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  1. Sounds like a threat, but I'm not threatened. That is good advice to me. Cheers @Nahm.
  2. Proactivity. It's a struggle, to be honest. But a valiant one.
  3. @BlueOak You make a very strong argument. I like your way of thinking. Perhaps I can learn something here. Could you expand more on the quoted text? Because I agree with you. The hate I feel could be more complex in nature. And a lot of shades in between maybe present as you mentioned. But what could a man do with these emotions? regardless of the reasons for which they arise. I have an inkling on why they persist, as @Lyubov asserts: But what if cutting people from my life that I'm intolerant of results in isolation? Is the healthiest course of action here is to arm oneself of the belief that everyone acts out of their intentions to survive? Do you think it's healthier to try to forgive others for their actions but at the same time not being a doormat and tolerating them? Thank you @Lyubov and @BlueOak for sharing your thoughts.
  4. Thank you for your words of advice. I appreciate it @bejapuskas. I guess I posted this here because i wanted to be heard by people whom I don't deal with in my country. Some of them may not be as open-minded. But you're right. it seems to me that I already knew the answer to to my question. I will listen to myself and be mindful.
  5. @Knowledge Hoarder I agree. I should go to a professional before I kill someone. ? Thanks.
  6. I'm a 23 year old Egyptian national and an English Teacher. In my profession, I teach adults as well as young learners. This post is going to be about the former. I don't need to mention the sensitivity of getting laid in the middle east or within a social or professional communities. I believe that socialising and becoming an attractive leader is paramount for my personal life regardless of my circumstances. That's why I'm writing this post. I want an outside perspective on what I'm doing now and what to do in the future. I would love to get your input, @Leo Gura. I started working as an English Instructor for a year ago. During that time, I met a lot of women colleagues and students. I had a lot of practice with talking to women. I had a lot of pitfalls as well. They made me stronger. Through following Leo's advice on the forum and his videos, I'm always on the journey of being a high-value leader. My problem is not attracting women, but being attracted to them. Mostly, I hook women by my charm. They let me touch them, kiss them and tease them. But whenever I'm with them or have the opportunity to be with them, I just don't care. I ignore them. I focus more on myself or work, but I give them no attention. Some girls get disappointed and stop pursuing me and some keep at it, but I repel them. I know what you're thinking. I must be gay. In fact, I am bisexual. I'm attracted to both men and women. But I still don't care about pursuing men either, even though a few gay men hit on me. I'm confused. I don't know what I'm doing. I just don't care about being in a relationship with anyone. I approach men and women for practice. But I still don't care to go into any relationship at all. Honestly, I hate people. I hate them. I'm intolerant of them. I get bored of them easily. I get a lot of dark and evil thoughts about killing or harming them. Is this normal? should I go to a therapist? should this be in the dating and relationships subforum or serious emotional problems forum? Thank you. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  7. What does RSD stand for? @Leo Gura
  8. This makes me feel unique about boosting my social skills through speaking to thousands of men and women by being an English Instructor. I swear, it has been majorly beneficial. Good luck to you, bud. @Illusory Self
  9. Same here. But I got a job as an English Teacher after I graduated and boosted my social skills tremendously. It wasn't easy by the way. It was agonising. But that is what it takes to better yourself as I did. I changed my personality and made myself a leader out of a scoundrel. It's not too late. Good luck, buddy. P.S. I have no regrets. The things I did or have been done are in the past. I have the choice of learning from them and developing, rather than whinging about them.
  10. Truthfully enough, a lot of women tend not to indulge in wisdom and become attracted to low conscious men anyways. That's when reality sets in.
  11. What are your thoughts on this matter, @Leo Gura?
  12. Amen to that!