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  1. @Mormegil Hi. Do you recognize something about the video or is it curiosity? @bejapuskas I agree.
  2. @deso Let go of past. Embrace the suffering as experience. How can you know, what suffering are without have experience it? What is suffering? Why is it? How do you feel suffering? What do you think about this video?
  3. To write questions here being drunk, instead of post the opposite on facebook, are progress and defintly not a mistake.
  4. It can change people easy to fuck up everything fast. No more drinking alcohol and drug addictions nowadays, after 30 years, gave me good times sometimes and much more often a lot of painful suffering, i started using from early childhood ended up in heavily drug abuse. Now +2 years sober, everything in life starts be much more effortless and a lot less drama.
  5. Marvelous Thanx for want sharing this! The best forum, there you can be your self and speak out about almost everything, and not risk a vacation with a pill, bed, and white dress with nice leather lock.
  6. Hi! I have to edit what i wrote. That you are able to recognize stuff about your self, speakes out about it and takes action in all kind of ways, for example writes in the forum about your struggle, shows yourself that you have the courage and willpower to be able fix your struggle! Take care, love and stay safe!
  7. Thanx 4 sharing, rare item
  8. I dont understand a single word of what he says, but i do think the rage against something he have is unhealthy is an understatement , what are a person able to do further with all this rage, are restricted gun laws we have in europe because this kind of behaviour. *joke And now i will watch it again with translate and try to understand wtf is happening.
  9. Toy-boy that grow to a relationship. EX-girlfriend age are close to 55 and i 40, lasted in 10 years. Had a lot of fantastic experience. All relationships are different and ours was maybe much more like a co-dependency, both grow up with childhood trauma, we might did some necessary trauma healing because this relationship and might also have made some new. That i did not know 10 years ago and what i know today is that big difference in age, dont really matter so much then you both are in the younger age, now i got some questions about if it harm both development or not, the-breakup is not so long ago. Personal-development level issues come along the road both-way and the younger person maybe not are being able have the time to get all experience enough, before the elder one prepares more for the end part of life, to say it in short. We did our best and now impossible to say how we would live today, without experience from our life choice.
  10. It sounds interesting and realistic perspective, i know a little about a lot of stuff, but this is far over my level of Intuition and knowledge. Hope there is more people that watch and comments.
  11. Hey. Have no clue about your history, advice is dangerous from each ones perspective, that not know the others level of development. 10-day booking, isolation in a unknown cabin, heartbroken and a gun!? What possibly could go wrong? Anyone who do isolation for a long time can go nuts and loose reality. I got red-flag feeling about how big step it can be to do isolation for that long first time. The issues you struggle with right now might be a little dangerous combination. I agree with legendary and his advices and i'm afraid you risk miss to read it because the closed post? (Copy paste legendary text) Before you go ahead with this, do a test run. For example, spend a day at home with zero distractions. You may find that it's harder than expected, I certainly did. You'll know, based on this, whether you really want to go ahead with the solo retreat. I would recommend considering going to a women's retreat if your real aim is to improve your relationships. I would also recommend sincerely contemplating what you want to get out of this retreat and write it down on a piece of paper. Should it be focused around self-help, meditation, When it gets tough, you can read it out and motivate yourself to keep going. About the questions, these are just my opinions: 1. No pets. Check out Leo's checklist for a solo retreat on his blog: https://www.actualized.org/insights/solo-retreat-supplies-checklist 2. If you want a retreat centered around self-help, bring books. If it is centered around meditation, don't. I would highly recommend bringing some of Leo's episodes, like "How To Forgive Anyone Who Hurt You - A Powerful Trauma Release Exercise", "Self-Love - The Highest Teaching In The Universe" and ones you see fit for the retreat. 3. You should answer this for yourself. Contemplate. 4. If you aim to become a stoic, grounded person who has no desire for anything, you'll probably fail. You may find instead that the isolation shows you how much you value things like intimacy and love. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. The retreat will show you who you are and not who you want to be: 5. Yes, bring a gun. Keep it out of reach when you meditate. Namaste!
  12. Agree! Let go of alot programmed fears in beginning to start be able think outside comfortzone.
  13. Give you maybe a little to bold alternative to make your choice. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12004280/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1 I have spend some time watch bachelorette togheter with my girl friend, that is educated to social scientist and watch and learn and compare behaviours from programs around the globe. Last time we was bold and watched something outside her comfort zone, it was actually really good reality show and not what it apears as in the begining. It is about shallow people that have used alot of sex detached from emotions and the reality show is doing in a pretty good way to give them oportunity to work with their personal development. Good luck and stay safe!
  14. The few times i try post something here in this forum, i afterwards realize how much i still have to learn about what i think i know. If you talk about a concept to 2 people and ask them what they think you have talked about, you can hopefully have some kind of similar answers, but often not the whole concept right away. If you tell the same 2 people about the concept in 10 various way, then it can be more likely the 2 answers you get match.
  15. A thought from my own battle with ego issues, i go for the first answer that my gut feeling came up with. Is it possible that you got a hard shell "control" layer and you might need give your self "lower the guard permission". Then maybe get less of a struggle, to allow your self enter that deep you want easier?
  16. Hi! Happy on your behalf, that you already have at age 22 found actualized.org! How a really bad thing, your life can turn out to be with alcohol? How a really bad thing, your life can turn out to be with Netflix and pizza? The insight i got to give you answers to your question, almost costed my life several times! I started to earn my drug(includes alcohol) experience points slowly from age 8 and was finally satisfied collecting high experience points after almost 30 years ego tripp, ending up to only be able sleep, eat and shit in 1 year time and after that a long recovery time. Alcohol and Self-help ? Investigate the questions you have deep! Can you get any answer to be sober and observe party and people? https://www.actualized.org/articles/learning-equals-observation It ended up in heavily addictions slowly after a very long time, it did not started as a addiction. https://www.actualized.org/articles/subtle-addictions Is drugs worth the risk to gamble "russian roulette" with your life? https://www.actualized.org/articles/overcoming-addiction https://www.actualized.org/articles/how-to-deal-with-loneliness https://www.actualized.org/articles/awareness-alone-is-curative Good luck and hope you got all the best life possible, whatever how you choose to handle your concerne about alcohol!