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  1. Hello guys, I want to share with you for free , something that touched me really really deep. Here it goes:Living from a place of surrender by Michael Singer
  2. Any update on Kanna? Does anybody know anything about this plant?
  3. Hello, I waked up after 5 hours of sleep, and then i tried to go back to sleep.At some point i was hearing strange voices like they were happening around me, and i still was in control because i tried to wake up to see if it's reality or i'm dreaming.And i decided to go further and see what happens.Then i felt strange sensations in my body and it gradually started shaking faster and faster uncontrollable.When the shaking started i also had control to stop it and wake up to reality.After that i started having some lucid dreams and i felt like i was awake in the dream , but i'm not sure now if i was or not. Did anybody else had this experience?Any thoughts about it is much appreciated.
  4. @DevOcean thank you for your answer @ThinAir thanks for your point of view. I know a lot of people who took aya from her.It looks like is not for self-interest. They got a bigger group and they want go to Peru to do aya on NYE.And they put the condition that in order to join the group i have to do this one on one first.The thing that scares me as well is that is illegal in our country.Not sure if it's my intuition or my mind keeping me from doing this. @BreakingthewallThank you @Jodistrict thanks for answering.I can relate to what your saying.I was very open after doing it and then covid came ...and i've started being triggered a lot emotionaly by fears.Experienced a lot of strange physical symptoms.Even in my dreams.Not sure what to do atm , that's why i was looking to have some psychedelic experience to become more conscious of what am i feeling and what needs to be released
  5. Hello, My name is Bogdan and i am from Romania. I have been presented the oportunity to do some 1 on 1 ayahuasca ceremonies with someone who is pretty experienced with the brew but is not a legit shaman. I have done 3 group ceremonies on december 2019 with a shaman which where pretty tough(huge suffering) but in the end i felt love like i never felt before. Since then i dream a lot of fears almost every night and my emotional state is out of balance most of the time. Any thoughts on this are much appreciated Thank you and blessings to everyone.