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  1. @Leo Gura You are probably hung over by something
  2. @tsuki What do you mean by no explanation will do it justice?
  3. @pluto How does telepathy work? I was taking a piss next to my brother and a random guy at a restaurant and it felt like I was communicating using telepathy somehow
  4. Good stuff guys but this is indeed an up issue that unfortunately runs deep in my family. I just don’t know how to be. Ya know? It’s hard for me to be chill around people
  5. @Commodent well that’s the problem too cuz what kind of questions?
  6. Does anyone actually have anything to say tho?
  7. I don’t know if this is just a stupid thing it may seem like one but it actually goes pretty deep for me. It runs in my family a lot.
  8. @SoonHei @tsuki What does it mean when I have a dream of having sex with my mom?
  9. @PlayOnWords Yeah man it’s hard. I’m 18. All I wanna do is workout and get in good ass shape and possibly mma fight and all this stuff but I have 0 social skills and I’m too scared to be at a mma gym like that all the time you know? It’s gotta end
  10. @SoonHei I know I’ve seen all the vids but like it’s so hard to sit still when all you wanna do is interact and be engaged in something or connecting with someone but I don’t have the ability to do the things I wanna do it feels as though I’m too much of a pussy and I don’t know what to do about it so when I mediate my though process is usually something like that and I just get mad and stop and go on to do whatever I want
  11. @SoonHei So I just sit there in a chair? Should I be doing anything? Letting go of something or what?
  12. @SoonHei I used to have good meditation habits a while ago but I would fall off track then start again and fall off track again and now I just haven’t been doing it idk why but I find it really hard to sit still it’s crazy
  13. @SoonHeiyeah I guess. But literally our purpose as human beings is to realize this and I feel like I want to awaken to something I just want my inner state of being to change like crazy I feel too dis engaged from life and people
  14. So, when I die, will god be able to go back in time or even future and incarnate as literally whatever it wants? Did I as god chose to literally incarnate as myself? How does this work?
  15. @SoonHei Well then what should I be playing?