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  1. This guy should've used the Internet better... He died in 2013 something iirc. Poor misguided soul.
  2. it depends on the context imo... your own context, intentions, the impact it'll do on people. conscious decision-making is crucial when some sort of manipulation is to be applied, at least if we're looking at it in an objectively moral and good way. I have no in depth ethics background but this has been my viewpoint thus far.
  3. @RendHeaven no sir, experience and critical thinking do in fact go hand in hand. just look at 60 million adults who cast their votes to your former president.
  4. @RendHeaven I'm seventeen, but I'm quite sure that my critical thinking ability is just as sharp as people I meet online. Be careful with disparaging people's opinions based solely on the criteria of their age.
  5. I think the beauty of actualized org videos is in the details he share. love the new info about stardust, holons, government, etc etc. That's value,and probably one of the main reasons why he has a million viewers.
  6. This is so valuable for dealing with the "narcissism" virus.
  7. I feel like a child again, listening to that
  8. Everyone gets confused, because we all have an ego.
  9. @Virtus mastery and exploring the limits of the body.
  10. Makes a lot of sense, and probably the true key to personal success.
  11. It's easier for me to read, and I know this because there was a time when I didn't have a phone and just read anything on the shelf to pass time. Wish I had more money to buy books lol. I haven't listened to audiobooks but I tend to absorb content just fine through audio (which are actually videos, but those that I listen to while walking outside).
  12. @Carl-Richard I don't think that's quite right, mind explaining your reasoning for that one?
  13. Can be anyone, as long as they're honest and committed to the truth genuinely. Personality profiles aren't relevant.
  14. @tatsumaru Journaling + dream journaling may help
  15. Sup dude wanna fuck?
  16. @Preety_India I think you're a sexual-first in terms of the enneagram instincts. Feel free to correct this anytime tho lol
  17. @Preety_India Hope you feel better soon.
  18. @Preety_India Why kill yourself? Nobody in this world - I mean nobody - is better than you are. Your soul is the only one you should listen to.
  19. Look at your own life. Can you be happy right now? Is it truly possible for you?
  20. "Do or do not, there is no try" ~ Yoda This wonderfully applies to everyone and everything in the world.
  21. "your need for acceptance will make you invisible in this world" ~ jim carrey Honestly thats the only thing you need. Better to be yourself with a few honest and loyal friends, than with a crowd who loathes you behind your back. As for deep friendships find someone who likes similar things as you do, meaning interesting stuff like hobbies, rock climbing, or psychedelics, food, stuff like these.