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  1. Mystical Traditions have methods of semen retention which is said to facilitate awakening of kundalini/central channel and offer other benefits. In my experience I have never gone more than like 5 weeks in one run. After orgasming I notice a substantial drop in energy, motivation, concentration, clarity, I feel more anxiety, less mood stability, even. I notice that my meditation goes deeper and my one pointedness is stronger after like 2 to 3 days of abstinence. I feel more confident, music sounds better, I feel more alive, etc. However, it is difficult/impossible to maintain the semen retention for longer periods of time. How do people do this? I have cut down huge from how I sexually active I used to be. Like 5 years I used to masturbate nearly daily and sometimes multiple times per day. I don't know if I just did not notice "side effects" back then because I did it so often whereas as now as of lately I will do once a week on average with sometimes being twice a week but I don't like to do it too often. I get a biological urge for orgasm after so many days but I feel much better not being compulsive/addicted/habituated from a period of abstinence. The benefits I listed above became apparent after I experimented with semen retention. I noticed that if I take a psychedelic after like 4 or 5 days or more abstinence I have more lucidity, more bliss, more stability, can go deeper into the experience, what I experience has more staying power, etc with my trips. Can people share their input and/or own experiences with this? There are more moments of such joy and freedom from compulsion that I glimpse after semen retention streaks that I wish I could not have the biological need to orgasm/have sex/masturbate. It's a fulfillment that beats fiending for a biological release but I can't maintain indefinitely and I wish it would not return really because of the moments of such fulfillment
  2. I have done psychedelics, mostly LSD and mushrooms but I never had the full blown different realm sort of experiences like on mushrooms or N,N-DMT. I seem orientated into having satori/non duality experiences and the satori feature to my LSD trips has only become more prominent from doing meditation. I am curious about the disembodied astral worlds that people speak of. These things are higher orders of samsaric experience but certain traditions like Tibetan buddhism make use of them because you can loosen your attachment/hang ups on the physical plane but going into these other planes. However, they can be huge traps and distraction from following this through to the Ultimate/liberation because these realms can be filled with such light and bliss and far outness. I am asking about these things but they don't seem to really examined by most people who do psychedelics or it turns into some sort of logic/philosophy thing. And the people who really know these things, yogis/lamas/zen masters/etc will not speak of them openly nor in public. Zen has almost no concern for anything short of the ultimate which differs from the Tibetan tradition which makes use of the visionary realms in the continuum as a means for attaining liberation also
  3. Well you can frame it being "beyond the mind" and consciousness and a non state state like Nisargadatta does it. He strips it out like on steroids
  4. Okay this is the fascinating thing about N,N-DMT. I remember McKenna saying it is not an ego death you feel "like yourself". Your mental faculties remain intact as you are in other realms. It seems LSD has more ego dissolution and the entity/deity contact does not seem to happen with LSD from what I have observed and heard from others. And I have heard of clear light experiences with N,N-DMT in higher doses also What is it about N,N-DMT that has this "sweet spot" of ego dissolution that makes those realms accessible? Terence McKenna gave a very high advanced Tibetan Lama N,N-DMT to smoke and he said "this is the bardo". This is the Tibetan term of disembodied after death astral realms. From what I have noticed is that this is accessible with mushrooms and you have a more extended stay with psilocybin than witeh N,N-DMT and it is not as forceful or abrupt. It seems LSD has stronger ego dissolution and is more orientated to non duality/satori sort of experiences
  5. I have heard that the 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough corresponds to the void. From my understanding the void is a disembodied state where past, present, and future exist simultaneously. In Tibetan buddhism, in the 6 yogas of Naropa, there is a stage called union of illusory body and clear light. This is preceded by yoga of illusory body and then after this attainment of clear light. The union of illusory body and clear light seems to enlightenment when someone retains this state of the Supreme while being able to function in the body in our physical realm. AKA Enlightenment. So their mind literally contains the entire universe, not just on physical plane but on all the subtle planes on up through continuum simultaneously. This is why a truly enlightened being is said to be omniscient
  6. Do people leave their bodies fon 5-MeO-DMT? And during the come down do people experience visions or N,N-DMT like realms? I remember reading Stanislav Grof's report of his 5-MeO-DMT trip and he said how he experienced what Tibetan buddhism(other traditions just call it a different name) calls the the dharmakaya/clear white light and on his way down he experienced bardo visions of past lives and meeting entities I think. Does anyone have personal experience related to this?
  7. LSD has potent ego dissolving effects. It seems LSD in higher doses has an affinity for the void or clear white light for some individuals. Eastern maps of the levels of consciousness show this to be the pinnacle or peak of the continuum. Have people left their bodies on LSD and what happened that you can recall when this happened for you? Has anyone had a N,N-DMT breakthrough like experience on LSD? The N,N-DMT breakthrough trip of disembodied travel to another realm with entities is not an ego death. It may be a whole lot of ego dissolution but the person still retains a sense of self which is needed to meet entities and see visions/other realms(McKenna commented on how the N,N-DMT breakthrough made him feel the same like his mental faculties were intact and he said it was not an ego death). They "switched channels" and have tuned into this part of the continuum that psychedelics open that permits such experiences to be possible. Does the ego dissolution of LSD bypass or skip this sweet spot? People say that on a large doses of mushrooms it can be like an extended N,N-DMT trip where they leave their body and go into the spirit realm/after life realms/astral worlds/etc. Can people share on these issues/questions mentioned here? Thank you
  8. I have extreme sensitivity to psychedelics and I noticed after several satori experiences which were all with LSD and ALD-52 that I do not seem to have as much visuals when I take these substances like I did years ago. Like I recall LSD having more of a pronounced visual expression whereas now it is more clarity and more lucid than before. I have also been meditating and delving into the works by Chogyam Trungpa, Dilgo Khyentse, Gurdjieff, Taoist masters, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramakrishna, Nityananda, etc. There was one LSD trip in particular from like two years ago where I only took 3/4 of a tab and tab was not crazy in dosage but I had the most pronounced satori experience and I left my body(it was very difficult/impossible to remember this "peak" of the trip more so that anything else I have ever gotten into from psychedelics) and think I glimpsed the clear white light or some astral analogue of it I don't know. It was such a "feelling" of no reference and pure bliss/being at home and like everything existed simultaneously and like the heaven of heavens. Intuitively right when I came out of it I felt that this must be what enlightenment is or is a bit further up the continuum than what I glimpsed. I recall somewhat having spherical vision(It was like I was not seeing with my physical eyes and I remember Yogananda mentioning this feature to cosmic consciousness when Sri Yuktweswar granted him the glimpse in the book about the notion of spherical vision?). I don't have really anyone to speak about this with. Leo, would like to hear from you about this One of the "warnings" the Buddha gave was about not getting caught in the jhana states. The higher jhanas are sort of astral analogues of nonduality/enlightenment/omniscience/etc. I remember Ram Dass going into this on his latest Be Here Now podcast Here and Now episode recently posted called "asral fun" I think. So psychedelics are jhanic experiences in the vast majority of cases it seems