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  1. I want to start a personal development channel just like, but in Chinese, for people in China. What are the essential components in doing this? I want to hear some ideas from you.
  2. @WonderSeeker actually i am pretty disappointed with myself, i realize all these years i am not really growing, i am not meditate constantly, exercise constantly, i got a lot of resistance and backlashes, i also have the problem of over eating however it turns to under eating a few days ago, i wish i could be someone who helps others like leo, i love theories and concepts. but as i said, since i met her, i feel like a different person, i feel like this relationship is what i have been looking for all these times, it will make me full-filled and solve all my problems. ironically, this is Exactly i know i should not do. it's co-dependency. i feel confused, defeated and hopeless.
  3. @Preety_India what you suggest feels right intuitively.
  4. i am afraid that if i talk to her that will show my neediness and thus make her lose interest.
  5. i feel like i am not myself anymore. my head is filled with images of us spending the rest of our life together. i feel shamed, as all these actualized videos i watch tells me neediness will onlt drive the other person away. its funny, in the beginning, i was picking up tons of girls because i want to have sex, i dated a few, some girls just not vibe with me that well. Until i date this girl, both of us seems to have a good time together. at first, i was not that attached. After a few months, we have a very good time and enjoy each other's company. But now it is winter holiday, we will have to go back to our families. and this empty void sadness comes up and i feel extremely depressed and have no motivation in doing anything but to see her again, i try not to talk too much with her through phone as it only makes things worse plus i am afraid if i am too needy with her, she will leave me. i haven't feel this pain for a very long time. i have been in a few relationships before, the first one is also a heartbreaking dependent relationship, after i watched leo' video, i samrtly play the care-free play boy role in my next three relationships, and i feel bad, because that is not myself, i actually like those girls as well, and the fact i have to be aloof to keep them attracted is making me depressed. last few nights i eat a lot less only a few fruits, hardly sleep, 2-3hours maybe, meditate and all i get is her images flashing , often walk around the lake near my house and listening to sad songs, when i see a bench, i imagine she being there, and vanished. i know this is wrong and not good for me, i am in great conflict with my self, i have higher visions of becoming someone like leo, but now the world seems black and white without her... i do not know what to do...
  6. Thanks, you deliver simple yet condensed points. i am feeling confident right now.
  7. how much time does it take to take a girl back home in day game and in night game? Does it take moving to 5-6 places? Or after i kissed the girl? Does it have to take 1 or 2 dates? or 7 hours maybe? does it have to be the end of a night? since i heard girls enjoy the process. Do i have to use excuses like go up and have a drink? Or, simply kiss her and pull her back if she is feeling the right way? God i am so confused.
  8. Good point, stage orange entertainment is like fast food, it gets people addicted. Stage green entertainment, returning to spirit 「Back to nature, joking with friends, be creative and discover the unknown」is to awaken our ancestors' natural ability to entertain themselves and spirituality certainly takes it to the next level.
  9. Do chimps have entertainment? what's the difference between chimp entertainment and human entertainment? does they do it to form bond?