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  1. How Can One Really Know His Life Purpose?
    How Can One Really Know His Life Purpose?
    I love this forum because it allows us all to give our opinions and thoughts on what I feel are the most important questions we can ever ask ourselves and of others. And perhaps all our answers could be right and then again, all could be wrong. It all depends on what the true meaning of life is.
    Like the theory that time, past, present and future is all predetermined and that ultimately the choices we make don't matter because what happens in our own reality was meant to happen. If you've decided to do nothing with your life, well... that wasn't really your decision, it was already set in stone even before you think it was your idea. Whoa... mind blower.
    Here's another, what if you went through your whole life wondering what your life purpose was, and then one day your walking down the street and see a child standing on the street and a bus is barrelling down and at the last moment you push that child out of the way, saving the child but killing yourself. Then that child grows up to change the world in some grand way? Perhaps that one moment in time was your entire reason for your existence and yet you spent your whole life agonizing over why your here. See what I mean?
    My thinking is this. Why not just wake up each morning and first and foremost appreciate that fact that your still here. Second, find anything that brings some joy and contentment in your life. If you plan your life correctly working and making money can become secondary. The basics of life are food and shelter. Are you going to eat steak and lobster everyday or grow a garden and enjoy tuna salad? Are you going to live with your parents or buy a luxury condo in the big city? My point is, work and doing something you don't want to do for a third of your life isn't necessary if you don't buy into this dogma culture we call capitalism and the American dream. When you take away the pressures of money and inevitably indebtedness you take away their power. Your then in a much better position to decide your own destiny. To me that's the trick.
    So what is our life's purpose. To find happiness and to be content with the things that come our way. Positive people attract positive results. Once you have this I think our purpose can then find us.  

    i'm having an existential crisis
    Hello dear one,
    When doubt appears, always let go and let god. At moments of doubt when we truly feel helpless, that is when surrender is simple, you remove all expectations from yourself, forgive the doubt for appearing, and simply let life unfold as it is unfolding, do not resist it and it'll dissolve naturallyThat time in which you doubt yourself, be forgiving but understand you are not the doubt. The doubt is trying to attack you and make you feel worse about yourself, it makes you feel almost hopeless. That is not true, and you can simply put no expectations on yourself whatsoever in this moment, and let the doubt be, knowing full well you have faith that you are the loving source of the universe. Doubt may appear but it will not shake you, the thought can be lost in its head but I know I am not that which is lost, I am that in which it all appears. When the ego knows it is in danger and is bound to disappear, it does its most to bring you back into being a person, instead of presence, but there is nothing that can stop you. You are that higher force, and it is not going to abandon you, because you are it. You have no choice but to ascend. It truly is beyond whatever you think, Jesus will save that soul of yours. I recommend you reading some of my other posts about the truth.
    These are thoughts that have been appearing in the vast consciousness that you are, but it is not yourself and it is not true. Thoughts, emotions and sensations all appear within you. You are the vessel, not the content. You are the sky, they are the clouds. God is inevitably within you, you are one with god whether you want it to not. The only thing that can block that clear seeing is believing the thoughts and the content appearing within you.
    You must realize that this is merely a thought, and that thought has no meaning, no substance and no power, the only reason it appears to be true is because you are giving it the power of your belief. Whatever you believe will appear true, so you must understand this and not give away your power to any content that appears within you. Instead of believing in all the content, believe in the consciousness in which they appear.
    The content which appears within yourself is not consistent, not reliable, it changes all the time, you can't trust it. You can't trust the mind, you can't trust thoughts, emotions and sensations. The only thing you can truly trust is yourself, consciousness for it is the only ever-present thing in life. You must see this and understand there is no other place to put your faith in. Do not waste your time believing thoughts about you being confused, do not take them as truth.
    That which does not feel aligned is not yourself. You are ever-presently aligned, you can't not be aligned. There is nothing to be aligned with. You are life and the witness of life, you are inevitably aligned, there is nothing you can do to disturb or disrupt the alignment.
    That feeling which appears within the consciousness that you are, is merely a feeling. Like thoughts, feelings and sensations all appear within the consciousness that you are. You are not that feeling, and you are not the content of the feeling, the feeling merely is being perceived within you. Anything that is perceived within you, is not you, for you are that empty space and openness that enables all experience to appear, including the world, thoughts, emotions, sensations, imagination etc. These all appear within you. You are not any of it, you are that absolute emptiness that allows everything to appear.
    If there is a feeling that you are not aligned, you must simply realize that you are not that feeling, and that feeling says nothing about you or about alignment. It is literally just a feeling.
    Feelings by themselves don't mean anything at all, they have no substance, they are empty of meaning, it is only when you believe these feelings that they gain power and then they can feel "true", but if you simply don't believe it and see it for what it is, merely a feeling appearing within the vastness of yourself, it will be observed and dissolve into the emptiness.
    It is only when you believe that feeling, that you hold on to it, you try resist it, you don't want it there, it is only then that the feeling truly feels real, otherwise it simply comes and goes. When you believe it to be real, it stays longer than it should. Simply be aware that something is ever-presently perceiving all thoughts, emotions and sensations. And be aware of that which is perceiving. Perceive the perceiver of the feeling. Stay in that peace, rest in that peace, move in that peace, do not listen to merely thoughts, sensations and emotions/feelings that appear within what you are. The only thing you should listen to is silence, for in silence the intuition can be heard, and the intuition will guide you wherever you need to go.
    You say "My life is a mess and so is my mind", realize that this is merely a thought appearing within the vast consciousness that you are. You are not that thought, it is not true about you. You are that which perceives all thought, emotion and sensations. You are the highest intelligence of the universe. What happens when we believe these thoughts to be us, is we give them the power of our belief. So you say "I am lost and idk what to do" and if you believe this thought, it will truly appear as if you are lost and don't know what to do.
    Luckily the compass of life is always within you, and it is your own heart and your own ever-present truth of being. There is no conceptual knowledge or information that you need, for any information or knowledge appear WITHIN the consciousness that you are. That consciousness that you are is all-knowing and it is able to know anything it needs to know in the present moment. To connect with what you truly are you must be able to realize that there is a presence that is aware of thoughts, otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell me about these thoughts. Now, that presence which is ever-presently perceiving all thought, emotion and sensation, can also be perceived. Perceive it. Perceive that which is ever-presently perceiving.
    So most importantly you need to understand that we thoughts appear within you, but alone they are useless, they are just thoughts, they have no power, not meaning and no substance. It is only when you CHOOSE to believe these thoughts, that they appear true. Literally stop believing these thoughts have power and are true and they will dissolve into the empty silence that you are.
    To be able to navigate through this life, all you must do is follow the silence of your own heart. Expect nothing at all from life, do not put any expectations on it, do not expect to have different thoughts, do not expect to have different emotions or sensation. Whatever appears within you, let it be, know you are not that, but that in which it is perceived. You are beyond all of it completely. You are the power of life and the witness of life. Truly what you are is indescribable. Know this and follow the path of ego-dissolution, come into the silence of being and move in it, move in that silence, trust it, treasure it, fall in love with it.
    You must see your self (who you think you are) as an illusion. Who you think you are is just a thought. You are not depressed and you are not anxious, this is who you THINK you are, and because you believe it, it appears to be real. It is strictly NOT TRUE. You can't be depressed nor anxious, for you are the consciousness in which both depression and anxiety appear, thought, emotion and sensations all appear within the consciousness that you are.
    You must be able to realize this, understand this and live this truth, it truly is like that. What you truly are is the perceiver of not only thought, but of the perceiver itself.
    You are able to perceive that which perceives. Be in that place for a bit, continue reading this piece
    What you truly are, is life itself, and the witness of life. You are not the thought and the story made by the mind, you are not the self-image created by the mind. You are pure presence, you are very light, very pure, very joyful, very loving, very compassionate, very true and authentic, the holy presence of the universe appears before you in this moment. You are the ever-present consciousness, that one element of life that never came and wont go, your truest self.
    You are not coming and going thoughts and beliefs, they are like clouds, you are the sky in which they appear.
    Consciousness can be conditioned to believe it is the mind, to believe it is doubtful, to believe it is anxious, to believe it is depressed. Consciousness naturally is none of these things, it is only when the consciousness believes in the thoughts that appear, and identifies itself as these thoughts, that reality appears from the perspective of the thought, and that changes how you perceive life. What you must do is understand that is simply thought, thought is perceived, and you are able to perceive the perceiver of thought. What you are has nothing to do with thought, you are way beyond thought, thought is just limitation to what you are.
    The mind won't be able to comprehend this but there is one thing that is still listening and reading and completely understanding what I am saying intuitively for it is the holy presence that you are, the pure awareness completely recognizes what I am conveying for it is true within yourself, your heart is truly overflowing with love with any moment, you simply do not look at it, and you look at the distractions the mind is presenting ( all kinds of thoughts that have personal interest in them), these thoughts only continue and make the illusion of being a separate entity from life, feeling alone and abandoned, feeling fearful etc.
    The moment you realize that all this appears within you and can be perceived, you will come to a place of seeing very pure, very quiet, very silent, very beautiful, you will be naturally yourself and have a clarity of life.
    You won't change, nothing will happen, you'll just shift the perception from thought-based perception to consciousness-based perception. Instead of perceiving thought you will be perceiving the perceiver himself, and just doing that will bring infinite joy, love, peace, compassion and serenity to experience. You mustn't suffer your experiencing, it is only when you rest your attention on the suffering that you suffer. When you rest your attention on your own being, you feel serene, tranquil and beautiful within. Natural well-being.
    Thoughts, emotions and sensations are not something that can help or be useful to the highest intelligence, awareness itself. Thoughts, emotions and sensations all appear to that which you are, because you are that which is able to perceive them. They wouldn't exist without you. You are not dependant on them, they simply appear because you are. You are such a vast intelligence that simply everything appears within you, the whole universe itself, including thoughts, emotions and sensations.
    You do not need to be attached to any thoughts, emotions and sensations, nor to be attached to anything that appears within that which you are, for they have nothing to do with what you truly are, you are not affected by anything that is, because you are that which is. You just stay that which you are, stay in the silence of your own being. The highest intelligence does not give any importance to any thoughts, emotions and sensations because it is aware of its own silence.
    The highest intelligence does not use thoughts, emotions and sensations in order to be. It is completely free from all of these appearing phenomena, it is not the phenomena and not the creator of the phenomena, it is all imagined within that highest intelligence which you are. You are not bound to something that appears within you, you are that greater in which it appears. You must stay in awareness of what you truly are, you must trust in that which you are.
    The highest intelligence won't be heard, because it doesn't like to talk. It would rather simply be, be in its own divine being and simply be aware of the vastness. The highest intelligence is easily perceived when one simply turns its attention on one's self. It is easily perceived because it is all that is. Every single thing in existence is that highest intelligence and an expression of the highest intelligence. There is nothing but the highest intelligence alone, pretending to be certain forms, pretending to be thought, pretending to be emotions, sensations, humans, life, death, these are all things it pretends to be, but in truth there is only itself alone. All these are not true, but appearances, when you believe these appearances you lose sight of what is true, the highest intelligence that is ever-present. The highest intelligence is the most obvious thing that is, but it is so subtle that everything misses it. It doesn't take much to realize that presence that you are. Truly you are that.
    The highest intelligence does not give in to any doubt, that which gives in to doubt is not the highest intelligence, it is merely thought, and that highest intelligence is aware of that thought. The highest intelligence has no fear of the unknown, since it is itself the unknown, and it is able to know itself through that which is perceived. By realizing all that appears, appears within the highest intelligence, including your own sense of self, even that dissolves into the silence of the highest intelligence that you are.
    Every single thought you entertain, every single emotion you entertain, every single sensation you entertain, simply takes you away from the recognition of what you truly are. Do realize that you are simply beyond them, there is nothing to do with them. Both what appears to be "good" and "bad" is the highest intelligence itself. There is no good and no bad, these are just thoughts, the highest intelligence doesn't see good or bad, it only sees itself and is what it is. Be aware of being aware and stay in that silence. That is your only "job". It is effortless to stay in that silence.

    You are effortlessly, ever-presently that pure consciousness.
    That which is having trouble "letting go" is itself merely a coming and going thought, the one having trouble is itself a thought. How can thought let go of thought? You must simply see this. There is something before "I am having trouble", there is something ever-present, it is not clouded by thought, it is there to perceive thought. You don't need to "let go" of anything, but simply remain aware of the awareness that is ever-present.
    You must understand thinking is not helping navigate anything at all, actually it is the opposite, it is only because of you trying to think about the past or future, that you have forgot what you truly are. You are not supposed to navigate an illusion, you simply wake up to the truth, and in the light of the truth there is no need to navigate anything, you simply are and everything automatically works. You simply remain aware of being aware.
    No, you are not part of the illusion. That is merely a thought pretending to be you. It is saying "I am a part of an illusion" but that is literally just a thought appearing in that which is true, in you. You are that vast consciousness in which all thoughts, emotions and sensations appear. You CAN'T be anything other than the pure truth itself. You literally are choicelessly the truth. Nothing can ever make you not true, but that which is true can believe the mind when the mind says "I am a part of this illusion", it is not true even if you say it is, it is literally just a thought. No meaning, no substance at all.
    You don't dissociate from this illusion, you simply see that the one who needs to dissociate is ITSELF an illusion, appearing in that which is true. There is no one that needs to dissociate, there is no need to be a part of an illusion. You simply remain as the truth that you are. That ever-present awareness, that is there unconditionally whether there are thoughts, emotions or sensations appearing.
    It is so absolutely clear that you are not ANYTHING APPEARING IN CONSCIOUSNESS, you are that consciousness itself, you literally can't not be consciousness. The mind will say "I am not consciousness" and that itself is just a thought appearing IN that consciousness that you truly are.
    Buddha, Christ, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, they all are able to have conversations, and actually all conversations become beautiful and of a higher, truer consciousness, instead of silly, foolish egoic-talk.
    Don't believe all these nonsense speculations of the mind. It is not true. None of what the mind wants you to believe is true about pure consciousness, is true.
    Mind literally can't ever know ANYTHING about the consciousness in which itself appears. You are that consciousness. Don't trust the mind to tell you how it is to be consciousness. It can't know. Stop taking its advice, it literally is a function appearing within that consciousness that you are, it can't know anything about you. The mind appears in time, you are timeless presence. You are the timeless that perceives time itself. You are eternal. You are pure consciousness, whether you'd like it or not. Whether you identify with appearances within you, you are still that pure consciousness. Simply be aware of being aware.