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  1. LOL

    This forum in a nutshell?
  2. I use a humidifier and crank it all the way up. I set it up close to me so the mist goes directly in my face
  3. I'm deconstucting the fuck out of materialism with the book "Why Materialism is Baloney". Would you recommend me a good one that does the same with MORALISM?
  4. ... @Leo Gura ?? Or the chair doesn't mind because it's living its purpose: to be sat on? I guess Leo might the open-minded one to take this question seriously lol
  5. Then pretend that you’re drunk
  6. What about these? I don't need to keep up with stories I don't need to explain my personal insights to others I don't need to put others or myself up in pedestals I don't need to be afraid of the consequences of reporting my truth I don't have to laugh at others' jokes I don't have to agree with what I don't want to do I don't have to be understanding or compassionate I don't have to make conversation I don't have to entertain others or be entertained by others Fighting what IS is insanity. You can try. See how that works out for you
  7. I've been stopping myself everytime I compulsively open Google and go "How to..."
  8. metaphysics is so important :((( no one cares about it lol
  9. Returning with proof ?????
  10. If you look at me through video can you see my aura
  11. Looks exactly like THIS close your eyes. Then open them. BOOM. Here it is But lol that doesn’t do much for you does it? It doesn’t do much for me either (it only means something when I’m actually in that state)
  12. Fuck off. It’s different, and you know it. Got any other good idea, smart ass? State it
  13. The addiction isn’t in the activity itself. It’s a routine ingrained in your mind, so that’s why just getting rid of the phone doesn’t solve it. Watch Leo’s video on how “awareness alone is curative”
  14. Oh speaking of vaccines. I got horrible side effects from the covid one. No way in hell I’m getting a second dose of this crap. Thanks for reading❤️ I’d rather just use a mask for the rest of my life
  15. I relate with the broken english part
  16. Would you say that getting so excited about life to the point where I literally CANNOT even listen to people's suffering and take it seriously anymore is a Zen Devil behavior? Like just wanting to burst out laughing my ass off when someone comes up to me telling me how depressed they are bla bla bla... I definietly get those bursts of excitement, especially when I manage to bridge the gap of the body-mind schism if only for a minute or two, and I'm sort of hesitant that if this shit becomes permanent I will turn into a zen devil of the sort that can't take people's sufferings seriously anymore What are your thoughts? Ever experienced the same thing? Connor Murphy is like the epitome of such behavior taken to the highest of extremes :'D