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  1. I just had the thought that yes relatively speaking you can mess up your life but absolutely you can’t because you can always hit the reset button because your life is infinite so even if your parents die or any loved ones relatively in this life will seem dead however once you die you can come back in you can see everyone you love again because it’s infinite and you can forget all over again and come back with this illusion of that really nothing to lose you know that it seems like there is there’s really not
  2. Does awakening ultimately come down too the vastness that is ever present around you no matter what universe your in or wherever you are you’re always in the middle of vast open empty space am I missing anything here?
  3. @WelcometoReality to live threw reality in a better way then it currently is for me
  4. I noticed that’s it’s very hard to feel into awarness due to the seriousness level that I take to my life.I’ve had experiences that show me there’s really nothing to be afraid of or lose it’s very liberating how ever this human life is overwhelming me and I can’t stop taking it so seriously. I feel frozen and I can’t play in my life.and now my soul is weaping to actually live.
  5. @Judy2 the thing that’s happening without my control I just have perception with no cause I guess a better word would be awareness
  6. @The Lucid Dreamer yeah and there’s nothing you can do to get an answer but yet at the same time this question is so fascinating and it drives you crazy
  7. A big question I have is how far can you take levels and magnitudes go how unique can infinity get its so mind boggling to think about
  8. If I had to to picture awakening I’d say that it’s pretty similar to a black hole you are the center of the black whole pure nothing access to absolute infinity. Would like to here what you fellows think
  9. Hello dear friends I would like to make this my first proper post on this forum I struggle to articulate my thoughts out to the world in the way I would like them to come out so here’s a fresh if god lives threw my life your life and all in between is there even an all? I have yet to here all and everything to be defined I feel like there are some key aspects missing that not many people think about does god ever get around to all possibilities or is all infinitely far away if eternity is playing out all things what does it do once it finally imagined ever dream there is to dream ? Repeat? I think I’m not grasping infinity enough can god imagine new creation to infinity can it imagine new color schemes ? How beyond beyond can god go ? Thanks for all answers:)
  10. It’s all one continuous seamless present moment time is a scam there’s no such things as months or anything thing like that just continues flow and change there is no hurry to do anything all u ever have is the present moment illuminated by the singularity
  11. @Shin could u tell me the time stamp of when he talks about it please
  12. So why does Leo say you will get bored of being in the heaven of the perfect godhead .if reality has infinitVariety why couldn't god be in "heaven" and enjoy it's infinite variety of things forever instead of forgetting its god all over again
  13. @Leo Gura so the absolute singularity will see new things its never seen before for eternity? Is that the power of infinity?
  14. So when realitys playing out for eternity does it every run out of new experience? New things never seen before? Can someone give me an actual answer to what infinity actually is does infinity mean that it litteraly never repeats in what it expirnces? Or does god just have a vast vast range of things to experience but does go threw them advantualy but just forgets and goes threw everything for eternity again and again