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  1. If you don't want to make this look like more of a cult, don't make stickers with a literal illuminaty sign, or maybe the cult of the holy femoid would be mad at him for not doing that.
  2. No it doesn't, why do you put beingness as something that's better than knowing? You aren't really going beyond good and evil you're just saying you need to achieve being because teachers have said so.
  3. More of basically every violent crime than any other race, while being 13% of the US, it's good to accept the worst of what mexico sends to the US, or to say having more black people makes a region the same - but only in theory, when the rubber meets the road you will drop this idealism
  4. Leo himself admits he is a narcissist, you are defending him, notice how your gigantic ego wants to do that because being a moderator is your incredible accomplishment?
  5. @TheAvatarState "You can't wait for the attention and to read and interpret all the responses in order to further convince yourself this is all stupid and crazy. See, it's a trick of the ego to fool yourself into believing you are open-minded. You didn't come here to learn or teach. " That's a lot of people for sure, and that is probably not a bad description of leo's mentality, but not me, I just want genuinely good arguments not just circular reasoning or extremely wishful thinking, or miss-interpreting vague statements as proof, for example "all is one, therefore the universe is love" when the first does not prove the second. What are reasons to get enlightened? None? Then just don't do it if it's absolutely nihilistic, instead of using deflections to try to make nihilistic statements sound wrong.
  6. Really that's you, just saying "If that make u better" to anyone who questions your ideology. There is just lack of convincing arguments (at least that I've seen) from Leo or people here as to why I should believe what you do, I am open to good arguments but not just "if you don't believe this, you don't have good reasons not to believe this". No, I just haven't seen the reasons as to why it is truth.
  7. Imagine already struggling. And then you get some monkey who wants to make it even harder for you by messing with your means of transport. If he was doing this to a crowd of obnoxious high school idiots to spread chaos, okay. But you're not stopping climate change by doing it.
  8. There is no kid that's playing with legos that's creating some magical meaning to the universe. Listening to people like Leo will give you bullshit ideas about how the universe is love, the universe is completely indifferent to you. Word games aren't a real answer to why you shouldn't suicide.
  9. We have weaponized ignorance against the facts about global warming, and that's the strategy trump is going for against socialism too
  10. There you go, this needs to be called out more because some people think what the US is doing with north korea is good, it's not at all, nobody living in the dictatorships trump is supporting would agree that trump is doing a good job
  11. Ofc they will, because they don't see it as stupid, they see it as supporting their beliefs which they've held on to, such as not letting more people into the US and not listening to the arguments for the progressive democrat candidates