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  1. Meditation is the most counterintuitive thing ever. If you think it's important thing to do, it's not. If you think it's not important than it is.
  2. Hi guys I want to share with you my method of meditation. I've been meditating for three years now. Not consistently but since then I've tried many methods and techniques and all great. But this one I developed for the last three months i really like and i wanted to share with. I don't know maybe others are doing it or maybe it's a teaching i don't know. I combined many things together and now I'm meditating like this. So Here it comes. i meditate laying on my back, super relaxed, i completely let go. And i do two meditation sessions. Both laying down. Unless I'm tired and i feel like i might sleep then i sit in the lotus position. Specially in the second sess. Each session about 20, 25 minutes. I mostly use headphones with some meditation music. Meditation music could be distracting so i stick with less distracting ones. In my first session i do meditation with labeling. Because i know my mind takes time to calm from the monkey mind. So i give it time to calm. I Focus on the breath, The mind drift of course And everytime I don't encourage the drift. But when i come back to the breath i label that train of thought. Or see it. Or just be aware of it. Until the phone beeps for the second session. In my second session whatever happen i stay on the breath. On the now. On been. Pure bless for me. No labeling, nothing. Yes i still chatter now and then but I'm way over that. So basically just been. I feel like this partition made it very easy for me to make this jump. Also to meditate more often. I meditate about 20 days a month. For me now i do it for enjoyment but this method helped Many times when my head don't like me to meditate or I'm so stuck with something so defined with... Whatever it is the first session really helped to break the ice and when i move to second one i be like; Mind, I've seen everything. i gave you your chance. And now I'm out of service, See you later pal. Something like that! Also i should mention the most important thing in this recipe; breathwork. I do breathwork three times, when i start, between sessions and when i finish. About 30 breaths when i start. 50 or 70 in between. and 70 or more when i finish. Breath work like the Wimhoff method. But sometimes in the middle i do about 10 to 15 breaths with full exhale. Then i hold of course after all breathwork. Anyways that's all about it. i hope you guys find it helpful. I find it very helpful and enjoyable for me, couple times i started having unstoppable all body orgasm. I don't how that happen. I wish it could happen again But i try to not to cling to it. But still waiting. maybe I'm clingy. Hhh or maybe there was other factors involved Anyways that's about it so to sum up. ( Two session, labeling and no labeling, relax, breathwork, meditation music). Also your thoughts appreciated. Thank you.
  3. @allislove I have never taken any psychedelic my self so maybe i don't know what I'm talking about, but I've heard many reports and always intrigued me when someone reports similarty to a place or being... Feels like something tangible maybe someone could go there too. I was listening to a podcast between ( 434 and starpilot33) both use mushroom and they have many similarities and they talk about maping the mushroom realm, or machine elves were the reason behind all the technology we have today or they can hack your phone if they want to or they will interfere to save us if we decide to nuke each other. Why because this realm connected to that realm . Idk...
  4. Remember it's always perfect so what ever you chose to think to or to feel or to do it's perfect. So let's assume we decided to nuke the whole world it's perfect or the opposite of that what ever that opposite is also perfect.
  5. You've always been god and always will be. So Just be As you've always been. Nothing you can do about it.
  6. By expecting love from others you are basically giving up your own power to others and expecting others to give you your own power which you already have. Testing you strength and Making your self vulnerable will make you a victim and break you eventually if you yourself not full of love, Because you expecting it from others and You forgetting that you are the source of it all. And will not be able to receive more than what you give. Period. So only you have the key to unleash the love in you. Once you realize that you have the key, and you realize others are you and you have the key. Send me some Love dear god ♥. Hhh
  7. Yin yang is the nature of reality. You can't have one side without it's apposite.
  8. I think you guys will enjoy this video. The best recitation of Rumi's love poetry. I listen to it everytime i do yoga and always takes me deep
  9. When fear arises meditate through it. Allow it. Feel it in your body watch the thoughts you having and do not try to fight it. Every time fear arises allow it breath through it. And be present. Been really present will snap you out of you inner projections. Also keep a journal everytime you face something you fear. It will help you see the pattern and understand the illusory nature of fear.
  10. Hi aquarius. You know it takes time to reconstruct your mind when you start questioning unexamined beliefs deep in your mind. I was raised in muslim family and i know everything about islam. It took me 4 years of confusions questioning Hesitations and not knowing untill I'm out of that beast. It's hard work.but i recommend examining your beliefs one by one. Start with big ones. The rest are easy But if you keep looking for the truth and trust the journey you will make it everything will click at the end. And yes some mooji video somehow helped me