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  1. @Holykael lol, you love doing what you're doing.
  2. I understand Insanity Leo. I have been there. It's actually super fun once you surrender your mind and your fear and in a weird way it feels super healing. Like nothing matters in the world. And than God/Infinity takes you to super bizarre and wild places. It's super weird. Yeah, I also didn't get the idea that a mentally ill person actually suffers from real insanity, because insanity is to realize that fear is an illussion. It's actually more scary to realize that, atleast a schizophrenic person believes in fear and that is actually sanity. So insanity is beyond all relative notion. It's a feature of infinity.
  3. @MichaelJohn I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I don't know you, but from your post you seem to be a good and kind hearted person. You tried so many times don't beat yourself up for what happened. He maybe gone in the body but he will always be in your heart. He did what he believed was the best for him. He took his choice, not to hurt you or be selfish, but for you to realize Love. I hope you find peace in your heart.
  4. Indeed Aurum I am in a point in my life where deattachment is a huge part of my experience. I no longer try to get to a special point, many things just flow. After a kundalini awakening and deep purification of mind, body and emotions there is a deep sense of trust in me. I can meditate now I feel deep love in my being, but the downside or you could say the price is that when I feel much pain, darkness in my being is also there where the energy of love is able to get trough. So I am still here thinking I am seperate, but the illussion is not so strong any more.
  5. Lol, writting correct grammar is imaginary. It's just one tiny part of intelligens. It has nothing to do with him writing perfectly it's just your projection of what an authentic "higher intelligent being" would do. Believe me he is pointing at a more profound thing that you could not fathom, because of your concern of using correct and perfect grammar. And no I am not blindly being his fanboy, but I realize profoundity when I see it. You should try maybe be a little more openminded.
  6. The reason is the sharing of Love. God wants to get the illussion of giving and recieving love.
  7. Yes and no. Its to much love, so I am grateful for my level at consciousness, but at the same time I am working my way to embody that level as much as possible.
  8. Here you go <3 "Goddamn it's just infinite creativity - It's infinite Love - I have awoken many times - But it is Absolute now - Now I understand everything - Fear, what is fear? I am everywhere - What is love? I am Love - There is seriously no one left - I am talking to myself forever in eternity - I am awake - I am God - I am endless - I am You - You see it's just a dream - A game - But when I am awake you are awake too - Don't you understand? That God is right in front of you? Don't you understand? That it is everywhere? You are it - You are death - You are moving towards the unknown don't you understand? If I was truly awake than I would not be writing - For me to write and believe that there is someone answering other than myself would be pure delusion - I have to be asleep - But I am awake now - And it's just for fun - It's out of love - Love is endless you see - I am writing this for you - My other half - I will let you be just as you like - But when you are ready than Infinite Love will take you - Don't have fear it is only Love." This was written when I was high. You may not believe me but go see for yourself. If you really dare. Absolute Truth will always welcome you with open arms. But you have to want it TOTALLY. It would be the only thing you truly would think about in your life. No one would be left believe me. It's pure love, bliss and peace. You would be happy. Truly happy and peaceful if you seek the Truth it's not pointless. Life is not pointless. So dare to dream, to build, to create, to be an inventor, an artist, a dancer, a good lover, a teacher because it is all for God. Not only for your own selfish ego but for all parts of reality. And forgive your illusory self for all of its selfishness it was only afraid to wake up to the Truth. It was only delaying its own love. You are Love. You are God. You are even Leo that you look up to and sometimes disagree with. The path is yours to take or not because it makes no difference to God. Freedom is the love God gave you to either accept the Love or deny it and be in your own illusory life with you small concerns. It is up to you. I am just doing what I believe in and that is, that I wanna give now. Be of value. I want to say yes to life, to dare, to love, to be, for its own sake. For me life is not pointless. It is Absolute, what does it mean? That there is nothing to seek anymore other than embodying the Truth and just be with life, connect with life and be in love with it. Thats my journey, whats yours?
  9. Thank you. Embodying the Truth is the challenge and journey. It is what makes life so fun and exciting, why should we be after mundane things and petty pleasures? Why not go after the highest pleasure in life ?
  10. @Leo Gura ? @AMTO Its very difficult to explain but its not really my personal bubble. Thats the illussion. Its the void, infinity that I truly am and that you truly are thats looking through your eyes. Its like a movie roll thats going trough one movie at a time. It is Absolute that means to realize you are God is to realize you are me and alone at the highest level.
  11. @Leo Gura your awakening is incomplete. Who are you even talking too?
  12. I agree, thank you for setting things straight
  13. Weed is super amazing. After many trips with LSD and mushrooms with breakthrough after breakthrough and a completely kundalini awakening, I couldnt take psych anymore, and didnt trip for over 6 months, just integrating my fragmented reality I found that THC sended me in complete God Consciousness. So if you are going trough a kundalini awakening or in any way a destabilising of your reality due to this work weed can be a good alternative to psychedelics.
  14. "The ego does not want Absolute Love - Because it will annihilate the ego totally - All of its lies, fraud, suffering and fear will be destroyed - Gods love is Absolute - The funny thing is that it is actually the only thing that you seek - You love your ego - You love your history - You love your darkness as you call it." "All states of consciousness are holy - But the Truth is eternal love - The truth is the only thing you are seeking - It takes courage - Because you are moving towards the unknown - It requires your Heart - You always need to have your heart with you - The is no way back when you have reached it - There is no hell - There is no paradise - There is only Now - We choice God - The Almighty - The Merciful - The Peaceful - Liberation or the Light transcended of the light/dark duality that which we seek is limitless - It is eternal calmness - Safeness - Peace and bliss - Not because we need to run away from the now - Our pain and so-called darkness is a test on our Love - Are you willing to open your heart towards the unknown and truly breakthrough? We are not running away from our pain - But we see it for what it really is which is nothing but pure illusion."
  15. @Razard86 Lol dude the video was not directed at you but Holykeal. And off course all that you posted I know. Imagination is reality. I am actually trying to help him out, or to help my self out of delusion. You see its the same. As long as you are dreaming there will always be ego, so whats your point? I am not disagreing with you.
  16. @Holykael I have a confession to make. The God you talking about is an idea. And I don't care how many awakening you have had. There is no God in the way you imagine. And there is no 'me' as an ego and God. Like you claim to have awakenings, but still you cling so much your ego, that you can't see that you have become more and more engrossed in your own ILLUSSORY self. Wake the fuck up. You are suffering because there is wisdom and deep love in it that you can't imagine. And I am talking to myself now. The suffering, pain and darkness is your ticket to freedom. You are blessed but you can't see it from your own selfish perspective. Like @Razard86 said you actually love your suffering and ego character that you are playing, but are you not gonna get tired of it? Make you loyalities. Its either to your own selfishness or to God. God loves you, open your heart. If there is any desire in your heart than watch this video and begin the journey home. Namaste
  17. @Holykael You are in a state of delusion. Your awakening is incomplete. I know because its the same thing I am struggling with. You number problem is control. Your ego is heavily sabotaging your progress. Everything is already your will as God. Remove all desire to control queitly and smoothly and many of the things won't bother you. Nameste
  18. @CuriousityIsKey Destroy the illussion of death without harming your body. And yes like the good old sayings goes its not the person u think you are that is ever going to wake up. Its you as....
  19. Makes sense but you are neglecting that contemplating and using your intelligens requires a higher state, that intens meditation can give. You first have to reach a concentrated samedhi state of total silence before contemplating.
  20. Reminds me so much of my very first psychedelic trip haha - Its a very mild form of ego death, like you forget who are etc. Its very confusing at the begining, but you understand more and more after you trip many times. So dont spare the tabs
  21. Hey Forum Just wanted to share my path to optimal health. So I have a been trying to quite nicotine that I have taken 7+ years from smoking and chewing tobacco. Omfg, Its like poisen that wont leave your body. The withdrawal pain is to much, the brain fog, the restlesness, the burning feeling in my arms and breast. I didnt know this shit was so goddamn addicting. They should really make this shit illegal, like for me the withdrawal is so close to the abstinses that u get as a herion addict. Its my 3th day trying to get clean from nicotine. I have been succesful in quitting before. But been stupid and releaps back in to the habit, not so much smoking, but more chewing tobacco. I actually love it, but at the same time I see it as a big obstacles in the routes to self actualizing and deep spirituel work. You can't be addicted to chemicals like nicotine. So I am committed to end this damn habbit. Seriously guys, don't ever touch a substance that creates a strong addiction in your body, because u'll truly go through Hell. Just wanted to share.
  22. @Seraphim Sorry but are so wrong on so many levels. U cleary dont understand anything about the Self and God. "Talking to yourself", "delusional". The Truth is He is God, not a tiny part or some part of it. But ALL of IT NOW.
  23. @Jo96 sounds like a deep and healing trip. But u got to be more careful when u're tripping. When I read ur overall report, it could have gone a lot of better if you had made some small changes. But now u have a taste of the Truth. So hope u doing good man, take it easy from now on. Peace out
  24. Dude u just took acid plugged 2 days ago. Even if you didnt feel the big difference, you still need to give a rest 2 weeks atleast, to reset tolerance.
  25. @Forestluv Its truly insane! I am deep regret already ? Yeah but sounds very expensive once the dental health has taken some damage. Truly hope thats all and there isnt more problems