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  1. try to realise the god nature the planet has two sides good and evil the god nature the planet has an ongoing plan to heaven and hell for belief people so its really just the pain and suffering thats the problem listen in; god the planet nature Was the big bang. it was pain immeasurable. he blacked out. this is a googolplex more painful (to put it mildly) than an old person being beaten. the old person eventually dies and goes to heaven - to believe anything freely abd generate wonderful wanted feelings. and simultaneously; hell. where they are taught the fact matters. so calm down about pain and suffering. be glad you and the victim will live forever spiritually in spiritual kingdoms, free from the physical body pain.... its an eventuality.
  2. satan and god have equal stakes in this world. accept both. reject violence. embrace peace.
  3. try reading all religious wisdom and realise its all from the same origin, thats also where meaning comes from. ubdeniably a fact.
  4. what i do is try helping until i cant take it anymore helping ppl is rewarding but if its too much you cant carry on with it leo has a video on cutting toxic ppl out of your life its good to watch
  5. its not the worse thing to do on the grand scale of things its more common than you think gorls do it all the time
  6. maybe you should adapt your last name - thats been normal in history... instead of completely redesigning your ID upto you its your right
  7. hard one! its addictive thats the whole problem... i dont know what advice to give, i used to use fb but havent for 6 months... instagram... came off that too... i use twitter to stay in touch with news and companies offers n support etc... its the photos of myself i got sick of sharing... it makes a lot of ppl so photogenic- conscious and unnatural... posing etc... sick of that. so as u r a dancer im not sure how to avoid it, it sounds like an excellent way to promote yourself.
  8. satan is not the devil. * other than that i dont understand how its possible that emotions existed before you were born.... yet emotions start with you. you are not satan. satan/ hell is planet mars, a spiritual kingdom. that is where your emotions begin... theres no travel between. it is appearance-connection. the same way magic works.
  9. sorry i am not following, i dont understand you.
  10. there are millions of years of history before i was born. god and satan are brothers from the same. difference of opinion.
  11. that didnt make any sense at all to me. emotions dont start from humans, emotions are spiritual first, and spirituality comes from the planet via god and satan -> to humans. it is self empowering belief to believe anything starts from you.. there is a before...... trust me how i know that.
  12. calm down. i am saying Everyone has satan and god within them. thats what i said i said exactly what i meant. its the dark and light of the planet. we are this planets people.
  13. no you misunderstand what satanic is. mathematics for example is godly. satan and god is within everyone. but not in equal measure. its the nature of the planet. we are all part of the planet.
  14. @Kinjal a lot comes from love... anger too. love is satanic. so much good comes from love but not just good...