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  1. The irony is that "clean your room" is a legit piece of advice. If you are starting you build any sort of personal development infrastructure the easiest, fastest and highest-ROI actions are to clean up/organize your physical & digital environments, i.e. cleaning your room and fixing up your desktop.
  2. Back in 2017 I was on a ceremony where we smoked DMT. I had never done a psychedelic before. My martial arts mentor had been to such a ceremony before and his advice to me was " Inhale with your balls and hold as much as you can". So I did. I had seen Leo's videos on psychedelics and enlightenment and I wanted to experience as much as I could directly. Inhaled. Held. Held...Everything went dark. As if reality got shut down completely. Then everything got 'turned back on'. I noticed the room I was sitting in and for a brief moment I had a memory of the way I had conceptually fragmented everything - that's a person, that's a wall, that's a... and then every single division I had created started shattering like glass. In just a couple of seconds everything started to fold into itself. I was in such a shock of this realization that I said " Everything is so simple! " At the very last moment the only division that was left was "Me" vs "the thing I'm observing". The moment I realized that was the moment "Me" got merged with everything else aswell. Then, there I was. An infinite spiral, just folding into myself endlessly. The first thought I had ( as I hadn't surrendered completely ) was " I want to escape from here! ". And then there realization hit me " There is no other place than here ". I had absolutely no memory of anything. There was absolutely no time, no space, no thing. I struggled for a while, trying to grasp onto something I could identify with but it was absolutely pointless. ( keep in mind that I had never had any sort of psychedelic or mystical experience prior to that. I didn't even meditate ). Then, after an eternity of trying to 'not be myself' there was another realization: " Since I'm only Me, there is nowhere to go, and I am here forever, why am I not enjoying it ? ". It hit me that I was choosing not to enjoy the experience. So I changed my choice. It instantly became absolutely blissful. After another eternity of blissfulness everything started vibrating in an unusual way. I slowly started coming out of the experience. Later I realized that the shaman was playing some instrument that felt as if it was 'tuning' me back to this reality. I started remembering the concept of "time", then "space". It was awesome. The funny thing is that the concept of 'I'm a human being' came back to me like 5-10 minutes after the trip was over and I was already listening to some of the other people at the ceremony. It was absolutely astonishing that I had completely forgoten about it and didn't even miss it. I had completely died and then there was a reincarnation.