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  1. Buddah at the strip club.
  2. There has been a few that I've read that combined LSD with DMT. I don't know about 5-MEO-DMT. Nonetheless, always do the smallest dose possible and work your way up - even if you are combining.
  3. Grounded Morning Glory Seeds mixed with cold sherry wine for no nausea and vasoconstriction. You can search this guide up on Shroomery forum thread by tregar. Morning glory seeds will give you a pleasant experience and exactly what you are looking for. It's great for beginners and morning glory seeds are readily available online, legal. So, once you learn how to extract it, you can do it as many times as you want. Otherwise, LSD and mushrooms can help you. Also, it's best you experiment as you get comfortable to see what ultimately works for you and your genetic profile.
  4. I ate chicken microdosing Ayahuasca. All those shenanigans are fear-mongering. Unless you have a some underlying medical or health condition, I would not worry too much. Just clean up your diet 24-48 hours before doing 5-meo-DMT. Don't take any supplements or other drugs that may interfere. Enjoy.
  5. @Cathal Looks like you are on the right path. A niche is extremely important. I suggest a niche that is not too competitive, but big enough to attract customers and they must have money of course to invest. But, you also have to be somewhat interested and motivated in it.
  6. Don't make your end-goal to work for a foreign country - these counties, even though they are cost-effective - could easily be riddled with corruption. Don't ever rely on a 3rd world country for your income. You need to develop a skill and sell it as a service to truly become a digital nomad. Otherwise, you will be struggling and backpacking into nomanland instead. So, firstly - develop a skill. This could be copywriting, programming, marketing, SEO or any other skill you might be interested in. You spend 6-months developing that skill, everyday and then you develop another skill that supports your main skill. For example, if you become a programmer, you need customers - so you need to learn customer acquisition strategies, branding and marketing skills. Once you get customers, you need to learn customer support and handling customers. Essentially, you will be developing yourself as a freelancer for your digital nomad journey. This is where you can TRULY be somewhat free in your journey and be able to work when you want and backpack and make the income to support yourself and without heavily relying on other countries. It appears you are interested in online teaching: First, you need to find your teaching niche. You can use CHATGPT to give you ideas. This way, you at least know what you want to do. Then, as you learn how to teach, develop the skill on how to launch your own website, create your own logo and create a personal brand of yourself and how to market yourself. For websites, you can use WIX, Squarespace or Wordpress (HIGHLY RECOMMED Wordpress). For logos, you can use Canva or buy one off of Fiverr. For personal brand and website building, you can buy a cheap course off of Udemy as well. Basically, you need to 100X the amount of skills you have to survive as a digital nomad. Otherwise, you will be a broke foreign roach.
  7. Yes, it will help you become more fearless by increasing your level of self-awareness and control. Letting go is powerful. The more fearless you are, the more profound your trips are. Fearlessness is letting go. But, if you are still fearing and a fool - there is no amount of mediation that will stop a bad trip because you deserved it. Bad trips, are ultimately, apart of the spiritual process. And the best way to stop bad trips is to respect all psychedelics and have a good setting. If you do those two things right, you don't need meditation or yoga. They become useless tools eventually with psychedelics. Meditating out of fear to avoid a bad trip is worse because anything out of fear will accomplish the thing you are fearing. But, meditating to develop fearlessness is the best and more counter-intuitive. Everyone does not do the latter.
  8. Here's what you do when having profound insights: This is recommend during the come down of psychedelic trip. 1. Don't force yourself to retain information. 2. Allow yourself to be in a free flowing state. This is important. 3. Contemplate on any ideas that come to mind , write or type it down (spam ideas) 4. Learn to use your intuition better - learn to feel. This is important. Some profound insights will come but will slip your mind. Some insights will come and you will remember. The ones that you remember will be of significant important, so don't fret too much on the other insights that slipped your mind. The ones you don't remember, will be of insignificant important in the moment. But, they usually come back 2-3x times stronger and more profound. So, don't worry. The insights you do remember, spam write all the ideas you have about it. Don't judge your writing, just make as much sense as possible. Try to write down key points or reduce the insight down into a single word or sentence. Learn to feel all the ideas you have that pop up in your MIND that you FEEL in your GUT. Eventually, you will be an intuitive-idea-generating-machine. This will especially help you maintain the flow state. Don't worry too much about structure. Just be free flowing. Once you are completely sober, re-read and make sense of it all. Don't worry too much about getting it 'wrong.' Just use your intuition as best as you can. Reread the insights multiple times if you need to and restructure it in a way that make sense to you. Write down questions about the insight and answer them later. Just be free and don't force understanding or retainment. It will all come intuitively and naturally. Don't be a brick-fucking-wall. Relax a bit.
  9. Psychedelics is putting your brain / consciousness on steroids. Instead of building physical muscles, you are becoming increasingly more conscious and aware - your "conscious muscles" starts to grow larger and larger, then it compounds overtime. Then you start to transcend deeper and deeper, each time you take a psychedelics. It basically 1000x all contemplation and spirituality work - even at microdosing levels.
  10. Weed is great for spirituality and conscious work, especially if you find a good strain and/or supplier. It's widely available and you can buy a bong to inhale deeper. I, for one, cannot use it without spiritual insight. However, Ayahuasca Is the only psychedelic I need atm. God-realization everytime. No point in listening to anyone else.
  11. GOOD JOB! This is a must to happen for you to learn a unique lesson: UTTERLY RESPECT PSYCHEDELICS/SPIRITUAL DRUGS. You didn't fuck up, but following the right path. It happened to me -
  12. Salvia was created by the devil. It's consciousness raping itself - the inversion of divine.
  13. If you were in that state 24/7, 7-days a week, you wouldn't be able to maintain your body and mental state. So, you need a break and contemplate. Then, after you contemplate, you can go back and transcend higher. But, you will always come out a little bit more conscious than you were before.
  14. I can barely smoke weed without an ego dissolution. I go straight into infinity with intense imagination. I recommend that you experiment with different strains and of weed and contemplate. You will come up with great answers. Then try weed with a bong and see where it takes you. 2 hits of a weed from a bong and I cannot do it anymore without intense spirality. But, this depends on the person.
  15. Yes, you can infinitely bless and show love to any entity - whether it's through a camera, flash light or mind. There is no limit. Show enough of it and is will dissipate into INFINITELY. You are powerful.
  16. I just watched the video: It appears it could simply be a ghost in an infinite loop and not a demon. It could of been a person from who knows how long ago. The park was used at an experimental site during World War 2 after a quick look up. There could of been a bunch of activities there and occasionally, you may get lucky and capture a ghost or even interact with one. So, who knows how much ghosts are INFINITELY repeating itself in ghastly form. Also, people tend to associate ghosts in the most negative form. For example, a haunted house of a woman who unfortunately died but present in the house. It obvious the ghost is very powerfully attached to the house and INFINITELY looping itself through its karmanic chain. Ghost Investigators enters the house at night, shit hits the fan and automatically call the ghost is "EVIL" or "DEMON." I've contemplated this on Ayahuasca: Ghosts want love too and their terribly misunderstood. However, that does not mean all ghosts are good entities, either. Ghosts can become attached to objects and material. It can also attach itself to animals, pets, and humans. You can also show immense love to ghosts. But, do at your own risk - as you may become a magnet - as it's rare for an individual to do such. I'd go out and say that a common person probably has several ghosts they've come in to contact with but they were completely unaware of its presence. I'd go a step further that a person probably has several ghosts also attached to them, without knowing or knowing, depending on their spiritual gifts. Demons (or Daemon): Highly misunderstood, but very risky to dabble with. Demons are an inverse to the typical "good", "divine" spiritual talk. They are amorale in nature, but can be good, too. Demons tends to play on humans illusion of life and their attachment to human-form and their unrealization of God, YOU. So, they may do / say / engage in a way that is completely amorale to the human. Demons tend to be purely black, not white. They won't waste their time being a typical white ghost. Their game is much higher.
  17. Yes, karma as in series of actions taken by the individual. Then there is existential karma, which is the series of actions taken in their family tree and genetic blood line. I do believe someone's karma can heavily affects their ability to even be spiritual. And also heavily dictates how spiritually gifted or aware they are. This is why you don't see very spiritually gifted dictators or other bad-karma actors. This is also why when someone takes a psychedelic, they need to take more - genetics, karma and seri In terms of ghosts, a person that dies from sudden or unexpected death can become a "ghost." Karma plays a role when that person who died did not live through its purpose in physical form. Its consciousness then becomes an infinite-loop in non-physical form. This is why when you see a ghost in a haunted house, it almost always appears in one or multiple areas of the home. Usually, where its physical form slept or was present at the time. But, it "loops" itself through its physical experience and try to relive its unfulfilled karma. One of the biggest karma-chains is wanting to live. There are other aspects of ghosts as well. It's an unexplored science of infinity.
  18. He probably won't need much of a large dose to achieve what he wants. But, it's still good to know. And naturally occurring psychedelics with ancient-spiritual-roots rewards you for being totally fearless on the substance. These substances are directly linked to INFINITE SPIRIT and loves to play on ALL FEARS. At some point, it's best to do it by yourself and face ALL FEARS for God Realization unless done ritually. African tribes were able to transmute into deities and other spiritual entities at moderate and high doses during these rituals. And re-treats are usually just lower-quality versions but with more grounded support. There is value to re-treats and should be used as a beginner (or someone wanting to use a new substance) but it's God-fearing.
  19. If you had void experiences with weed, you will get plenty of insights (or void experiences) with THC or even Delta-8 (which I highly recommend from a high-quality supplier) for spiritual insights. I personally prefer to smoke the THC, that way, I don't have to regulate my dosage and can smoke as I wish.
  20. Beautiful trip report - especially Finite VS Infinite pursuits Great insight. Keep going.
  21. I'm doing research and will report back. So far, there is a report that at least one person done this. Microdose iboga + brewed Ayahuasca. At that point, there MAY NOT be enough SSR to cause any negative effects. But, if anything, I'll just do LSA + Ayahuasca, which should be more than safe and there is at least one person I know that done this. I'll do a special alcohol extraction of the morning glory seeds to remove morning glory seeds side effects. I'll take a cup of LSA and micro-dosed Ayahuasca. 👿 I'll report back once I've done this.
  22. After doing ayahuasca and understanding spirit, I've come to appreciate this thread more since I read it about a year ago. Ghosts exist in a variety of form: I've gotten direct insights into what Ghosts are and what they entail, as well as other forms of spiritual entities. The basic stage of a "Ghost" is a karma reenactment of previously existing person. A ghost has a very high chance of forming from a dead person depending on the kind of death they've had and karma-chain they've developed. A great example of this is when you walk into a haunted house of a previously dead person who's "haunting" the area. Come of find out, she was brutally murdered and drowned. But, severity of death is not the only reason ghosts exist. You can also transmute into a ghost and use it for supernatural abilities. Most people who doubt ghosts are full of shit and should be ignored. They don't know a thing about spirituality and its infinite possibilities.
  23. Beautiful! I've had one last night after I stopped taking Ayahuasca 2-3 weeks ago. Didn't get much sleep, so this was unexpected. I've awakened to infinite mind in my sleep - in complete lucid state. infinitely creating in the dream state within the dream state (lucid). Within an absolute void, that was far more conscious and beautiful than the previous "void" of lower conscious states. I then imagined myself in every single human being alive. I was getting a beginners guide to INFINITE MIND. Some insight: You're the sole observer - there is no such thing as other OBSERVER. You are the only BEING that can awaken. There is no OTHER that can awaken. Your MIND is INFINITE MIND. You're IMAGINING every single BEING. Your BRAIN is INFINITE MIND! HAHAHAHA.
  24. @Federico del pueblo She never said LSD btw 🤣 I'll try Ayahuasca + Iboga microdosing soon.
  25. Respect