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  1. Ew? that attitude... ? i did shrooms first time and felt love and connection to life. Then I tried again twice and I just feel nauseous and hungry and alone ugggh. Life’s not fun
  2. Hm.. for u 0.5 and 13 lasted about the same ??
  3. @Leo Gura yo, Leo got a question if i take 1g of shroom effects last 6 hours, does dat meen dat 2g will last 12 hours and so on or nah it’s still about 6 hours aprox regardless of how much i take? sorri if itz stupid kwestshen I’m new to dis stuff
  4. Ye I took 1 week break. Guess shoulda waited longer
  5. had another trip on 1g that didn’t have much of an effect except that I felt profoundly sad and realized that I need to become more in touch with the !!!!>>REALITY<<!!!! of how I have been completely influenced by my dysfunctional family all my life. It felt like an extremely important thing which is KEY to my understanding of myself at a personality level
  6. Don’t have vacuum container just put it in fridge hopefully it still works this weekend dont know
  7. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank u so much for the warning. I see what u mean
  8. it was great guys I became aware of how things change from light to dark so fast based on wrong thinking. cool trip. First of many. good night it’s 3:20am now. I’ll go to sleep
  9. ooh feeling a bit nauseous lol
  10. oooh i think colors are getting brighter
  11. ate it 20 minutes ago, nothing's happening.. how long does it take for stuff to happen?lol im watchig this
  12. 21:21 ? oh look synchronicities already happening
  13. @integral ok i’ll do less than 2g then. I don’t have anything to measure exactly though. I’m eyeballing it. I just know there’s 2 grams here lol So I’ve changed my mind I’ll do it right now and then see what happens. There’ll be plenty of time to ride it out until I have to go to work tomorrow. I’ll work late in the afternoon. That’s plenty of time. Cmon it can’t be that
  14. ok guys I’ve ignored the warnings❤️? I’m gonna try it tonight actually, like at around 4am so I can trip it out and then work later in the day (I work a bit on Saturday too)
  15. wonderful video LEO
  16. Cool, I’ll do it in the early morning right before sunrise? ☀️
  17. No, no time Can I do this and still go to work the next day ?lol
  18. I’ll do it alone ??? ok I got 2 grams im excited don’t no wot to expect when I was a kid I fearlessly went to all scary rides in amusement parks so wots the difference if shit go bad ???
  19. Ok ????????
  20. @Leo Gura is there a difference if I try it at night versus during the day??
  21. Lol aren’t these supposed to be traps in NOT doing spirituality and self development??
  22. Hellish Stay strong. You need friends and a community for health. It’s non-negotiable