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  1. @Sine I use the two more or less interchangeably on a regular basis, still there are indeed distinctions. As concepts they are words that point to the same Reality, but "monism" is relayed from "western" (mostly Greek as far as I know) wisdom and spiritual traditions while "non-dualism" comes more by way of the same in the "east". I find I use "non-dual" more when speaking from a bottom-up perspective and "monist" more when speaking top-down. Also, far more lay people who have not studied philosophy have heard of "non-dualism" than "monism". "Non-dualism" is more useful in communicating with the masses because of this and because it gives a starting reference point to, and is just a bit easier to digest for, those still stuck in dualism. When it comes to the morphology of the words I prefer "monism" because linguistically the prefix "non" applied to the root "dualism" implies that "non-dualism" is dependent on "dualism" as an origin of being, and this is out of alignment with Truth. "Monism" is ultimately more precise and it's use is more integris. Both of these words and concepts lend themselves to more expansive and meta definitions. Simply put, "non-dualism" means "not two, but One", and "monism" means "all is One". We of course know that the not two, but One is None, and the all that is One is None. The baseline for both of these concepts that conventionally point to One is metaphysically None, as in not 1, but 0, infinitely. "Non-dualism" and "monism" are essentially synonyms both conventionally and metaphysically. "Monism" should not be confused with "monotheism" because conventionally they are defined and typically used very differently. From a meta perspective, sure, there is alot of overlap and similarity there. It could be said that the concept of monism contains the belief of monotheism, but monotheism is by definition only a belief and the vast majority of monotheist peoples would not accept monism or non-dualism as even beliefs. Again, "monism" essentially states "all is One". Monotheism is "the belief in only one God as opposed to many", not "all is One God". These are important distinctions for effective communication.
  2. Most US police train extensively to shoot (typically a double tap +) for center mass (basically the chest) in order to "stop". The average cop is not trained to specifically kill, maim, or cripple, but to reliability hit and incapacitate ASAP to eliminate the threat of return fire. The legs of a perpetrator can be shot to pieces even, and while that is happening and until they bleed out, they can remain a very serious threat to officers and nearby civilians. It would be considered negligence on multiple levels on the part of police to shoot to cripple people. This incident is of course a tragedy as most shootings are, but please understand the cop had to make a very high stakes split second decision in an adrenalized state with far more limited information than we have in looking at it all in hindsight, with multiple angles of video, and after an investigation. I'm sure the officer didn't know he was engaging a 13 year old. If you examine the video it appears the cop and the kid are approximately the same height. If that is a 6 foot tall fence, which is likely from context and as a norm, then this 13 year old was around 5'9"ish. As is often the case the media, usually in conjunction with the family and the PR firm and attorneys they have hired, is likely showing an "old" photo of him as a sweet innocent looking little kid in order to generate greater outrage. I'm not a cop, but I've worked with many and I assure you there are very few police officers that would knowing shoot to death a 13 year old in the line of duty whether relatively right or wrong and whether they were armed or not. If this was a "good" cop (and yes, they do exist) that saw himself as a protector of the weak, a servant of the community, and a true blue good-guy, then this will destroy him from the inside out even if he faces few legal or professional consequences.
  3. HAHaha! This cracked me up so much 🤣... You are completely correct of course. Very insightful
  4. Great finds @loub ! Much appreciated. Any professional spiritual teacher who doesn't explicitly teach Integrity to some degree should find a new calling imho, but it's how they embody and teach it implicitly and by example that seperates the men from the boys, lol! Integrity is the bridge between the practical/physical and the transcendent Actual/metaphysical that most readily allows any who dedicate themselves to a life of true Integrity and integration to cross into God-Consciousness. I always enjoy some Ralston as well. I feel he and Leo have somewhat similar styles. What sets Leo apart from all others is I almost always learn a bit of something from every video he releases. They are both a great deal of fun for me to watch work
  5. @machiavelli I'm going to offer you just this one pointer and that's it. A brief bit of my personal story for context. My post-rational self is built on an ultra-rational foundation. I am very sober, sane, and rational. I love science, quality openminded science. I am a trained scientist as one of my undergrad degrees is in environmental science. I am not religious or new age in any conventional sense and for all of my youth was anti-religious/anti-superstitious. I have never used a psychedelic substance of any sort. Through simple meditation, contemplation, visualization, and self-inquiry exercises I have had all manner of transcendent, or what might be called trippy, experiences. Certainly not the most grand, profound, or important, but somehow the most overall odd for me (and odd doesn't even begin to describe some of what I've observed) are my longstanding frequent interactions with fairies. Yes, fairies... To be clear I am not about fairies and I Do Not nor have I ever believed in fairies, yet there the little folk are. Not believing in fairies as they frolic right in front of me taught me a valuable lesson, to not believe in me or you either. That is the practical use of most such things as this for awakening. Following your line of questioning from this thread you will want to know if I can prove fairies exist objectively. Can we video tape them, or prehaps we could capture one, observe it in a controlled environment, and later dissect it. Sure, prehaps we could if any of us "existed". And here is the final piece of the puzzle. Despite any supposed evidence to the contrary at only seemingly multiple levels of reality, the fairies do exist and so do we, but none of us like you currently believe and none of us objectively.
  6. I was totally just about to post this same thing!... Clear concrete evidence of telepathy, lol!
  7. @Leo Gura Yep, this is exactly why I didn't offer any advice. As soon as I heard of your condition some time ago I wanted so badly to chime in and say, "Water fast man!" but I was also concerned that your autoimmune/thyroid issues might make fasting very difficult for you. I'm so sorry your fasting experience went so poorly, but it's awesome that Carnivore is working so well! Briefly on fasting, as I think I sense curiosity of it as a spiritual tool from you and many in this community, it is typically very useful for facilitating transcendent states but it does not generally do so on it's own. What 'should' happen is approximately 3 days in most hunger should subside and yield to a generally low physical and mental energy state that is extremely grounded, centered, clear, and profoundly fertile for allowing meditation, breath work, etc, to deeply and quickly impact preceived human Consciousness. This sweet-spot or sweet-period of a fasted state fluctuates a bit but normally lasts days or even weeks (if you're fat, lol). If left to go until it ends, it terminates in the severe hunger, weakness, and the basic feeling that bodily shutdown may be near much as you describe in your blog post. A major rule of fasting is: Listen to the Body! I'm glad you broke your fast earlier than you planned my friend. It was the right thing to do. I know you are a very smart guy who has done and is doing a great deal of research. I know you will overcome this life challenge. As a strategic problem solver and someone who has done and supervised many fasts for a variety of reasons I want to offer you worst case scenario hope. I doubt I'm telling you anything you don't know, but if this comes to the point of you solve this or die trying, consider a clinical medically supervised fast... of 3-6 weeks. I know, I know, it will basically be paying doctors a ton of money to come close to starving you to death, but it should starve everything in your gut microbiom to death as well. That doesn't mean of course that it will heal the underlying condition. You could even pull an Elvis Presley and be put into a medically induced coma for much of it (the weight loss secret of the king, lol). I've deeply contemplated what I know of your situation and this is all I've come to as a do or die last resort. To hell with all the suffering and costs of such a method if Carnivore or anything else works of course. Good luck Leo. Hang in there. We wish you the best.
  8. @gettoefl @CBDinfused You are welcome my friends
  9. I've not yet realized anything that leads me to the conclusion that there is a "final stage" of enlightenment. The fact is, if One completely dissolves the ego and can just sit free of all action and attachment, including to things like food, water, and shelter, One can indeed embrace bodily death in blissful peace, but doing so is a selfish cop out and a disappointing failure of the test of Life. Living all your days in some isolated hippie and/or spiritual community or as a solo hermit is typically little better. An enlightened human Being is an empowered human Being that can make meaning any way they choose, but hiding or dying is a pathetic worldly waste when serving Creation and walking the world as a force of Nature is an option. Bodily death will come in time even if life is relatively long and healthy. There is no need to rush it. Authenticity and integrity are very important. Embrace and embody what you know YourSelf to be. Integrate everything; pretend nothing. The Universe does not awaken to hide or die or pretend to yet slumber. The Universe awakens to lovingly lift itself up and then harshly shake and slap itself more fully awake. Here's another option for you. Become a Holy-man, a God-man, and not the sort that just talks the talk, but walk the walk. There is no demand to dress or speak oddly or to openly go around proclaiming yourself a guru or seeking a following or establishing a community. There is a demand, a deep God-realized demand, to be Goodness incarnate, to lift Creation up, and when needed to embrace the privilege and the duty to shake and slap it awake.
  10. @CBDinfused I do not claim to speak for the philosophy of any group, but I can tell you of this from being a human Being. For starters, there are no "levels" and while various models of various things have their place, you would do well to transcend them. Next, very simply, hatred is divisive and love is unifying. True Love of course contains and loves all hatred which in this context then ceases to be. Ultimate Love is like that with all else, it surrounds and swallows up everything in Creation to the point of collapsing all in destruction by revealing unification. Powerful hatred is also a great, but far lesser, destroyer and is a dark unifier but through division and to the deluded extreme of only hatered of hatred remaining of an egoic identity. Because of this hatered can be used as an effective, although conventionally very dangerous and profoundly unhealthy, tool by the spiritual seeker. Ultimately though, hatred cannot overcome itself or Love, while Love can overcome hatred and all else by integration, unification, and beautiful creative destruction to the point of being an absolute unity of infinite Nothingness. A bit more practically speaking, a major defining aspect of being awake to/as Love is to be in love with Creation, to be selflessly in love with YourSelf. Have you ever loved a work of art? Has a work of art of any sort ever brought you tears of joy? Have you ever loved a human being as a work of art and more? Has the shape, the intricacies, the totality, the body-mind and spirit of another ever made you forget yourself and your world? Have you ever felt orgasmic-like bliss unrelated to sexual stimulation, but instead from deep bodily embraced love of any person, place, or thing? Has your sense of self ever dissolved in your love of another like a partner, a friend, your offspring, your sibling, or maybe even a pet? To be awake as/in/to Love is like these things. You are the Everything that is Nothing that is Love itself. In being a human being Love, all you encounter is like a beautiful living loving work of divine art. From flowers and sunsets to death and dung, all can bring tears of joy, ecstatic orgasmic transcendence, and self-dissolution to Nothing, to no personal subjects or objects, to only Self being Love. This is Your stateless state, as in not an altered state of seemingly human consciousness, but the Actual base state of formless Consciousness itself that plays at being your humanity and all else. It is the Meta-Subject that is You and there are no objects, only Everything that is Nothing that is Love as Absolute Unity. And all of this can seemingly take place in Being a human, but when aware of it One will know better, lol I hope this makes at least some sense?
  11. @Preety_India I've seen you around the forum commenting and conversing on many threads and in my anecdotal observation people do give you a disproportionately more difficult time than most. Because of this and the mature positive way you often handle criticism with some grace I thought I found you likeable. Before posting here I wanted to have more surety and integrity in my assertion than only my first impressions of your admirable character. Because you are an open book I have read and contemplated some of your journal entries in an attempt to understand you better. You are an impressively brave and strong woman who has faced, overcome, and is healing from much adversity in life. I commend you on your fearless transparency, self-honesty, and dedication to healing and Self-actualization. You are a brilliant, articulate, and creative writer as well, but it was your couple of voice recordings that hit me the hardest. I am an empath when I choose to be and I could deeply feel both the pain and the hope in your voice. Thank you for all your sharing and contributions to the forum. I'm sure many different people can resonate with many different aspects of all you say. I know I can and I learned a few things from you also. To the extent that one may from mostly a bunch of text from a person they will never meet face-to-face, I can confidently say I like you and you are authenticly likable. If people in your life, or with a chance to be in your life, don't like you it's their loss. Take care Preety
  12. If you subscribe to any Abrahamic faith you may want to speak with a member of your clergy for clarification on that whole God doesn't judge thing. I digress, this isn't a religious studies forum. You've lost me my friend. You say, "I don't think humans are even part of what god is", and "I will never claim to be god", but then concluded with "When you will be [sic] become god". Is your understanding that you become God after perceived bodily death (and if not then how and when does one become God), but here and now you are fully separated from God? ..... I understand the fear and apprehension surrounding this issue from traditional Judeo-Christian and Muslim worldviews. This is why I seldom invoke 'God' when teaching though it is a fitting label and it eventually becomes the elephant in the room for some. If it feels better to you come to know you are One, plain and simple, or one with the: Universe, Nature, Truth, Love, the Absolute, or so many more things we can inadequately attempt to name it, lol. The challenge then is even if you embrace these sorts of things as a belief, even if you transcendently experience Oneness with 'All', except whatever concept of God is yet clung to, you won't and can't know Yourself fully and therefore you can't knowingly be Yourself in/as Awareness. It would really be more productive for this work if agnostic or atheistist views were previously held as then God could be freely discovered so to speak, realized, and explored. Unfortunately, the knowledge you think you have of God can induce limiting fearbased beliefs that can stifle coming to truly know God.
  13. @Kalo @Boethius If this objection to "you are God" is coming from a Christian worldview prehaps consider the Trinity. You are God in the same way the three apparently different divine personas of the Father, Son, and Spirit are One Absolute Unity. Even if you are not Trinitarian you likely hold a hypostatic union understanding of the God-man Christ. His hypostasis, meaning the actual nature of this apparent construction laborer/itinerant preacher/apocalyptic prophet/prophesied King and sacrificial Savior, his deepest truest identity was (is) that of God. As Christians are you not partakers joined into and one with the Body of Christ, are you not possessed of the Holy Spirit, is your highest ideal in life not to authentically embody Christ-likeness? In these ways framed in Christianity, you are in union, at One, with God. More mystical and openminded, less analytical and dogmatic, can bring recognition of the oneness of the divine Self framed in the context of most any religion because most every major religion was founded on mystical divine union. That's not to say the majority of devotees to all those religions throughout history would not verbally and even physically assault and kill those who know and dare say they are God on charges of blashpemy.
  14. Haha, that was more or less my first thought on this as well! Hilarious stuff. One of my takeaways from the Trump presidency was that if he could win and occupy the highest political office in the land then the flood gates are basically open for any clown to do the same at any level of government. How many of these guys are we going to see I wonder? The Republican party is both divided and doomed imo, yet some weakened semblance of it will survive. When shooting one's self in the foot there is none but the self to blame.
  15. Human beings have a sort of superpower called meaning-making that relies entirely on relationships, relativism, You-you-and-YOU in relation with yourSelf. The nihilist makes meaning from whatever concepts they hold of meaninglessness. If meaninglessness is seen as sad, bad, or bothersome then these are yet other, likely conventionally unhealthy, meanings being projected over meaninglessness. If meaninglessness is seen as liberating, inspiring, or empowering then these are other, possibly humanly healthier, projections of meaning onto meaninglessness. When we transcend the body-mind so that preceived objective and subjective reality disappear into the Nothing that is Everything and there is only perfect silence, at whatever eternal-infinite space in limitless non-space we rest we are truly nihilistic. Take half a step back from this and be flooded with the Goodness and Love that washes away human nihilism and gives divine purpose in Life. Use Your meaning-making superpower to manifest Goodness and Love in all relationship in Creation. By all means be a nihilist, but be an enlightened meta One... or don't and suffer until you do.