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  1. Thank you for this elaborate and enlightening post @Gen Sue Rodriguez.
  2. Happy Birthday, my man.
  3. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale. Let yourself escape reality momentarily. Feel that blissful silence take over. Then come back and face the music.
  4. That's a breakthrough, good job man. I'm really happy for you.
  5. Thanks for your insightful post @jerrypua
  6. For me, listening to audiobooks is easier than reading because I've developed my listening skill over the years. But, I'm also starting to read more.
  7. Man, that's a beautiful analogy. Many thanks.
  8. @lmfao Fascinating reply. Cheers, brother.
  9. Interesting take. Thank you.
  10. Hi guys, I witnessed Leo say before, "The better the model, the bigger the problem". So, I wanted to create this topic for the reason of deeply discussing the upsides and the downsides of personality tests and models in general. My name is Abdelghafar, I'm 23 years old and I live in Egypt. I recently graduated from my 4-year college and I wanted to recount my experience with the personality models during that time and during my Job Hunting Journey. Since I had started university, a friend of mine introduced me to the MBTI model and I had learned about my personality type: INTJ. I started feeling so special and I became so attached to the mbti at the time, that I started twisting reality according to models like, The Five Factor Model, the MBTI, etc. I became obsessed with typing people around me and judging them by their four-letter-type and other attributes. Moreover, during my job search, I found out that companies recruit their potential employees by analyzing factors such as extroversion and introversion. Even though, I have an introverted nature, I posed as an extrovert in those tests fearing that I'd get rejected. I noticed that there was a major systemic issue with bending people to such narratives because, for example, introverts can develop high communication skills and extroverts can develop deep introspection. In this quest, I commenced following online communities and resources such as Psychology Junkie and Psychology Youtubers. I observed as those typology experts said how each and everyone of the 16 personalities lives their lives, what they love, what they hate, what they should do in certain situations, and so on. I said to myself, "What's the benefits of these models? and at what point does this become toxic and ideological?" It's true, these models possess great advantages of getting us to better understand ourselves and consider the existence and experience of others. Nevertheless, they can also be manipulative to the point where one can be trapped in its bubble and live their lives bound by its limitations. Hence, I started following Leo on the Forum and I saw him write something that hugely resonated with my take on models. I also found this new HBO Documentary Trailer about how such models are used at work and during social life. The trailer is a bit dramatic and overly-emphasizing the disadvantages of those models, but that's understandable due to marketing purposes. It's clear to me that only demonizing the models is myopic, but being iconoclastically critical about it is important to wake up and realize Holism (Watch Leo's recent video). So, what's your personal experience and thoughts on this subject? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of models in general? Have a great day.
  11. Like @Epikur said, Journalling & Meditation is a way of releasing repressed energy of fear and anger. This is a Meditation video, it's also quite brief and non-hardcore so that you can start little by little. Follow Dr.K and enjoy unloading that heavy weight off your shoulders.
  12. Yes, Heaven forbid one makes light of anything on this forum.
  13. Nice.