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  1. Thnx for the answers guys. @UDT yes man, big reason to kick this super bad habit is all the other toxins besides nicotin. Already drank a lot of water and lemon juice. Finally beginning to feel better! Seriously I couldnt function for 3 days now, after doing a intense Kriya Session I am much more clearheaded @Wind Indeed, no body should come near subtances that create that kind of painful addiction. I have stayed away from chewing tobacco for 3 days now. Its especially the first 2-3 days thats the most painful. I feel for the first time now very normal and relaxed. I think my big microdose of acid helped a bit lol @Forestluv So true. Also a big factor for my stop. Its crazy that you still have affect from such old usage. Hope u doing good with ur dental health! @Human Mint Big fan of Wim Hof, I just couldnt barely do any of my practises the first 1-3 days. I did them still but it so hard with the constant brainfog and pain. But could be a good try in the later recovery path
  2. @KeyholeOff course suffering and pain can get extremly bad and unbearable. But its the cost that Conscioussness has to to through. Its impossible to stop it, no matter what "you" as an ego think of it. God is going through it, no one else than God. There isn't anyone else than God. But u dont understand it, you are judging it as an ego not understanding anything. And no I am not parroting anything, I have become conscious of many of the things I am mentioning to a good degree. Fundamentally let me tell u this, the suffering is not forever, its finite. God will wake up to it self either in form or after the form disappears. So there is nothing bad in the end for anyone.
  3. Hey @Gesundheit Let me try to explain. - NO reality is not a simulation. And thats because a simulation is typically grounded in some vague matrialistic notions, like we are all in a computer simulation. The definition and understanding of a simulation still grounds it on something. But Reality and Conscioussness is fundamentally groundless, its nothing, nowhere, notime. It just is. Infinite. Dude It cant be explained really, only pointed at, so hope u somewhat get it.
  4. You are already manifisting all of physical reality every moment. But off course not as the ego. I get what u're saying but I really dont think the abillity to manifist things physically is in our capability, there is a clear selfimposed limit. But who knows.
  5. @ConsciousOwl10 From what I understand is that you feed up with the lack of results from the practises, and you get discouraged and depressed because of this. The solution is very simpel. Faith. You need to get super serious about it, and realize it takes a lot of disciplin, that there will be setbacks. But u most move beyond these setbacks, beyond the emotional up and downs. Let the your strong desire guide you, forget about meaning, and dont take the thoughts seriously. Negativity dont hold any power over you, as long as you dont react and take them seriously.
  6. @Username Hey man, I have also become my consciouss of my body and all the tension and blocks, its really one of the main obstacles for me now, and for off course the hyper active monkey mind also, not complety in Nomind yet, sometimes I get it. But really I am with you on finding some good ways of realising these energy blocks. I have been practising Shamanic breathing with the intention of releasing these blocks, I see a potentiel in this method, but is quite hard to do. Its takes alot of practise. So I am really interessed if u find some good methods, cheers, hope u solve this problem
  7. - The "insanity" and feeling of despair its your ego ways of interprating what it saw. It isn't real, just fear. The only thing to do is become more consciouss, start a spirituel practise maybe - You like everything else is pure imagination. So in that sense you as an ego is pure fiction. But thats ok, because its only a play that you as God has created for yourself. And no there isn't no-existense, there is only Existence. - The is only One Conscioussness. So there isn' "other" people og beings besides you. - Learn to embrace Being. Just look around and see how everything is infintely beautiful and magical. Also truly if you want meaning, just know that you can generate yourself, and in a way its will be coming from a more powerful place now. - Just take it slowly and embrace it. Lay off psych for a long time and after it has cooled down, just dive in again more wisely with a lower dose, and a clear and strong intention, of fully embracing the fact and loving it - its easy now Its only a game. Still the only game there is, and Infinite Imagination is Infintely strong, and suffering can feal real. But like I said, take it easy and dont forget to neglect basic "egoic" work that needs to be done.
  8. @BakeJeyner What you are describing is exactly what I am going through after my latest trip. I feel u man, its not pleasent to get your reality turned upside down. And especially the part of being all alone as God. I have tripped a good over 17 times now, but with my latest trip, the Aloness which I have already experinced the others times also really hitted me deep. Like I couldnt accept and embrace the fact that I'm all alone. But really its a point of no return, so the wisest thing to do is to fully embrace it and accept it with time and also take it easy and slow
  9. Its not that science is absolutly false. It contains a lot of RELATIVE truths, and is for now one of humanities greatest framworks and methods for creating a lot of useful technologies and figuring the mechanics of how this universe work. The issue is it can't figure the big questions out, like "What is reality", "Why are we here" etc. It just can't answer these questions. And you know why? Because it is a limited perspective on reality! It is useful for some specific uses, but fundamentally it is limited. It is not absolute. And no perspective is. It is finite. The Truth is that it is not only is science that is imaginary. Religion is too. In fact all your life is imaginary. You are imaginary, can u grasp that? Maybe og maybe not, its to radical. Because it feels so real, your suffering, joy and experience and LIFE feels so real for you. But the Truth is, its all a dream. Whose dream may you ask? Well that you have to figure out for yourself.
  10. @How to be wise Come on dude, its a matter of personal choice. Some people would probally do conscioussness work all alone, and some may still be in relationships, there is pro and cons in both ways. But at the end it doesnt matter, you all alone as God. No one to share this Love and beauty with..
  11. @AlwaysJoggin Very good question. I know for sure that the moment of death, you will forget that you ever were a human, you will go back to source aka Infinity. That will be your salvation, this world is nothing but an illusion, its falshood. Nothing to worry about. Dont fear death embrace it. But the good thing is that you dont need to really die to go back, it is already here, the only thing is are you really consciouss of it.
  12. @Bojan V Hey I am still here ? Yeah I tripped some while ago - On the same dose as my breaktrough experience, that I also posted here over 1 month ago. Yeah its really hard to boil it down. But wow, yeah my latest trip was not like none of the others, and I have tripped like over 15 times now. Like I said I was willing to physically die. And I am not lying to you, I had it in the back of the mind. But I didn't expect to experience it. Thought it would be a typical trip. But when it hitted me, everything in my visual field began vibrating, my heart beat raising drasticly, my breath was going super fast. I thought ok God is not fucking around, its serious now. The other trips were child play even my so called breaktrough trip. (You can look it up). It was so fucking powerful, I thought I could perform a mahasamadhi right there, leave my body for good. But I pleaged God not to leave now, because I still have so much left to do, and the thought of me really dying and the pain it would leave to my parents, some what cooled it down. But I surrended to it. And it became fucking clear to me, that I AM GOD. I have had that realization before, but not this deep. It was clear and to the point. I AM GOD. No more second guessing. I don't wanna write all the trip, because there was so much. But the most important things I got out of it. I - My ego is a total fiction. I am a fantasy. Like I saw picture of myself when I was a kid, and I laughed like a insane person. I finally felt home, this life is only temporary. I became consciouss of Absolut Infinity - And that I am looking through the eyes of every person. I was everybody on the same time. Everything and Nothing. The most unique part of the trip, was that I in a way almost became braindead. Nomind - Like every distinction collapsed. Every duality collapsed - It was a total nondual state of conscioussness. I couldn't make sense of anything - My logical mind got shut down. It was ground breaking. But you see it has become to easy for me to get in this state with acid. So the good thing I got out of it, is I am super serious now, not only in awakening but also my personal life. Working hard now to achieve what ever I want. But like I said, it has become to easy to get in this state. So I have began practising Kriya Yoga, because you'll always get back to baseline. Back to your ego. Off course there is a change, but the work still need to be done. And seriously I wanna lay off the psych for a long time in regards to spirituel and metaphysical inquiry. Maybe a low dose, If I have something in my heart I wanna get out. (Theraputic use). Again thanks for asking!
  13. Hey Guys - about a 1-2 weeks ago I posted about my breaktrough experience I had on acid, where I became consciouss of the many facits of God - Infinity, Love etc. But tripping in the end will only show you glimpes. There is still a lot of work you got to do while sober. My intuition keeps pulling me to take another trip. And I will. Not to soon. There needs to be some time for integration. But what I am about to tell, may seem reckless and dangerous stay with me, and please dont misunderstand this. And be please don't be inspired to do exactly like what I feel like I NEED to do, to go deeper. The case is. I contempleted after my trip. And yes I became consciouss of God/Infinity/Love. But here I am with my ego. I still have many fears. My life has gone a lot better after the use of psychedellics. And I am 1000 times more motivated to achieve and be succesful, not only on awakening, but also ordinary personal development. But the only thing that gets in my nerves, is my fears. I am really tired of them. Its like being doll thats being controlled. I want liberation, I want understanding. So I am planing my next trip, to go very deep and to be very serious one. I have my intention, I am gonna take serious protocol and trip on the right way. But what is on my mind is to take a high dose (Not stupidly high), but a bit above what I took on my last breaktrough trip. And the thought is. I want to go head on with my fears, So I am willing to die physically if that happens. I am ready - Not ego death, but to physically die. No more games, no more chasing your tail. So Leo, does this seem like a wrong and stupid way? Is it a dangerous route to take? (If this post goes against any forum rules, than feel free to delete it).
  14. @Someone here Yes you can. You can influence it. And indirectly take part of your thinking process with practice and specific techniques. Regardless of there is a you or not.
  15. Hey @Someone here Yeah you can't directly control your thoughts thats true. And there isn't really a you. Also true. But what you dont realize is that you have the power to either react on your negative thoughts or dismiss them. Meditation is all about this. And yes its a skill and process.
  16. @Someone here My friend you have only yourself. I've tried my best. Only you can find the answer. I can't make you understand, when you have so many conflicting ideas of how life and the world works. The best I can say to you is be open minded, and look at the resources I sent you, if you desire to understand and can see the potential. Its up to you.
  17. There will always be doubt, negative thoughts and so on. Its more, are you buying in to them? are you reacting to them strongly, do they control all of your life? I truly don't know so much about Cognitive behavorial therapy, and its probaly a effective method for some people. But I truly believe the principles underlaying both CBT and LoA is the same. And yes you can change your thoughts in any problem area in your life. Its not only the will, but also you imagination. When the will and imagination goes together you'll with out doubt achieve your goal and change your thinking.
  18. @datamonster what is the universe but you? You are it. You have acces to infinite intelligens. Your subconsciouss is a tiny bit of Universal Mind. And don't take it like you can do anything, bend the laws of physics. Thats not what I am talking about. Thats a very egoic way of understanding this. Its not even that radical if you have had mystical experiences, and studied LoA with a open mind, and off course try it out with the right expetations.
  19. Take it easy guys, no need to get upheaded its just a discussion - change of ideas. @datamonster You don't need to understand how it happens (Just like you dont need to understand how a car functions before driving it), just do the practises and take the necessary action to manifist it. And its not about desires but setting real life goals. Everybody has desires. But setting the intention of achieving your goal while doing the practises everyday will make wonders in your life. And its to all of you guys. Like I understand where you are coming from, its natural to be skeptic, but you can't ever know if it works or not if you don't open your mind. Dismiss it if you want, but atleast open your mind to the possibility before throwing it out. Its not like your guys understanding of reality is 100% truth and absolut, mine neither. @Someone here And, dude you are making it hard on yourself. Yes there isn't any You doing it all. But there is still perception, there is still a body, there is still your subconsciouss whether you believe or not. Don't try to reason you skeptism with non duality. You wont get any where with that attitude.
  20. @Someone here hahaha omg And there is no difference in the Absolut between you and a rock. Are you identical to a rock?
  21. @Consept You'll never really control all the thoughts in your mind, maybe with awakening (No-mind). But when you discover any negative thoughts pattern dictating all the areas in your life, you can begin the process of cultivating and changing your thoughts in a specific area in your life. Remember its about imprinting into the subconsciouss. And it is the subconsciouss who will do the work for you.
  22. @Someone here Thats a very personal question my friend. Everybody is different. But: Look at any problem area in your life - be observent of any kind of recurrent patterns (your behavoirs, thoughts, emotions) - Just be observent - Than contemplate (Psychedellics if you have acces to them, will cut through the bullshit, and they are also very healing). You'll need to find the fundamental beliefs and thought pattern behind your actions. And than when you have become consciouss of the them, just replace them with strong positive belief. Do it the practises everyday for at least 3 months. The change will be subtle, you'll still have to do the actions to achieve and manifist. And it will be a good idea to do some healing work besides LoA. There many ways you can do it. I have a lot of resources I can point you too. Just leave a message.
  23. @Consept Yes thats the danger with any kind of ideas. It gets turned up and down, and people pollute it with all kinds of bullshit, especially the people trying to make money out of it. Its a very nuanced and complex field to understand, and seriously discussing any thing radically (like what I have seen people here do) will do no one any good.
  24. @Someone here off course focus is a big part of it. But more fundamentally it is discovering and elitamiting any negative belief and thought pattern. Its no easy thing to do, for me thats the magic of it. But it goes much deeper, people have used it for all kind of crazy things.
  25. @Mikael89 I understand where you are coming from. LoA is confusing believe me. It took me 2 years to really figure out for my self how to use it, and with the use of psychedellics my understanding flew to the roofs. Like I said, the most fundamental aspect of LoA is working with your thoughts and doing the inner work everyday to imprint directly to the subconsciouss. And like I said your subconsciouss is the gates to Universal Mind. You'll need to change your thinking to get it to work. How else are gonna go out and take action on your goals? If you thinking is in the way, you'll in 100 years never gonna accomplished your goals and anything for that matter. Like I said its not about having things magically come to you without you taking any actions. But when you open your mind and thoughts you'll be surprised how circumanstances and oppertunities open up for you.