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  1. Don't take the Owen bait, he is a master manipulator. Look at his seminars, the majority of the men there are lower in the looks department and are all struggling with women.
  2. Without the looks you would have never even gotten the date, remember that, game only comes after looks, unless you are the top .01% in status and fame then that might trump looks a bit. The reason for this is because women are usually ego centric and a famous man and man with status makes them look better to other people.
  3. precisely but this is all looks based, a smaller frame shorter man will have a much harder time finding a woman, and that is all based on looks. Same with weak chinned men and balding men and men with asymmetrical faces, personality is a far last place when it comes to dating for men, women want strong protective genes and replication value and also want men to show they can take care of them and want other women to be attracted to you, this is all done by good genetics
  4. Pay attention to all the couples you see old and young, the majority of the men will be taller with larger frames and most relationships are going online where 90% of females will deny outright men under 5’6” so looks are hugely important and the top importance. If you cant even get your foot in the door to show your personality, status or fame then its over from the start. You need to be average at best to even begin to attract girls. Dont fool yourselves
  5. straight facts and look at pfizers balance sheet and how well the stocks did during covid… people made massive profit and politicians got paid off
  6. John Cambell does pretty decent reporting too. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/ejhf.2978
  7. i mean at what point do you admit that in the past you made the best decision with limited information at the time but then as time progresses and new information comes out do you admit that you got duped and it was an overall bad decision based on new knowledge
  8. i mean the Moderna vaccine alone studies are showing it causes 1/35 cases of myocarditis which on average has a 50% death rate after 5 yrs, sure these studies could be flawed and there is more nuance to it but the average death rate of covid was 61/100,000 vs 1/70 in the next 5 yrs from moderna….. the studies could be bogus but so could the solid studies they came out with supporting covid vaccines do some research
  9. yah because we know the government tells us the truth always and has solid good studies, get real buddy, and how much data would you guys need to sway your decision that maybe some vaccines are worse for you then good for you and how much truthful data was suppressed that we have yet to learn with covid, lets be open minded here
  10. something has to be restraining god from existing and this very restraint is god itself so that would be god telling itself not to exist permanently but just the thought of that creates a strangeloop because he has to exist to make himself not exist
  11. well what would the limitation be that makes sure that god is permanently destroyed and if there is a limitation then it means that god isnt all powerful so the question doesnt make sense in human sense nor could it be possible for an almighty god to do that
  12. We are basically animals that can talk with a higher iq, look at how apes mate, its very generic attraction and i dont think we are far off from animals and mating it is mainly physical attraction
  13. Most attraction occurs before any words are even said and women place themselves near you and show interest in weird ways… if you are unattractive they will never do this and most likely avoid you so to discount what he is saying is foolish
  14. Ding ding ding! Wake up you guys, this man speaks truth. Just because your little egos can’t handle it and “you know some ugly short guy that has a hot gf” does not disprove what he is saying. This theory should be baseline to work off of