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  1. Does someone know to which extent there is a connection between DNA and consiousness? I was wondering what the consequences or for our consiousness when our DNA is changing.
  2. This trip report could serve as a warning for people who want to tryout 5-meo-dmt for the first time. I have done something really stupid. I have quite some experience with the use of Magic Truffes and only had good trips with it. I wanted to try some other psychedelic drug for a change and I came across on 5-meo-dmt. As people who have used psychedelics before know, the things you do before the trip have often a big influenced on the experience. This week I slacked off a bit and have been diving in allot of conspiracy material. I will not share all my findings, but one particular subject I found very disturbing and was intrigued by it. Pedophilia is wide spread phenomenal within the entertainment industry, media and the ruling class. There is allot of cult creation going on within those communities. What I didn't know that some of those people are worshipping Satin and participating in satanic rituals. One of those rituals contains sacrificing children. Yes, this really happens, you could do the resource yourself. The evil that occurs within this secret communities goes beyond our imaginations. Before I took 5-meo-dmt I was in a very low vibration state of mind, I just finished watching another conspiracy documentary. In the weekends I often go back to my father’s place, who is a farmer. Nobody was home at the moment and somehow I thought it was a good idea to try this new stuff out. I will begin snorting a small line and see what for effect it has I thought . After couple of minutes I began experiencing the effects. My heartbeat started going up very rapidly. My hands where shaking. I couldn’t think straight anymore, it seemed almost like an entity tried to possess me and was doing the thinking for me. My perception changed and it felt I had connected to my soul. However this soul was dark and it felt demonic. My heart went so fast, thought I was going to die. But worse, I thought my soul would burn in hell for eternity. I panicked very hard, so I decided to call my dad(which I couldn’t ever imagine doing while on drugs). When he arrived I told him to call the cops, I wasn’t able to do it myself anymore. And he had to tell them that 5-meo-dmt is a demonic drugs which is perpetrating the minds and the souls of people around the world. I was thinking about the people who worship Satan and I was going to be one of them either in this life are the afterlife. I was yelling at him, grasped him and he panicked. I had to work very hard to talk normal again and try to calm him down. He didn’t know what he should say to the police and I kept telling him just call them and I would do the talking. In the end he didn’t do it. Slowly I started to go back to my senses again. The whole trip didn’t lasted longer than 15 minutes I believe, but goddamn what a ride it was. Could I really have been taken over by evil spirits? Well, I heard off a theory that when we use psychedelics that we let our spirituals guards down and that other spirits can invade our bodies. The interesting thing is that a similar thing happened to me before. But in that case it was a very lovable angelic spirit and it was all voluntarily. It didn’t force me like this demonic spirit did to me. One thing is certain. I will never touch this drug ever again. I made a big mistake going in the trip with such a negative mindset. Never having a bad trip before I thought I could handle this just fine. Never been I so wrong.
  3. On one hand I prefer being cremated when I die, but I am afraid that it could have bad consequences regarding my soul/consciousness. Do you think it matters what will happen to our body when we die? Also would matter if we die in space rather than planet earth?
  4. @IChoseTheRedPill Politics will always stay corrupt, some more than others. It's also much more complicated than people realize. I myself believe that left wing parties nowadays are generally more harmfull than rightwing, but again there is allot of nuance in that. The biggest thing we al should realize is that politicy will alwasy f*ck things up. Big civilizations have been collapsing in the past and they will be collapsing in the future. The only thing we can and should do is adapting to the situation.
  5. I myself suffer from a inferiority complex. You would think those 2 things or opposites from each other but they are not. Deep inside me I want to be better than other people just like you. But I realise that I have certain traits that will stop me from becoming better than others, which makes me feel inferior and thus makes me depressed. Although the feeling off supiority and inferiority comes from the same place it's still better to have a supiority complex as it will make you more productive and likely more successful. I am trying to overcome this, and although I make some progress it's still a long way to go
  6. 2 days ago I had a psychedelic experienced where I thought I had found the truth of life which would lead us to eternal bliss and happiness. I felt that I somehow discovered the ultimate secret and that I was able to bring love and joy to the rest of the world. I even pictured myself a sort of next Jezus but than bigger. However, it's important to note I didn' t felt I was above others. This may be my best psychedelic experienced yet, because I learned many important things. I still have a sense of pure happiness inside me right now, which is very strange to me. Obv I know i'am not the next messiah. I was just wondering if this is a common thing to experienced. Have you ever felt this way?
  7. Like " WHO IS" said. There are also other reasons to kill yourself. There are situations where people kill themself to save others.
  8. Could you explain why exactly? Karmic debt is something that most religions use as a weapon of fear mongering to keep people in control. I myself do not believe in such a thing. It would also mean that we do have free will as human beings, which I also serious doubt. But, I' am open to new suggestion.
  9. This is my trip report after I used 30 gram nirvana truffles. It was one of the greatest experience of my life. I never was religious and always considered myself agnostic. However after this experience I have a very different viewpoint. A entity has made contact with my consciousness. It was sort of the moment Neo met Morpheus in the movie the Matrix. They tried to tell me a story using my body as a tool. We went through some of my experiences in life and how it all let to this moment. Like they where giving me multiple clues in my life that would lead me to show the truth. They showed me how they where able to control my body and my own perception. They made me feel depressed and a moment later made me feel happy again. They showed me how they can create comfort and discomfort in a matter of seconds. Not only did they make me see stuff that wasn’t there, they were also able to alter the laws of physics. I was touching a small peach of iron with my teeth. Not only did I felt, I was seeing it and I even heard the sound that it would normally make. This felt so real, it’s hard to believe this was a imagination. They felt so warm and friendly, I never trusted someone so much in my life. I was basically being told: “ We always will be there for you my friend. You may be feeling discomfort in your life, but it will never be as bad as you think it may be.“ As soon as I trusted them they showed me the meaning of life. Which is that life is just for fun and giggles. They showed me how funny life exactly is and made incredible good jokes. I have to say however that life seems more fun from the perspective of our consciousness, and not necessarily from the perspective of our human body(which can feel great pain and desperation). Hmm, I am not sure if I explain this right, it’s hard to do. I always felt very insecure about my personality, but most off all my looks. I look way too young for my age, and I always wondered why me? They told it was because it would be funny, and they made me see why it is funny. They made me laugh so hard that I woke up my Father and brother. My father came into my room to asked what was wrong with. I thought that he was a simulation(maybe even more like a hologram) and that the entity where trying to test me and helping me to overcome my fears against him. It was if they were controlling his body to show me that there was nothing to be afraid of. It also felt that I could predict every single move of him, as if I could control him or maybe because we are part of one whole thing. We made fun about the actions of my dad, because they seemed so irrational and stupid. A example: He was asking what is wrong with me because I was laughing so hard. It seemed such a stupid question, because why should there be something wrong with me if I have such a good time and he is feeling shitty. This was my way of thinking at least. My brother thought I was being possessed by the devil are something. I now realize that I unlocked a form of ‘ ultra-instinct ‘ as I was living fully in the moment and didn’t cared about what others think about me. It was if my body was being controlled by something else. It seems that our bodies don’t have a free will. However our consciousness seems way bigger or at least more important than I could ever have imagined. At one point during the trip, they lead me to picking up my notebook. I had been making notes during a previous trip session. The notes I made are the following: “ Happines= Be one with the universe. Experience it. So be one with your environment. This can be reached trough meditation. Important: Poor/rich, smart/stupid, good looking/ugly doesn’t make a difference. As long as you go with the flow. There is a reason that stupid people or often more happier than smart people! You are the universe! Bad or good comments doesn’t matter.(This seemed a bit random, but ok) The universe is playing with itself. See: Evolution, which is nothing more that throwing the ball back and forth. “ After this experiences I believe in a theory that the universe is just playing with itself, making a big drama play just for its own amusement. This was already explored by me in the previous trip, but now I somehow have experience this. It’s also possible that there are many different consciousness who look out for each other and having fun with each other. Either way I feel much more important and wanted than I ever used to be. I know that “ they” will always be by my side and will take care of me. Edit: This was my trip report of 3 weeks ago. The feelings I had the days after the trip have faded away. I don’t believe my life has become necessary better because of the this trip. I basically felt back within the “ matrix” so to speak. Even so, I still believe the things I said shortly after this trip are most likely true. It all felt 100% real. Still, there is always the chance that I made this event up in my head and I have been deluded by my own brain.