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  1. Does traveling help one grow and self-actualize? Or is it all just inner game?
  2. @Leo Gura The exercises you explained in the how to be funny vid. Will they help with this?
  3. 1) a) what's the longest you've fast for? b) any insights from it? 2) a)do you eat any animal products? b) if yes/no why? 3) in your video about paradigms (I think) you were talking about psychedelics and how they would make "the whole social matrix collapse". what do you mean when you say "social matrix"? 4) do you watch game of thrones? ( I know your doing this buddha stuff but come on, it is good) 5) these stories about how Jesus turned water into wine etc.. cha think that's just poetry for mindfulness?
  4. I was thinking of around £10/$12 a day. How much do you guys spend on food?
  5. This topic is a big one for me. It wastes a lot of energy and creates a lot of suffering.