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  1. I am learning about safe injection sites in America. We have to do something about the opioid epidemic, which is only growing under the Covid crisis as more and more people are desperate and see no hope. This thread is intended to spark a lively discussion about drug law, the war on drugs, solutions and projects around the country. Maybe someone can update us on data from Portland where recently a list of drugs have been decriminalized, or Denver where Psilocybin mushrooms have been decriminalized. Currently Safehouse, a nonprofit based in Philadelphia, PA, is in a legal battle with the federal government about whether or not a good faith Supervised Injection Facility is against the law. Safehouse won a lawsuit against the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania regarding the legality of such a site, but is expecting pushback from the federal government. Their position is that a safe injection site does not go against federal law, but is in the same spirit of trying to help defeat drug use. From the Safehouse website, "By reducing ambulance rides, emergency room trips, and hospital visits, overdose prevention services are expected to save Philadelphia at least $2 million a year in health care costs." What is amazing about the work Safehouse is doing is that they are leading the fight for the first Supervised Injection Facility (SIF) in the U.S. Cities like Denver and New York City are watching patiently to see what happens. I feel like the tide is turning and things will pick up rapidly from here. More from their website: "Why do we need overdose prevention services in Philadelphia? Philadelphia is experiencing an overdose crisis of unprecedented proportion. In 2015, the city’s rate of 46.8 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 residents dramatically outpaced those of Chicago (11.8) and New York (13.7).[1], [2] In 2017, the 1,217 overdose deaths in Philadelphia [3] represented a 34 percent increase from 907 in 2016.[4] In 2018, fatalities slightly decreased to 1,116 overdose deaths. Since 2009, overdose deaths in the city have risen by nearly 200 percent.[5] Philadelphia has not had a public health crisis of this magnitude in more than 100 years.[6] Across all racial and ethnic groups, more people have died from drug overdose than from homicide." "Overdose prevention services: SAVE LIVES by reducing the number of fatal drug overdoses through education on safer use practices, overdose prevention, and intervention. REDUCE THE SPREAD OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES such as HIV and hepatitis C among people who use drugs by providing and requiring the use of provided sterile consumption supplies. CONNECT PEOPLE who use drugs with other health, treatment, and social services. CREATE A SAFER COMMUNITY by reducing drug use in public spaces and publicly discarded paraphernalia." I would say this is a stage green endeavor. On their website FAQ they say they operate from the belief that preservation of human life supercedes all other concerns. Here is their website: Check out this really cool graphic showing their model:
  2. Maybe do microdose trips for a while to recall some of those same feelings as this big trip you had. And continue meditating. Talking with someone usually helps. Journaling also helps. You are your best guide.
  3. Find a way to talk with Nahm man. He's good.
  4. What reforms would change this? The only ones I know in this general ballpark are Ranked Choice Voting and Term Limits.
  5. I have had similar thoughts in the past. Actually, your post reminds me of this and I can see how far I have come. I remember one time I was on a date with a really fit, short, cute girl my age. We got food and then stopped by my house to get my guitar on our way to this nature area. The violent thought that I had surprised me. We were sitting near this river right next to the water, it was late at night so probably nobody was there save us, and we were enclosed in some bushy area. An image of me beating and drowning her crossed my mind. It was accompanied by an intense flicker of rage. This was about a year and some change ago, and happened regularly for a while. Looking back, I've overcome these type of thoughts, and my advice to you would be to fully live through each fantasy, fully feel the feelings, and don't stop until the associated emotions (anger, grief, shame, pride, etc.) are relieved. No shame in having some violent thoughts, just work through them and don't suppress/repress them. That way they don't get worse and take over. And get a therapist who can do some emdr with you.
  6. Feels pretty refreshing to not have a crazy president on Twitter x)
  7. The idea was that I should (1) heal my relationship with my parents and other important family members, especially my mom, (2) develop healthy boundaries and some good ol' self-love, (3) heal old relationship wounds and then FINALLY I would be ready to enter into a healthy, loving, interdependent romantic relationship with a beautiful girl. I decided on this plan after having 10 or so extremely short "relationships" in my young life, and feeling like they were getting worse, not better, over time. I wanted to know why I had these patterns operating in my life where I hook up with a girl and then feel obligated to stay with her despite not wanting to, or why I get really angry at women for seemingly small things. I've evolved through out the process and my understanding of the psychology behind it all has grown exponentially. I've meditated a few hundred hours on various aspects of this work and things have improved so much! I just need validation from some of you guys who have "made it" in the dating realm. Is my plan good? Or should I suck it up and start getting laid again, stop holding myself back? It is hard to pursue integration work while trying to date as well. Yet I've already done so much inner work and will continue to do so, but I'm dying over here man. Haven't been laid in 15 months! Also if it helps, I have taken online quizzes and have been shown to have the 'dismissing' attachment style. High Avoidance, Low Anxiety.
  8. "If you are healthy, whatever relationship style you choose will also be healthy" - Neil Strauss. "Before healing I always wanted more. More girls, more lays, more crazy sex. For the first time in my life, after therapy and after healing, I looked at my girlfriend and felt that I have enough. I don't want more, because what I have is good enough" - Neil Strauss I paraphrased both of these but they are close. Based on what you are writing SamC I believe you would benefit from Neil Strauss' book The Truth. You'd probably read it in one sitting
  9. What you have written has a lot of beliefs in it. The good news is you can let go of these beliefs, and as you do you will progressively feel better and see the situation in a new light. Be careful with such a strong, negative belief. All belief systems work, you just want to find a belief system that feels good and let go of belief systems that feel bad. Forgive your family members one at a time. You can use Leo's method, or you can make a big, long list of all of the things that each family member has done to harm you, and then go down the list surrendering the feeling associated with each item on that list until you no longer feel hurt, pain or resentment. It takes time so take it easy on yourself
  10. A question that has been helping me recently: How is being tired all the time serving me? How is not getting good enough sleep preventing me from doing something that I'd rather not do? For example, in my case I answered "Being tired is helping me avoid become supervisor at my job, which is good because I do not like my job. If I was invigorated and well-rested every day, pretty soon my coworkers would start looking to me to lead them, and then I'd have no choice but to be the supervisor. Additionally, I would feel guilty surpassing Diamond for the supervisor position since she has worked here longer than I have, so being tired prevents me from having to deal with that guilt." Hope this helps
  11. Little things like this sometimes get me angry, and then in the process of feeling into the anger I realize there is grief. I feel like a victim that other people are suppressing by, say, whistling. That is how I feel until I let it go, about 10-20 minutes of feeling through the emotion. Then I can see that it had nothing to do with me. Don't let your brain give you a reason for why you are angry. All thoughts are just resistance to the feelings. Feel through the feelings until you find peace.
  12. @Chew211 Thank you! I look forward to helping ya out
  13. What alternative do you have in mind?
  14. I'd assume wealth inequality is a big driver of racism and alt-rightism. Guess the interviewee has not found that to be true. Also interesting to hear that most of the followers of alt-right ideology are actually well educated. It has to be the deeper human need to fit in driving these people into these ideologies.