. Here's to Being Good Philosopher Kings
  5. From what I'm gathering it is unclear to mostly everyone here that with this gentleman's death this community has just entered a kind of dangerzone of becoming a hotbed for suicide contagion. That he did it with so much grace, and because timeless nondual truth has little bad to say about suicide, and because this forum as a place of spiritual exploration and communication is full of diverse people contemplating death (as they should be) including a fair number of emotionally unstable folks, we are ripe for a suicide cluster. If you don't know what I'm talking about please google "suicide cluster", "suicide contagion", and "the Werther effect". Sadly, we see this in high-schools all too often. There we can attempt to control the much more manageable environment and offer clinical help to everyone, and still multiple impressionable confused young people take thier lives. There is little chance of halting it here. In short folks, this may be the beginning of the end of the forum. The days and weeks to come will tell. It will only take one more, and then there will be a few more. Investigations, lawsuits, all manor of demonization of this work, and a general complete shitshow will follow... Love peace but prepare for war ?
  6. I'm not about to take the time to find it all and quote it, but there has been just a bit of shall I say an overly positive response in some posts in regards to this good man's suicide IMHO. Even if I'm completely wrong about that others looking for justification and encouragement to take their own lives may well read what you or I see as compassion as glorification. I read new posts in this forum daily by people toying with the idea to seriously contemplating to truly considering suicide. As I've said, it is an organic part of spiritual development work. In addition self-help and spiritual work draws distraught suicidal people in the first place. This forum if full to the brim of those with death, ego death, and bodily death on their mind. I'm willing to be a bit of an asshole and say slightly offensive things if it means keeping even one person reading this thread from thinking suicide is the answer to their worldly and/or spiritual challenges. It's not personal to you, the deceased, his loved ones, or anyone.
  7. I hear ya Leo. I normally draw the distinction between being fearless and reckless. If courage or fearlessness causes one to completely abandon all concern for consequences then it is at least also, if not completely, stupidity. As with mostly everything finding balance by wisdom and right judgment is the key to being appropriately fearless, but you know that.
  8. @Preety_India I'm sorry Preety. I mean no disrespect to him, his family and friends, you, or anyone. All I'm saying is that for the sake of preserving human life and this community we must condemn and not glorify suicide.
  9. This is of course correct, but if we tell all of these nice seekers this some of both the fearless and the fragile ones may go throw themselves off bridges and such. People be impressionable and crazy you know, lol
  10. The fact of the matter is that the contemplation of suicide simply goes with the territory of spiritual development. It is a challenge that most every serious seeker must wrestle with and transcend, and some will face it long-term and/or repeatedly; and some will fail to win Freedom without falling bodily by their own hand. This is the case in all awakening work in every tradition and type of teaching. Absolute Life is what we aspire to and to become One with it we must face relative death. To well understand that this is Not a Call or a Cause to Commit Suicide even in the darkest night of the soul when it is very tempting is why a strong disciplined mind must be developed before undertaking hard-core spiritual practices of any sort, including with psychedelics. It is important that everyone here recognize that the path to enlightenment is both beautifully light and dark. It is strewn with the dead in traps that can bind and snare and kill you too both metaphorically and literally. Learn well the lesson SoonHei died to teach us. His death must be firmly condemned least we risk it being glorified and worse case scenario such death becomes a theme here. It gives me no pleasure to say he was a deluded fool, a victim of his own spiritualized ego, and it ended his life out of pure fear disguised as lofty spirituality. Know that for a minor turn of fate it could have happened to any of us. Those who Know know it did happen to us. It is loss. It is pain. It is grief and hardship and remorse. Be wise. Learn from this mistake and don't repeat it.
  11. @Muhammad Jawad My condolences to you and all those who loved and were loved by Sunny. You doing alright mentally and emotionally all things considered Muhammad? See the thing is when our "best and only friend" kills themselves sometimes we are next in line. Are you having any suicidal thoughts? Do you have a support system, family, a therapist, or clergy you can turn to? If not, and even if so, maybe seek out a local suicide prevention phone number wherever in the world you are. If you have even a hint of seriously contemplating suicide after this crisis and tragedy of Sunny's, please get help and talk to someone immediately. It is not weakness to have such thoughts nor to seek help. It is courageous to be self honest and seek assistance in preserving life.
  12. @SQAAD I read you are from an Athens. If you and your friend are from The Athens then surely you are familiar with the "Logos" of the ancient Greek and less ancient Christian worlds. This divine reason or logic responsible for the creation and continuity of the cosmos that is at One in all relative reality even as it monistically transcends relative reality, the Logos is active as spirit and reason always in the Now, the Absolute Intelligence of the Universe, the Mind that is and of God. It's a brilliant, useful, and truthful concept this divine Logos that I largely subscribe to. It is a concept that exists in a similar fashion in various wisdom traditions as philosophy or theology from many diverse cultures, yet it is always a concept when I venture from Being It into expressing It. I could spend a long human lifetime, a hundred Earth years, studying and describing the Intelligence of God and yet I would not begin to do it justice. Will my descriptions be wholly accurate? No, of course not. Will my descriptions be more accurate than if I completely denied the Logos altogether? Yes, and only slightly so considering the impossibility of describing Infinite Intelligence from a seemingly limited form in limited space-time. So you see your friend is arguably correct in an asinine semantics word-games sort of way, but clearly incorrect from the Awareness of Being the Logos. Again, this really is not complicated. Is the creature your friend imagines himself to be intelligent to any degree? If yes then he has direct cognition (also intelligence, and now we are going meta as well), qualitative emperical evidence, the best standard of proof personally available to him, for the existence of the Intelligence of God regardless of how he chooses to label it.
  13. @SQAAD I've had this talk many times because while God is seldom mentioned in some of my circles I insist to my friends that the Universe is Intelligent. A claim to which they often scoff. Then I simply ask them if they consider themselves at all intelligent. They never fail to answer yes and that makes my point and concludes the argument. Incidentally this is an excellent way to drive the point home and open great conversation with rational materialists as to how they are the Universe and not separate from it as they so often surprisingly have never before considered. Your non-dual friend should have at least some concept that he is God, the Universe, You, Albert Einstein, and every intelligent agent that ever seemingly lived, and If he believes himself to be at all intelligent, that Intelligence is the (terribly dumbed down in his case, lol) Intelligence of God on evident display.