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  1. I was curious about al-lad I heard it's like lsd lite. I was thinking 50 to 75 mcg before a couple of 90 minute sittings
  2. When you say midrange ,what do you mean? Duration? Dose? I've used ayahuasca before it was Interesting but damn you cant .meditate on it
  3. But can it be sustained can the meditations and stages be done without them e eventually ?
  4. Read about Ibogaine therapy. It's like years of therapy In 24 hours. But do your research first.
  5. He is not the first one to have this theory. Many gnotics groups agreed with this. I think you are getting at what we are all getting at. Just different wording. Buddha said existance Is suffering. Along that line
  6. Has any anybody tried adding psychedelics to their meditation practice. Just threshold doses to see if it helped with mindfulness or concentration
  7. Agree with the above. Also are you looking into concentration meditation or mindfulness type meditation. Leigh brasingtons book JHANA RIGHT CONCENTATION is very great at explaining what to do and what to expect during a concentration sitting
  8. Does anybody value celebacy anymore. Isnt there a beauty in overcoming selfish cravings.... love without attachment is compassion
  9. Mahasi sayadow. Practical insight meditation. Its very brief and pragmatic