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  1. @Preety_India I am more feminine in this way because i want that. @Girzo Already been doing meditation and gym for a while now.
  2. @Leo Gura How did you motivate yourself to approach 450 girls until your first success and still go strong and going. If you had my mindset you would not have made it that far, what did you tell yourself to do it?
  3. @Preety_India Girls and guys hunt and get hunted equally. Hunting and being hunted and gender are independent variables. The main thing is not what i want it to be. Reality is like this and i cannot change them. I am asking for advice and help in how to frame the idea of hunting in a positive, empowering way. So some new mindsets and new paradigms
  4. @RendHeaven Any way to frame it in a positive empowering way? So you actually WANT to approach and hunt and feel great about it. It is not just about approaching, the whole thing where you do ALL until you sleep together. Hunting goes a long way even after approaching.
  5. @Leo Gura It is not about being lazy. I am wiling to do the work and improve myself, i just do not like the idea of hunting. If i would get girls hunting me IF i did x y z things then i would be happy with that. I do not expect things for free, i expect things to come once you work for it. But i do not like the kind of work where you have to hunt. Imagine you are born in a society that determines your job since young, you do not like the job that is given to you and now is forced to deal with it. I am asking for advice on how to frame it in an empowering way so it feels motivating and inspiring. Calling me a devil will not motivate me to become a better man. Ps: we re all devils inside hehe
  6. @Bando The issue is that if you are not a high quality guy then those girls you really like will not like you because of the competition.Valuable girls are like high paying jobs, they get filled fast. You need to become a high quality guy first. The " i will screen" until i find right girl for me will leave you single if you do not have a lot to offer in a language that girls like. Unfortunately being self actualized person or wise is not a language she likes
  7. @intotheblack Thank you, i do workout regularly and am considered decent looking by most of society (although short) however ofc i do not look like a model so i will not have girls throwing themselves at me. I do take care of myself though so nothing to improve there honestly.
  8. As a guy i am supposed to "approach" and "hunt" and "get" girls. I hate this role a lot. I really like the idea of girls doing the work and me just having to pick the one i prefer. This is really negative if you want to be successful with girls because unfortunately girls do not approach and the guy has to do all the work until he sleeps with her. I have some friends who get girls interested in them without them having to do shit but it is not reliable and unfortunately i am not good looking or naturally charismatic enough for that to be the case. I would like you guys to give me some new mindsets or paradigms to look at this so i feel empowered and grateful to be the hunter. I know this post sounds quite sad but it is causing me unhappiness and struggles. Why do you guys think this is happening? I love myself and i consider myself a great guy, i have decent self esteem and am relatively social and likable person. Would really appreciate your help and advice This post is not my complaining about being a guy or being a victim, i am aware of my problem and would appreciate some advice or guidance. Thank you very much for all the help and support.
  9. @Leo Gura I have a question. If extroversion is more biologically attractive for females than how come guys have evolved in a way for introverts to be a thing. If introverts are not desirable for a girl attraction wise then they would have been wiped out or not even evolve to a thing at the first place. I think what females desire in a man is strength and that can be even if you are not extroverted. Strength is what allows you to protect, defend and dominate. Extroversion can help with that since we are a social species but at the core it is strength that they desire the most. Correct me if i am wrong. I have seen more laid back, chill and relaxed kind of guys with introverted vibes be very successful with girls naturally. Do not confuse introversion with being shy, socially awkward or boring.
  10. @Leo Gura That also works for in person also. If a girl finds you unattractive then even with good game you cannot really get her. That is why the term "numbers game" comes from. If it was just game then good players would have a 100 percent attraction rate for single girls (not closing as closing has a lot of logistics in it) and in reality it is not 100 percent. The difference is getting turned down by looks. If a girl sees you as unattractive you cannot get her unless you get very lucky. You do not need to be attractive, just average in her eyes.
  11. That is because white people are considered more attractive and have higher status in Asia. That is why a lot of people say going on those areas will get you laid easily. Watch the video if the results from online dating are not good for you. And do not just use tinder, use all of them at once. Cast a huge net. 1 date a week is more than you will have time for anyway given that you have a life already
  12. @Leo Gura That is very true. However the same can be said about a lot of things. You can say the same for RSD for example yet it still works for the most part. Online dating and game both require some level of effort. You say that being good looking makes online dating very easy and that is true. However the same can be said about game also. A model looking guy will not even need game as he can easily fuck girls as long as he is not a complete loser whimp and actually talks to them. So freebies exist for both. You can say that online dating is less dependent on effort and more on just looks, which is very true. However saying "If you don't look like a model you cannot get shit even with effort" it kind of reminds me of incels and the blackpill claiming "its over if you are not Chad"
  13. @Leo Gura There are wayy too many pick up stuff on youtube so in any case the devilry would have been fed pretty well. The thing is that girls love a douche bag more so of course horny devils that were ignored all their lives by women will be tempted to act more like that. It is fucked but this whole thing is selfish and fucked anyway. You are asking a hungry stray dog to behave properly, he will bite your hand in hopes of some food.
  14. As you guys can clearly see effort does make a difference in online game results. So stop being lazy and take some good pictures
  15. @Leo Gura Not being a pussy and making moves is like 80% of pickup. Being social in itself will just give you a shit lot of friend-zones unless you are handsome or natural at game. @longusername12345 All the parties you go to and hot girls you talk with wont mean SHIT unless you make some moves on them. Coming from personal experience here. No moves= no sex