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  1. I know this is an unpopular take here, but imo the political left is wholly discrediting itself, what with the wanton destruction, the seemingly never ending hoaxes, the everyone's a nazi and racist name calling, the utterly bizarre alliance with corporate America. It's unreal.
  2. I remind you guys the media called both John McCain and Mitt Romney ... . . . wait for it . . . NAZIS!!!
  3. "Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj" My sides, they're splitting!!
  4. The cynicism in this thread is disappointing in a way. You guys are supposedly ""green"" and yet can't even offer a token of Love to a fellow human because orange man bad, or whatever. Sad. All of you are Donald Trump. I am Donald Trump.
  5. Cambridge University Press: Conclusion: More attractive individuals are likely to identify as conservative and republican. My sympathies tend to fall to the political right, and I can generally be regarded as man in the top 5 percent of aesthetic male beauty, so this holds some personal truth.
  6. I've heard NAC can ease anxiety in people, but I have no direct experience with it.
  7. Thank you guys for the responses! @Nahm A part of what you wrote made me think of this question: "Are you in-love with the art, or yourself IN the art?" My best creations happen when I totally forget myself. It's meditative in a sense, and extremely satisfying.
  8. Because, why not? Please, everyone, including our host, Leo, let's open our hearts and send some Love to Trump in written form.
  9. @Leo Gura I voted Trump in 2016.
  10. I wish I knew how to uncover them.
  11. You have to set boundaries and be willing to walk if she doesn't respect them. If you set a boundary, you must enforce it. If you fold you've lost her respect and her moist approval.
  12. @Aspiraling Wizard It's not that complicated, and I don't see the contradiction. I get an urge to mate, which is often, then I sublimate that urge into higher drives. Women are a complete distraction right now, for many reasons. Boobs are temporary, the Glory of Rome is forever, if you receive my meaning.
  13. My mind is currently a madhouse, rather than an Ashram. I need to do much more inner work before I go down that road again. I'm fighting way too many demons right now as I try to make sense of all this.