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  1. “Presence of form in any realm signals unfulfilled desire” - Sri Yukteswar Giri
  2. With aspects of waking, dreaming and deep sleep, each of these having possibility to be manifest in actual (what we call) waking, dreaming and sleep states, in my view, unless we can retain unbroken awareness with freedom through all states, we yield to stupor. Then of course we have the fourth state of Turiya & Turiyatita* (* when Turiya is permanent). This has been explained at length by Swami Lakshmanjoo in his book ‘Shiva Sutras - The Supreme Awakening’.
  3. Thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Accepting what is, on an as is where is basis, this (mind body) here knows not that it is in truth one with oneness. Why negate this ignorance, even if it is a self imposed hypnotic stupor? Even glimpses of the truth do not end delusion, owing to attention oscillation. Unless the clear light is assimilated within mind-body consciousness in permanence, the theoretical or even sporadic experiential knowledge of oneness is of no avail. We may continue to debate that the dreamed object (mind body) cannot awaken, for is is the dreamer (soul, spirit) who is the subject. However, unless subject and object merge seamlessly, we are still floundering about. My take on this subject.
  6. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Who within self assesses enlightenment? I prefer the word alignment ... until no separation remains
  8. @Mvrs it possibly depends upon the degree of awareness accompanying consciousness expansion. Yet, what is, is unmistakable.
  9. Be it what we call waking or dreaming ... the key points we may like to consider are these: what is our response to the images as seeming reality manifest? are we aware of being aware or do we operate by our reflex instinct? why are we there? can we choose to be in silence & stillness within the movie?
  10. @Namlas It is indeed a divine blessing that you are experiencing oneness. Why not simply allow the divine energy of unconditional love to slowly assimilate within? When we use the word ‘demon’, are we not simply referring to an entity who is temporarily out of alignment with love? I do not know what videos of exorcism you refer to but all conflicts must be resolved by love alone. The entity who has ‘occupied’ the body of another also needs help to move into love & light. Once it recognises this, it moves out voluntarily. Forcible exorcism, if it eventually comes to that, is done by the Universe itself and not by the medium or priest involved, who simply act as an interface, being so enabled for the service.
  11. I guess we are our own best teacher, looking at: Stillness Acceptance that each acts as of their consciousness, thus feeling no sense of hurt and transcending need to forgive as a self healing exercise Gratitude Continuous contemplative consciousness correction Assuming responsibility Recognition of the illusionary nature of fear & desire Recognition that we are not the mind-body Internalising attention in quietude & silence Exiting stagnation by polarity rotation Meditation as an ever present orientation Surrender of this (identity) to That (our own divinity within) Identifying root cause of consciousness expansion vs contraction Non-judging, non-discrimination by choice Embracing and radiating love unconditionally without expectation of reciprocation or even recognition. Seeking connectivity with God rather than striving for an imagined attainment, ascension or enlightenment. Trusting the divine current to vivify our form in a manner and time frame of its choosing. Shifting from head to heart The scriptures of course are useful to quieten our lower mind. Personally, I like The Bhagavad Gita and Kashmir Shaivism teachings of Abhinavagupta, Lakshmanjoo etc (the triadic heart of Shiva is excellent) as also books and videos on meditation (Krishnamurthy, Tolle), non-duality (Sarvapriya Nanda, Rupert Spira), self inquiry etc. ... Naam or Word by Kirpal Singh etc etc ... there are so many! I like several of ‘Buddha at the gas pump’ interviews, off late I am enjoying Maharishikaa’s videos as well.
  12. @Death_ it is about a continuum of unbroken awareness. First, in the waking state we need to be aware of our flowing attention. Once we reduce our sleep walking or stupor during what we consider as our waking state, we may say that we are relatively more alert. This orientation of watchfulness then percolates into our sleep state, where we may frequently, if not daily, engage in lucid dreaming, meaning that we are aware during dreaming.
  13. https://youtu.be/LZlkYPlS5s0