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  1. I’m not joking. I consider Leo as my Teacher and I know it is arrogant even to think about approaching him … but he teaches to go unconventional … so now in his last video I realized that he is not aware of something that I am … and yes, he said he is open to new experiences and so much likes to compare different stuff and levels of consciousness … however, I suppose he prefers to search for new things in books, courses, gurus and his own resources… His “student” could not be able to surprise him anyhow! isn’t it! Especially one that have seen all his videos, red all he recommends and way more further. However, I red here many interesting experiences and stories of you guys. Maybe someone could advise me: How to define my approach in order to succeed and get in direct contact with Leo about my approach topic? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  2. I agree there are many levels of Enlightenment. But why trying upside down? Anyway, if even @Leo Gura can not get it from this perspective, then better I do not comment further. I do not want you all thinking I am arrogant by sharing things outside of the Leo`s perspective. It is offensive. I sencierly wish success to all!
  3. @Leo Gura Hi Leo, is it a ridiculous idea if "You could somehow missing one very obvious point about Enlightenment"? Furthermore, could it be a dogma: the claim that everyone have to have and find a different path to get Enlightenment, but there is one methodology that works well and fast for everyone when done properly? I am far from the idea to claim I know more than you, my questions, though are based on my own empirical experience and I know you value such things therefore dare to ask such questions.