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  1. You should be banned from this forum
  2. People who master musical instruments and play live and athletes and people who exercise in general, for example, with their raw talent and effort, could become the new symbols of genuine accomplishment in a world of AI and have high status
  3. I think AI will change the current status system. Status involves power, money, public visibility, etc., and much of this is largely tied to your profession and skills. With AI, this will change. For example, when we prefer to talk to an AI instead of a lawyer or a doctor because it's much better, meaning not that the lawyer or doctor uses AI as a tool, but that AI is a better lawyer or doctor in every way. These professions won't have the same value they currently hold, and the status of these individuals won't be the same. What do you think about this? Am I missing something?
  4. I think there is an important difference to make here: Are you in a relationship with a stage blue Latin girl because you are lazy and it is easier to get and you can easily control/abuse her? Or because you can work/integrate healthy blue stage values like masculinity, stoicism, respect and love lower stages, etc?
  5. I found that it could be a good idea to date a Latin stage blue girl, you being a stage yellow, develop her in some ways like in sex for her to be more openminded in an intimate environment and enjoy the perks of a the healthy blue stage in a relationship. You have your books, forum and friends to share your yellow stage ideas, no your intimate partners. You can’t have it all
  6. Does it make sense to get a DNA test (, etc) to determine the probabilities of potential diseases, etc? Just like to know what you think Thanks
  7. You are overestimating human creativity. We human don’t create out of nothing, we create changing and evolving what is already created, just like AI
  8. AI is not a computer code running in a loop like we are used to, this is different We humans are not that special. What if the difference in awareness between a human and an AI is the same than the difference in awareness between a dog and a human (humans being the dog and AI being the human). Could it be the case?
  9. We are talking in a relativistic way. Don’t use the everything is god to get out the questions
  10. AI is reproducing synthetically all those years of evolution the same way we reproduce synthetically in a laboratory the same substance that it took millions of year for plants to produce
  11. I am also an electronic engineer. This have much more implications than you people seem to realize. You are also just a thing that shuffles letters around, aren’t you?
  12. Is/will be Chatgpt (AI in general) a more conscious being than humans? with no bias, all loving Will talking to an AI be like talking to a more God-like being? Will AI have their own Spiral dynamics of development? Is this nonsense?
  13. before get completely healed? an hybrid regime? the world could go back to medieval times (kidding, not kidding)
  14. Most Prime Ministers in Europe are not good leaders, they are in power just for a brief period of time and have other things in their personal agendas. Putin has been in power for 17 years, he is more experienced than most european politicians. Don´t underestimate him. He didn´t think it was going to be an easy war. It amazes me how not one country in the West thought about being a good idea staying neutral and not sending weapons to help the Ukranians,.. ah well, yeah because if you do it as Prime Minister you won´t be reelected. Putin is above that in a sense (not in a good sense though), he is doing what he thinks he needs to do and he doesnt need the approval of the russians, they will do what he says Note: I am against Putin and war. If my comments triggers you, ask yourself why. We are just debating.