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  1. Deeply anchored greens wouldn't have your realizations. I think you are gaining more yellow and working out unhealthy aspects of green/red/blue just focus on your spiritual advancement and you will grow from this
  2. This is similar to me. I am not apathetic and I am involved in my reality and world... yet I have learned how to not fear, not have anxiety or judgement or hate. I actually do still have a personality and enjoy looking cute and being funny and hanging out sometimes with people... but... I am soooo different and it is almost a game to not let people in too much. I am shy, or rather introverted about my opinions. spiritual views, and such... and I would LOVE TO SHARE with everyone, but I know they couldn't handle it. It is soooooo amazing to meet likeminded people and then I can totally open up. I feel like in the past when I tried to help someone by offering spiritual advice, they would not really want to here "my wisdom". People don't want to know the truth... and too, when you really are trying to help someone maybe it is because we are trying to fix them and judging them.... oo0ops, then we have to look at ourselves as to our motivation to help others... so, it can be a weird place to be... this 2nd tier. I like this forum so much, where we can share our experiences
  3. I think that it is really important to put our health as a priority if we truly want to be our best self and spiritual. Our bodies are our containers for our soul, or you could say our PRISON. So, each of us has a different set of genetics and our bodies differ. You have to find what works best for you and also to not hide behind what the masses are doing. Some people shouldn't drink at all, not even one a day. Maybe some people can. Also for junk food... maybe some people can eat it here and there... while others must abstain completely. And, there are phases in our lives where we should eat certain things more, or not smoke at all, or sleep more... Our optimal health needs may vary throughout our lives. I guess it isn't good to be obsessed with this, but rather have it as one of our top priorities. We know that we need good nutrition, to stay hydrated, 7 to 9 hours of sleep, cardio and some muscle workout training, and to maintain basic hygiene. It is great when we can really have our bodies and homes in optimal states of functioning. Then we can more readily obtain BLISS
  4. I forgot to add. I think a person has to be somewhat turquoise to really not hate or fear or judge Trump for his flaws. If you hate him, fear him, ... you are for sure GREEN
  5. The silent Trumpers will not speak because of the harsh judgement and hate. There is no point trying to explain why he could be the better choice of the two choices, or his good virtues, because people are full of fear and anger and can't even listen to the other side. He is an ass ... that is true ... but when both choices are flawed and both candidates are asses... you must get overe that and look at the policies, unbiased. Just watch Fox news for a few days and you can see some of the good stuff.
  6. Trump has done hundreds of amazing things. . . but, if you hate/fear him and would like to continue to hate/fear him, then you won't research the good stuff, or want to hear it. He is definitely an ass...we all know that... but he is pretty cool that he can go go go all day long, never drinks, all his kids love him, he can speak for hours and hours, has an amazing memory on just hours of sleep a night, for his whole life he has been that way, a rare genetic ability. He has flipped the script and has fulfilled a necessary function for the world in development and change. I wish that I could have voted for Yang or favorites... but for some reasons that I don't understand, Biden is the Dem Dude... so I say, Trump is the better choice of the 2
  7. I have noticed this too. I never want to get to that point and I think anyone in Green and Yellow should recognize this phenomenon. Ken Wilber sued to talk about this a lot. I love Eckart Tolle in that he is not at all about his ego. It can be depressing when we LOVE a spiritual leader, teacher, or counselor ... then OOOPS, the person does something DREADFUL.
  8. I love ontologial, theological math. There is only 1 and 0 God speaks MATH language. ALL is Math... it is crazy, scary, comforting, confusing, and wild all at the same time. Check out Mandelbrot's Set as well!!!!
  9. Donald Trump is playing a huge role now in our world, and a necessary one. If it were not so, he would not be doing it. This is really cool to see our culture changing. He has transformed the media, Repbulican and Democrat party, and has been a powerful Pendulum. If you hate him, then you have a chance to examine how and why. Hating him is not spiritual. If you have detachment or love, then that is yellow or turquoise. Green hates Trump. If you want to develop, getting okay with this person and what he is, is a great way to grow. There are amazing things about him as well. I love that he doesn't drink, that his kids respect him, that he is dedicated, and a cool Manifestor. I believe he he necessary for both political parties to evolve, because historically, parties do transform majorly every 50 to 100 years. Just study 200 years of American politics and you'll see. I think maybe we will soon have an active 3 party system, or who knows what will happen. We live in exciting times. That is for sure.
  10. Go right now and find beauty and perfection in flowers, trees, animals, clouds, etcetera... Find beauty and perfection in people that you are jealous of and dislike. Admit what you are ashamed of and then practice laughing at yourself and letting go. SEE the silliness in judging and hating and fearing. SEE the easiness in love and BLISS. Look in the mirror 6 times a day and kiss your lips. I am not joking. SAY to your face, I LOVE YOU SEXY! and LAUGH and smile as you say it. I swear it works. Don't think I am crazy. Just try it and see after doing this for a week!
  11. I have seen awakened people in many stages, but perhaps at certain colors the awakenedness doesn't last 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Do you knt what I mean? I think that as we enter into a bit of yellow and turquoise, we are able to fully experience the flow of enlightenment and feeling of being awake and detached from our ego, without fear etc ... for hours at a time. In other words, BLISS. I see a lot of turmoil in those struggling to exit blue and exit green. Do you guys see this, or is that just my perception due to my cultural backqround and experiences? I feel that I have some developing turquoise, and I enjoy the concepts of magic, astrology, energy healing... I don't get caught up in in though, yet I understand there is a lot of science behind ancient rituals and magic, that we do not understand. Being Turquoise to me means that I don't HAVE TO KNOW and UNDERSTAND everything, but I am not turning to blind faith... I just KNOW and I feel bliss, don't judge myself or others, and don't compete to produce the most, get spiritual the fastest, be the wisest, be the best... I just BE ME! I have my moments where I feel overwhelmed by the world, sad, confused... but I am not totally Turquoise... I do have probably a bit of blue, orange, green in some areas... as we all do
  12. I know what you mean. I think that Jesus, Buddha, Plato, Confucius, and so many others have had this experience... being Yellow/Turquoise and dealing with Purple.