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  1. Since in this hypothetical situation she has lots of choices with high value men who can lead, would she be satisfied with only following one of them? the leadership need is guarantee to met. she can totally go on different adventures with all kinds of leaders since it's more stimulating, right?
  2. Fun is definitely a very important factor, the excitement of meeting new people and being taken on different adventures does outshine a vanilla relationship.
  3. highly intelligent, that takes a lot of experience with men. So in other words, you are saying that an inexperienced woman , a blank slate, will first explore the field by being with different men and eventually choose the one that she trusts and respects the most to start a long-term relationship.
  4. truth over feelings. this is the sex&relationship sub-form which is the perfect place to ask. any answer will provide small clues, it doesn't need to be perfect. an intuitive speculation is good enough,
  5. I am bored. I have nothing to worry about. And I am curious about women's behavior and how their needs shift. I enjoy thinking I guess.
  6. I know, but this is what's needed to get to the essence.
  7. if a typical woman has infinite youth and infinite options with guys, and she has the power to choose whether to have sex or be in a relationship with any guy. she has the power to control the degree of love that a guy feel for her. she also has the power to choose which type of sex she wants to have, for example intimate and dirty. then what would she do? what's her behavior pattern? will she keeps getting one night stand with different guys? or going into a longterm relationship for 3 months and then switch back to slut mode again(no offence), or be in a relationship with the 468th guy she sleeps with forever? based on Leo's information, a girl needs love more than sex from a man . I will suppose that a girl will keep sleeping with different guys with a combination of intimate and dirty sex, since this fulfill both the love and sex need, but far more exciting than be with one guy only. what do you think? I want to know your thoughts.
  8. ive met a lot of girls like that in universities. they are usually very hot , they seem tough and carefree, are they faking it to be cool and independent and fit in the feminism culture figure? Or they actually enjoy sleeping around with different hot guys? its contradicting to what you said before Leo, I thought girls value long-term relationship more than sex, how can these girls be satisfied with just a lot of one night stands? if they are given forever youth and infinite options of different types of hot guys, are they going to do this forever?
  9. As long as that's what you want to do. Sometimes I get desire of video games and I play for 3 days straight.
  10. Rich people on TV tend to be attentionwhores. That makes 5% of rich population.
  11. I don't think so. there are a lot of people have it much easier than me, those who born rich and good health, Chads who get girls with no efforts, you name it, there are people who have higher stats in every possible field initially than you. its just a fact. obvious enough
  12. More money is always good if you have the opportunity, money unlocks aspects of reality such as women, vacation, psychedelic, technology, you can even buy time through health optimization and hire expensive personal trainers.
  13. Your addiction rooted in somewhere else, its not about the porn, they are beautiful.
  14. Then hate them first, until you grow compassion, maybe you never will, that's a possibility you have to accept.