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  1. Russell Brand handles this beautifully considering that he seems to be a pretty solid green.
  2. Trap here is that you are not taking 100% responsibility for your life. Just contemplate "who is the one that is giving the authority to Leo?" and you might discover something quite interesting. I've been there aswell and it took me some time to figure my way out of it, but don't worry. There is a way to figure this out and it's well worth to invest your time in it. But you will have to be the one that does the work. If I gave you the answers they wouldn't do anything for you, so here are some of the most important questions you could answer to help yourself out: Why take any action at at all? Is there a way for me to not take any action? Is not taking an action still an action? Why do I choose one thing over another? ( 'thing' could be anything - action, object, idea etc. That question is of extreme importance ) Is there a core reason behind every choice I make? If there is one, what is it? What is meaning? How is meaning created? Why is meaning? This is all you. Nobody is actually discouraging you from doing anything. You have the capacity to find out what is True and why do anything with your life on your own and there is nobody at your door trying to constantly stop you / limit you. Unless you are honest with yourself, you likely won't get very far. Playing victim / pointing fingers / not taking complete responsibility are, among other things, signs that you are not hones with yourself. No amount of belief, theory or intellectual understanding will make a step of progress for you. You must be the one doing the steps and using the theory as a map. Remember, that the map might be wrong for you, and that is absolutely ok. Because it is ultimately your responsibility to figure out your life. if you are wondering " Ok, but how do I do my job and not just believe in stuff I heard ? " - Get a pen and a piece of paper, write the question on the top and start figuring it out for yourself. Anything that is theoretical / concept is a lie you are telling yourself to keep yourself from using your own experience. Be brutally honest with yourself and just keep going. Good luck.
  3. The irony is that "clean your room" is a legit piece of advice. If you are starting you build any sort of personal development infrastructure the easiest, fastest and highest-ROI actions are to clean up/organize your physical & digital environments, i.e. cleaning your room and fixing up your desktop.
  4. Back in 2017 I was on a ceremony where we smoked DMT. I had never done a psychedelic before. My martial arts mentor had been to such a ceremony before and his advice to me was " Inhale with your balls and hold as much as you can". So I did. I had seen Leo's videos on psychedelics and enlightenment and I wanted to experience as much as I could directly. Inhaled. Held. Held...Everything went dark. As if reality got shut down completely. Then everything got 'turned back on'. I noticed the room I was sitting in and for a brief moment I had a memory of the way I had conceptually fragmented everything - that's a person, that's a wall, that's a... and then every single division I had created started shattering like glass. In just a couple of seconds everything started to fold into itself. I was in such a shock of this realization that I said " Everything is so simple! " At the very last moment the only division that was left was "Me" vs "the thing I'm observing". The moment I realized that was the moment "Me" got merged with everything else aswell. Then, there I was. An infinite spiral, just folding into myself endlessly. The first thought I had ( as I hadn't surrendered completely ) was " I want to escape from here! ". And then there realization hit me " There is no other place than here ". I had absolutely no memory of anything. There was absolutely no time, no space, no thing. I struggled for a while, trying to grasp onto something I could identify with but it was absolutely pointless. ( keep in mind that I had never had any sort of psychedelic or mystical experience prior to that. I didn't even meditate ). Then, after an eternity of trying to 'not be myself' there was another realization: " Since I'm only Me, there is nowhere to go, and I am here forever, why am I not enjoying it ? ". It hit me that I was choosing not to enjoy the experience. So I changed my choice. It instantly became absolutely blissful. After another eternity of blissfulness everything started vibrating in an unusual way. I slowly started coming out of the experience. Later I realized that the shaman was playing some instrument that felt as if it was 'tuning' me back to this reality. I started remembering the concept of "time", then "space". It was awesome. The funny thing is that the concept of 'I'm a human being' came back to me like 5-10 minutes after the trip was over and I was already listening to some of the other people at the ceremony. It was absolutely astonishing that I had completely forgoten about it and didn't even miss it. I had completely died and then there was a reincarnation.