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  1. How do you know if what you experienced was Kundalini? I had a big breakthrough some years ago and I have no idea if it was kundalini
  2. You could probably get some pretty deep work done if you do it before. On the other hand you might be ready to go even deeper Into the psychedelic experience if you do it after. Both sounds good to me
  3. Saw this video a while ago when I was into psychedelics. Yall can watch it and we can discuss what he experienced. Since there is infinite possibilities, there is also the possibility of experiencing being an inanimate object. The problem in his case was that his mind took over the experience, and he experienced all of the things that he went through in his life of being this inanimate object. The chair you're sitting in or bed you're laying in right now could be just as aware of what is happening as you are. The rock you threw into the water on the beach could be contemplating right now about the experience of getting thrown in the water. I'm just speculating right now.
  4. What does your experience say? U are talking about parallel realities and the future and what not, but does any of that exist in your experience right now? You and I do not exist, there is no doer. There is just an experience of a person writing this and a person reading this, but it is all happening within the same space. This forum is basically God contemplating and discussing different aspects of reality with himself. What his motives are I can not say. I do not have the slightest idea of how all of this works. This is a mystery for everybody, nobody has the answers that will stop the ego from seeking. (This sentence has different meanings, depending on where you're looking from, can you see it?)
  5. Cant see what the the mind consists of clearly, if you're in the mind. It can only become clear in the moment.
  6. When I'm laying in my bed in the dark, no matter how tired I am, I often get propelled right into the present moment and then back into thought. I'm not complaining, even though I can't fall asleep. It is obvious at these moments, that the distortion of reality through thought, flows uninterruptedly throughout the day, even when meditating it isn't as clear as at night. It's small awakenings every time. You're in a trance like state and it's noisy and suddenly all the noise disappear and all there is left is this present moment. There's also a recognition of the powerlessness of the little me, as the whole thought is based around it. Every time these small awakenings occur, the immense power of thought gets more apparent. The layers of conditioning and beliefs go very very deep.
  7. Adyashanti has said multiple times that the journey starts with you pursuing reality. This is a time where you can drop it all together and get another "hobby." But once an authentic awakening has happened, reality starts to pursue you. This is surely very relatable to many. It is to me. Once reality has shown itself it can never really be forgotten, the doer has been seen to be illusory and you (the ego) are no longer the one behind the wheel.
  8. You are just dancing you're dance. Everything. The seeking/suffering is the dance, it doesn't hurt you, it doesn't touch you. It touches the one that you believe that you are, and you are not that, but at the same time you are. You experience it fully by seemingly forgetting yourself, but behind it all there is only you, and it is pure love.
  9. Yes. The energies of the separate self can be very strong even after we realise its unreality though. That is my experience at least. As many teachers say: the journey starts after we wake up. It seems like true progress only happens after awakening, and we slowly begin to identify with "awareness" instead of the body/mind.
  10. Do you want truth or an experience. Your present experience, your day to day experience is truth. Your present experience is oneness, you reading this is oneness, if everything is oneness how could it not include this? The mind looks to the future for an event that will end its seeking, a big event called enlightenment. Stop believing the thought that you are far from the truth. You are truth I am you.
  11. Because of the belief that we are the body.
  12. Psychedelics can help destroy some of the deep believes about reality that lies very deeply within you. There is no path to the truth, either it show up or it doesn't. Its always here for anyONE to see. Leo doesn't know more than you, if he think he does it is just his ego and if you think he does it is also ego. Truth doesn't belong to anyBODY, you are truth.