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  1. Once you realize this deeply enough the entire dream starts behaving like a mind. You speak to yourself through the world you usually just don’t pick up on it.
  2. You are creating god right now in your mind so who does that make you Hahahaha , if you ever meet a god deity realize it’s still being generated by you within your bubbles that is you the whole bubbles is coming out of you this is verifiable right now sober
  3. @Leo Gura time is a concept being imagined within the moment I imagine time has passed (hours mins days) to explain my miracle of being hereRight now. People fail to understand “how is the actual actuality of the moment being generated right now?” Cause and effect in the past doesn’t explain how the present moment is literally manifest Rn , also the thing you call time isn’t real, there is no linear path stuff just arises as u become of aware of it. You jump from point to point with the backstory of time, the same as a dream. Only the key story is present everything else is just a fantasy to explain the jumps . Correct me if I’m wrong @Leo Gura
  4. @Leo Gura only beautiful moments exist , all bad moments are something imagined to make the current beautiful moment make sense
  5. You will also at some point realize there is no such thing as drugs so u can turn them on and off as you like
  6. I am 1000% certain I can just imagine myself into a different room . Like I can imagine myself from my car to my apartment. You do this everyday through the illusion of time. You could however do it immediate, however storyline would completely change after that moment, from that moment on your entire reality would start to collapse . This is the ultimate end to realizing what time is though . You could materialize yourself teleporting instantly but how would u take that? How would u be able to create a backstory to try to re cushion yourself into a reality. The design of time is perfect the way it is. Time is imaginary, but this imagination holds your entire sense of reality and being together.
  7. @Leo Gura during your two month breaks while ur playing video games on steam you should live stream it! I know we would all love that , don’t have to even mention spirituality or divinity , just you enjoying your creation doing the only thing there is to be done, have fun!!!
  8. Does anybody else ever see themselves in an endless “plane” sometimes with an ocean , overlaying your visual field ? Idk how to explain this place I see it all the time
  9. Once you fully transcend the ego and become who you truly are the ego becomes your gift. The ego is the entire thing. Your whole reality is the ego. The entire story is the character . It’s not real but it is. It is a gift it will make you cry daily of happiness. This is heaven
  10. Hell is a projection Heaven is a projection without either it’s just heaven . Hell is only hell to you. If you got stuck in an infinite time loop that would be hell only cause you believe you are the one stuck in it . There is no you if you surrender to hell it is heaven. Also your welcome . All words are made up buddy stop wasting time . As if there was time to waste tho Hahahaha love yooou
  11. There’s no such thing as food theres no such thing as music there’s no such thing as tv and movies theres no such thing as the internet there’s no such thing as air there’s no such thing as the earth there’s no such thing as gravity there ms no such thing as Time there’s no such thing as reality there’s no such thing as others theres no such things as you however you love all these things more than anything else .... your welcome thank yourself for the illusion this is heaven <3
  12. You have never actually ate anything ever. Really start to appreciate things that you have done for yourself . Life is your gift to yourself . If your upset u can crawl into a nice cozy bed which just happens to be you! You have done so much for yourself this is true love.
  13. Everything is idea taken form is what im saying but yes yes your on right track
  14. This was the first insight I had from my first satori, well this and existence is a miracle and shouldn’t be a thing. These insights put me to my hands and my knees crying. When you realize this you will never be more thankful. You are the bed that comforts you you are the heater that gives you warmth .
  15. You sense being in yourself you are that , that’s why you feel there are others , in your dreams your projecting the being into the characters but you are the whole bubble anywhere you sense being is apart of you . As for thoughts all you ever have known is thoughts your entire existence is just an idea , it’s a thought you had.