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  1. @Annoynymous Constant chaos, never ending racial conflict, polarized politics, vulgar culture.
  2. The subconscious can't differentiate story (Entertainment and News media) from reality, and it thus affects our attitudes, opinions, and beliefs (See the colloquialism "opinion leaders"). Television is more powerful than nuclear weaponry, and it will always be subject to abuse by the people who control the flow of information. An aside: I can talk to someone, and, within 5-10 minutes, gage how many hours of TV they watch per day and what news channels they consume, with maybe 95 percent accuracy. It's startling. There's a scene in the play Equus where one of the characters says that TV seems to give you things, but really it takes everything from you, including intelligence.
  3. @Annoynymous The UN tries to get Japan to settle non-Asians and they pretty much refuse. China opening its borders either. These homogenous countries look at what's going on in the US and they want none of it.
  4. So, Soft White Underbelly is a seminar in Stage Red behaviors.
  5. No. I'm not interested right now in the enmeshments sexual relations bring, that's the point here. Many milfs and women in general exist in my reality. All I have to do is go out. Milfs give the most aggressive eye contact in the hopes I'll open them. The younger women are more demure.
  6. Since I've increased the quality of my consciousness I've lost the motivation to play the parlor games associated with dating, and thus my dating life has stalled into a state of voluntary celibacy at a juncture where I'm getting more eye contact from teens to milfs than I ever have, with such regularity I've come to expect it. Opportunity abounds, and yet, the internal changes I've experienced have dampened my motivation to satisfy the ferocity of my libido. On one hand, I imagine a connection with a woman could be so much more amazing post awakening, on the other, I've become resistant to the enmeshments such relations bring.
  7. I just wish the national obsession with race would dissolve. It's so tiresome. So very tiresome, and it's only getting worse. I mean, imagine a world where Rachel Maddow and her antipode, Sean Hannity, were obsolete.
  8. I've been watching the pimp and prostitute videos, and the dynamics of the "pimp/ho" relationship are repulsive. It's really sad.
  9. Rosemary oil supposedly helps and also off label use of Propecia has been shown to block DHT so that you can keep what you have, but you'd need to talk to a doctor.
  10. To my knowledge, Soy is estrogenic, so I avoid it. Other than than everything looks good to me except the junk food and a lack of high quality protein.
  11. To put on muscle, the average person has to eat, at minimum, 1 to ~1.3 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day, but ultimately you have to find what works for you. I'm 6'0" 185lbs lean muscle. I workout/exercise fasted 4-5 time a week, and consume food in an 8-9 hour window. I don't drink calories, eat mostly good carbs and animal proteins and drink many cartons of egg whites throughout the week (taste like chicken) , and keep my sugar intake extremely low. This lifestyle works for my body, and I'm built like a Demigod. When I tell gym bros I workout fasted some flip out and don't believe me because HoW cOulD aNYOne FAsT aND hAvE a MuSculaR pHYZeEqUe!!!!!!1111 lol Gotta find your own Truth, man.
  12. Indeed.
  13. I've been using Youtube Premium for two years (used to be called Youtube Red), and I highly recommend it as well. No ads, and they give you a free music app (Youtube Music) to listen to all the music you want, with the ability to create playlists, switch between video & audio versions on the fly, download music for off-line use, etc. I couldn't imagine doing Youtube with ads again. What a nightmare.
  14. ...for the man I want to become, but haven't yet.