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  1. This is a bit off-topic, but I think I owe you all an apology for drinking and posting. Not going to read what I said, but am sure its cringe worthy. Been trying to embrace my shadow lately, and it seems he has some serious anger issues... but I should not be doing it in here. Maybe journal or something when I get into that state... that would be much more productive. Once again, my apologies to all, carry on..
  2. goodbye eveyone! looks like i was too real for @Leo Gura and his minions to handle...
  3. hey... you've also made a whole lot of assumptions about a whole class of women based on the color of their skin, so booooohooohooho!
  4. so, most people here, regardless of race, status or gender, have at-least acknowledged that the black woman is at the bottom of the racist "totem pole". Good for you! That is so woke! You are so advanced, you should get a medical, even though you have no Ffff idea what it like to live under the double whammy of sexism and racism at the same go! Don't give a FFf about your sob story, if you are not female, and black at the same go... you have no ffffffffffff idea what that feels like. So a black woman broke your heart.... aaaawwwwww! you ppppour baby!! If you are taking your heartbreak out on all women of color.... you're a fffffff in idiot, and part of the problem. No wonder she dumped your assssssssssss.... you just do not get it! And I do not care where your mama came from.... if that is your attitude... you simply do not get it. Hopefully in you'r next life you'll come back as a black woman... then maybe you will finally get it. FFFFF y'all priviledged idiots.
  5. You tried to dodge the question, but ama ask it again, just for you. And you don't have to answer, it OK... who are you talking for here?
  6. I love you my brother... but who are you talking for here then? You're drunken uncle? The stereotypical black man? who?
  7. hey... you have a choice! No one says you have to stick your dick into crazy... are you really that thirsty and desperate? You will be much better off buying yourself a sex-doll (one time payment) than paying child support fot 18 years just because you wanted to get your dick wet for 3 minutes! No wonder women feel most men are idiots (and they too, are idiots for letting idiots impregnate them). Idiots all the way down!
  8. Hey. All am saying, is that as a man you are not this powerless slave to the power of a pussy. You can choose to always wear a condom, you can choose to abstain until you find the right girl. Stop acting like women are this super-human beings in full control of their impulses and urges, and men are these hopeless victims that cannot help getting their dicks moist with whatever is presented to them. Wear a condom, or just say no! You will not self combust and explode if you do so...
  9. And visa-versa. Don't go impregnating all the hotties if you aren't ready to settle with them. Wear a condom! Because when we all do not do that... we all limit our future options.
  10. Considering divorce rates (let's forget about those who did not even get to the marriage stage) are almost 50%.... what does this even mean? And what does it say about human nature as a whole? Does it mean at-least 50% of women in past generations were just whoring themselves for survival? What about the men then? Did they are just want sex slaves under their beck and call? Is this how we imagine the relationship between men and women is at its core? That we're like parasite feeding off each other for whatever we can get, every man, woman and dog for itself?
  11. Watching the other quiet ones in this clash is so funny. I like the blond with the white top best, her expression is like "whooooosssshhh!!". It's all flying way over her head...
  12. s Lol! This then that. Too bad she isn't around anymore.. she must have been a treat.
  13. They may be in charge of who they reproduce (have sex with), but not so much in charge of who they have long-term stable relationships with. The men have much more say there.
  14. Mixed raced people (whatever the mix) are usually way above average in the looks department. Nature is trying to tell us something here..
  15. Aaaaaaawwwww... poor baby. He just got a tiny teeny taste of his own medicine, and now wants everything to be shut down and locked up.