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  1. When you awaken, you see that there is no causality. Cause and effect or beliefs in higher power or superstition are a projection of the mind. Life is just unfolding by itself, without cause or a willful creator. So there is no purpose to anything that happens to you, although life will tend to confront you with your unconsciousness. This is not because there is some mystical law or principle that pulls you to see what you are not confronting. It is just because as long as you live with internal discords, you will continue to see how they manifest in your life.
  2. What do you mean by an the inner world of the introvert? Internal world which isn't shared with others (such as thinking and fantasizing) or the activities he engages in only by himself (like playing a game on a computer or doing psychedelics alone)?
  3. As @JuliusCaesar put it perfectly, the distinction of real/unreal is created by us for the purpose of survival. It has no substantiality outside the mind that creates it (like every concept). So inside a specific relative context and rules, you might say that something is real, for example the fact that you are now reading a response on your computer screen. But without a "relative playground" (about there being objective reality where you are the subject that experiences other objects, and so on), there are no facts and no distinctions. From the waking state we determine that dreams are not real, because when we wake up they are just gone, like they never even happened. That is because we put the waking state on a pedestal and assume that this is the ultimate reference point for dictating what is real. But that assumption is exactly what we are inquiring when we "seek" what is absolutely true.
  4. Your way too clinging to words. What is the ultimate test to distinct between "real" and "not real"? Who dictates this distinction? And who will dictate that the distinction itself, or the creator of the distinction, are real or not real? See the problem here? You are just going another round on the carousel of the mind. What is isn't real or unreal, it just is. So you either keep playing those conceptual games in your mind, or you start peeling off all the layers of the abstract dream you project onto what is. Ask your self this: Is there any inherent "substantiality" or "realness" to your perceptions, or is it something that is made up in the mind? Where does the notion of "real or not real" reside in? Where did it came from? When you were a toddler, was there any distinctions of things being "real" or "not real"?
  5. Well, when you are doing Psychedelics you are affecting your mind, which awakens this life force energy (or kundalini). It is possible that the energy is stuck due to unprocessed emotions which are related to that specific area of the body which is controlled by mind. If you will keep doing psychedelics it is highly likely that you will continue to sense changes in your energetic body. Kundalini goes hand in hand with psychedelic induced awakenings, because kundalini is released when you blow your mind to shreds using intense psychedelics or high doses. This can be problematic if you are not ready. If the trip is too intense, andf the energy is too strong and goes through your entire emotional system, it may cause serious emotional upheaval or even panic. In your case, I am not sure it is kundalini awakening per se. Just activation of life energy which is trying to go through your system. When kundalini is activated it will be sensed in the base of the spine, and it will usually be strong enough to go to your head even if you have stuck energy and emotion in other regions of the body that are controlled by the mind.
  6. Yes, I agree regarding traumatic events that occur prior to formation of self. The mind can register trauma before becoming self-referential. Why do you think it never happened? If you remember it, it is likely that it did happen. The only thing is that it didn't happen to someone. Abandonment happens, but it doesn't happen to someone. Consciousness cannot be abandoned.
  7. Consult your Shaman/Ayahuasca Center regarding diet prior to ceremony. Regarding vomiting - don't make such a big drama out of it. Actually, because you are so scared of it I wish you will throw your guts out, to see that it isn't that bad as you think. Right now it is better for you to accept the possibility that it will happen to you, instead of resisting it and hoping it won't happen. It may happen or it won't, so don't bother trying to control it. It really is not in your hands.
  8. With deep consciousness/awakening, time is seen to be an illusion. Past, present and future are seen clearly to be a construction in the mind. If you contemplate it, you will easily see that you never experienced a past, a present or a future. Those are all thought forms (memories, concepts, imagination) that arise in eternal consciousness. They are concepts projected by the mind onto perceptions, to give the illusionary self a sense of a life story and meaning. As long as the belief that there is a sense of "I", a personal "me" that experiences a personal life, time will continue. Attachment to memory, judgement and comparison of "present" conditions to "past", and projection of a "future" are all functions of being an individual going through life. Time is simply a part of the dream that Enlightenment ends. There isn't, and never was an individual that "passed" through time. Experiment: try to go back to your oldest memory of your self. How old were you when your first memory was formed? How come most people don't seem to remember experiences of when they were 0-6 years old? Why don't we remember the first time we walked? Or the first day in kindergarten? I would suggest that prior to the illusion of the personal self, it wasn't possible to form a memory of an experience, because there was no experiencer to refer to.
  9. People use it because they are culturally conditioned to represent "higher power" with this word. But it has no significance, language is completely conceptual. The only reason a sound or a symbol/word would have any meaning or emotional charge, is because of the mind. If you become deeply conscious, people can talk with you and you can see that there is no meaning to the sound you hear, unless you give it meaning. It can be like encountering a new language that you didn't learn, all your hear or see is meaningless sound or symbols. So, actually the best way to represent the Absolute is no representation at all, complete silence.
  10. You are dead wrong. You obviously lack the nuance and the subtle distinctions that are needed for communication regarding absolutes. You are also lost within your world of concepts and models. There is no point in keeping this communication. I wish you all the best.
  11. Look, friend, I know you adopted some way of trying to slam members on the forum by telling them "you are not awake", "it is not clear for you", and so on. There is no way for me to prove to you that I am conscious of my nature and that we are the same consciousness. So stop with this nonsense. Now, I only pointed to a phrase in your post which is completely false and misleading. And this is not the first time, you post here a new topic almost every day, spilling your conceptual word salad which usually isn't clear. There are members in this forum who might read your communications and take it upon belief that what you write is correct. That will be a major setback for them. You clearly understand that what you wrote was wrong, but choose to dismiss this by saying that you also write "pure awareness". I won't let you opt out of your miscommunication so easily. And this is not only directed to you. This forum has become something like "seekers anonymous", where members spill out their conceptual model of reality to get "feel good" replies from other members and affirmation for their alleged insights/awakenings. I sense that this is a negative trend in the forum, which IMO is supposed to help members clear out misconceptions, misunderstandings and to serve as a place for inquiry and refinement of questions and answers that can serve truth.
  12. LOL, you expect me to answer you while you devoid me of the possibility to use language that is regarded as "spiritual"? grow up. And yes, because you write that "you are composed of bla bla", your post and suggestions contradicts itself.
  13. You are wrong. You can take whatever Psychedelic you want to play with the mind, the only thing you get is extreme modulations of Consciousness. That won't change what Tony Parsons is pointing to. Yes, altering the mind in a drastic way will push You to see that You are not the mind or the body. But when the drug effect will wear off, there is no guarantee that You will remain conscious of your nature. So what ever drug you take, Salvia, 5-MEO, Ayahuasaca, N,N-DMT, your nature will not change. Only the contents of Consciousness can change. So you can go on how many trips you would like, but if you aren't conscious of what You are when you are not under a drug, You are still bounded by Maya and delusion. Seriously, you can do 100's of trips and still not "get it". This is not to say that the trips will not cause you to grow or mature emotionally or whatever, but that won't be awakening or enlightenment. So when Tony Parsons (and all other derivatives that opened a youtube channel about "the uncompromising message") assert that "that just what happens" and "this is it", it is correct because it is always Consciousness (only in different shapes, colors, smells, sounds, tastes, sensations, thoughts). The problem with their "message" is that it can rarely be heard or "resonate" like they claim. And you can't really know whether direct consciousness is their case or that they became a looney person who parrots Tony Parsons.
  14. You can't command relaxation. Commanding is another contraction. Letting go is about finding where you are contracted and letting go of the mind activity that causes the contraction. This usually isn't so simple because most of our contractions (or the source of them) are subconscious. So usually it takes serious inquiry, contemplation or psychotherapy to bring the unconscious to the concious. This is also why psychedelics can become an escape from real work. Psychedelics affect the sub-conscious mind by reducing its activity and thus releasing the contraction in the body as well. The problem is that it is usually only a temporary release and when you return to baseline consciousness you cannot find the contraction because it is still in the sub-conscious.
  15. In public places like parks, lake, cafe, gym/training garden, etc.
  16. Yoga, Meditation, Enlightenment. The contraction or heaviness of the body is in the mind, so if you want a relaxed and light body you need to release the contractions the the mind.
  17. Do you experience your self to be a brain? No, all you have is seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting, thinking. The brain is just the image of what other mind looks. So the only thing you have is perception (which includes the perception of thought), and in other words - "appearances". Now ask, what is the nature of this appearances?
  18. Love is the recognition that everything "shares" (or is) the same being. When you recognize what you are, you recognize what others are, and love is inevitable. How could you not love everything that is you?
  19. It can't be proven. It is impossible to provide evidence for the absolute and infinite nature of existence, because every "proof" would be limited and relative. Perhaps instead of asking random questions on the forum and asking for proof, search for the truth for your self.
  20. Building a strong ego is complete bullshit in my opinion, that is just the other side of having "low confidence". "High confidence" people are just ego's who are convinced in the worth of the act they put in front of others, while "low confidence" people live in constant doubt of their character and sense they are lacking any worthiness. What you really looking for is to be authentic, just who you are and what you feel. Don't hide, don't lie, don't manipulate. When you are fully integrated there is no sense of being unworthy or more worthy than others, you simply are. You won't live with the constant sensation that someone is looking at you, judging you and looking to hurt you. And you won't need to put a fraudulent act of being overly masculine or vocal so you will dominate others with this fake front. You can also read about shadow work or practices to deal with all the stuff you are repressing. You can also consider psychotherapy.
  21. I don't resonate with the lecturing tone in which the message is conveyed. Seems like she is lacking in compassion and sensitivity. However, her message is clear and on point. Nowdays youtube is swarmed with all those Tony Parsons derivatives that it is impossible to know if someone is "realized" or just parroting Parsons/Newman. It isn't that hard to create a replica model of the "uncompromised message" in the mind, specifically because it is such a good description. They might say over and over that "the mind can't get this" or "it is completely hopeless" and "no one can hear this message", but the mind is a lot trickier than that.
  22. No, the camera is only the medium through which the transmission occurs. If you want more information you should research on energy transmissions. You won't understand it on a scientific level. This is far, far more subtle than logical science.
  23. That is complete horseshit. Please refer to the video. Yes, psychedelics cause change in regulation of breath because our breathing is affected by our mind and psychedelics dramatically alter the mind. But that doesn't mean that the change in breathing (which does not have to be so dramatic at regular doses) is what leading to the psychedelic experience. I am not going to supply some science story about how this works. It is to trip once to see that the drastic change in experience is caused due to the direct effect psychedelics has on the structure or architecture of the mind, and not the indirect affect it has on breathing regulation.
  24. Every creature's perceptive faculties are shaped around the survival of the creature, not the perception of what is. Perception is supplying the life form with the information that is needed for the persistence of the form. For example, you cannot perceive (without equipment) the structure of a skin cell on your body, not to mention the particles that it is composed of. Moreover, humans have five sensory organs, which already shows you that no sensory organ can provide the "entire picture" and so is inherently limited. So, because perceptions and appearances are by nature limited and formed, it is impossible to perceive or conceive of the Absolute Truth. The only possibility is to create a limited appearance or perception of "it". I suspect you misunderstand Leo's communications or you are confused by the paradox that show up when you try to understand absolute truth. Even though appearances (or perceptions) are misrepresentations that is constructed for survival, it does not mean that they are separated from Consciousness. Appearances/Perceptions are manifestations of Consciousness, which is why it is sometimes said that Consciousness is both the appearance and not the appearance at the same time. It is the same with the distinctions that are created between Absolute and relative or Infinity and finite. All that is relative is not Absolute because it is finite and limited, but the Absolute is the entirety of the relative "domain" because it is infinite and isn't distinct from anything that is finite. TL:DR: Consciousness can form into appearances which are limited and are ultimately an illusion that is essential for survival.