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  1. So when realitys playing out for eternity does it every run out of new experience? New things never seen before? Can someone give me an actual answer to what infinity actually is does infinity mean that it litteraly never repeats in what it expirnces? Or does god just have a vast vast range of things to experience but does go threw them advantualy but just forgets and goes threw everything for eternity again and again
  2. @Leo Gura so the absolute singularity will see new things its never seen before for eternity? Is that the power of infinity?
  3. Leo has said before to be in no hurry to achieve nirvana because once you do you'll just forget all over heaven much greater then this ? Wouldn't it be so great that god would reside in a nirvanic state for eternity and not have the need to ever forget again?
  4. @Inliytened1 if the mystic is not ready what does it do to get ready?
  5. @Inliytened1 its like becoming aware of the ultimate one eternal screen which is me ?
  6. I try to go about days at work fully conscious .i just wanna be able to chill the fuck out and enjoy myself no matter the matter how hard i try i keep getting sucked back in over and over any tips?
  7. @Bazooka Jesus what happens when you realize this in your bones when does reality began to change radically in your direct experience?
  8. @roopepa ive been feeling the exact same way lately its a really exciting time
  9. @Vibroverse how infinite does it go is there a limit to uniqueness of reality
  10. I have the intention to surrender to truth when i take LSD i use it as a tool and for me personally it has showed me alot and has been a big part of my growth im just getting worried because no matter how deep I go in realizing reality i can never just fully awaken to it and have it stay that way. is there a point where i should stop with LSD and go about this sober.? Is it possible to take it all the way home during a trip? Or does that have to be done sober
  11. @Mythos realitys fundamental nature is magic / mysticism its how everything exists and its what you are theres no reason for magic because well its magic
  12. Enlightenment feels just like childhood Nostalgia Its just pure magic and beauty just like it was when i child and i have come full circle to realize that everythings so beautifully all i have to do is be and rest easy in nirvana and i get to live as god in my owm dream from a nostalgic feeling and from here on out everythings okay. I now live more from the soul and now feel a nice sense of satisfaction.
  13. @Muhammad Jawad yeah being alone sucks ive had some pretty powerful trips where thats the main facet and tbh i forget what it feels like fully but it is definitely a flip from being warn out from all the ego things and the people you hate but when your alone and you know that your alone you really appreciate duality for what it is
  14. Honestly i have alot on my mind that i would like to say but i never really know how to articulate it but at this point im being pushed to say it. So i was born inot this life and ive really noticed the fact that holy fuck my whole life ive always just assumed things and never actually looked life is not what it seems is what ive come to find out in my teenage years from being a different person from everyone and having a passion for TRUTH really has me in a rough spot at 18 in the brink of being pushed out into the world has me overwhelmed this life really is a dream i don't want to work its absolutely grueling for the little time that i have been this type of culture has me extremely depressed and i really do believe in my gut that i will end up killing myself that feeling that holds you back from jumping off a cliff feels like its going to be overwhelmed by the feeling this culture gives it feels like im about to go insane and not care about anything i cant take the pain .its not even that i have a bad life externally i have a loving family ive just always had existential problems my whole life some a really really messed with my head in my opinion as a child seeing my parents i caught on to my dad bitching about work alot saying "rat race rat race" just so pissed off about the bs busy of life and work mostly i always put it off as a kid but being older and now seeing it and living it now in seeing it really is a rat race and its absolutely absurd to participate i really really just want to stop hallucinating this this reality and free myself i know its a thing that can be done
  15. The metaphysical nature of ising is that it only occurs in one place only at a time the full universe is looking threw my perspective and only me just because of the fact this is were ising is right now this is were direct experience is so that means that everything else including you people are imaginary because the ising isnt ising from your perspective its litteraly ising mine right now so i am the universe with a captital U . Am i on to something here?
  16. @Eph75 uh its like ising your ising it cant really use words just feel the isness
  17. Its not that im incapable of having conversations with girls im actually pretty good at making girls laugh alot and like my funnyness i can also have great conversations with them i can also get laid from the girls i like ive been told i have a bubbly personality my problem lyes in maintaining these girls and keeping them interested for a long time im not gonna use her real name but lets call her jess me and jess met and were just vibing for awhile I was really good at having really good conversations with her that both of us enjoyed we’ve hang out multiple times and it was great every time we hung out she really enjoyed me we’ve also banged a few times we’ve also spend ALOT of nights on FaceTime as of right now jess really like me it’s just that i have alot of trouble keeping it interesting for her im starting to loose my bubblynese ive lost my ability to have those good conversations because we’ve had so many of them i feel like i have brain fog when it comes to staying smooth I really dont wanna sit her and watch this girl unlove me because of this.
  18. That made my day haha and honestly i just wanna love jess and for her to love me doesn’t really matter if we date or not i just want to focus on love it self forget labels
  19. @Preety_India Thank you for the reply could you please go in to depth of what the problem could possibly be ? I really just wanna get to the root of this issue im having
  20. @F A B Yeah my friend I applied what roy said right away already see dramatic change the fear is definitely is what is messing it up
  21. @Roy i felt tremendous relief reading that yeah I definitely am thinking waaayyy to much I remember a period in are relationship were we stopped talking like that and were just friends I was talking to this other girl I noticed how when I was talking to “jess” everything was smooth again and i had the flame back and it literally was because I wasn’t tripping about her
  22. Look in the mirror and look at “yourself” use this to consciously think to yourself that you are not that person in the mirror think of the mirror having no reflection think it as one thing think as the mirror as seeing into another dimension your are not the reflection you are the screen that displays all things and its you everyone is it
  23. @Thought Art question what do you mean there’s nothing to do? If you are god / infinity dont you have infinite creation abilities? Isnt that kind if bland for god?
  24. Last night i had a realization of how discovering enlightenment would change my life as far as being attached to things when i got a glimpse of what enlightenment was it made me realize that I really dont have to be attached to my life not even surviving matters an I really saw that or got a glimpse just trying to swallow it fully and really embody how has it gone for people that have really lost attachment to live
  25. @An young being i moved my awareness on the higher self