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  1. Hey man this is such a limiting belief. I am 170 and my Ex was 180 and it did not matter. My current gf is 177 an it also does not matter at all.
  2. @Natasha I agree with a more holistic approach is the future but in my opinion they are often not really holistic but exclude certain treatments dogmatically. So it is often green with a big blue shadow. Sometimes those are also treatments that only work on placebo effect. But I have actually quite some experience with alternative healing but I was very conscious who to trust (no dogma) and it helped me quite a bit. For a truly holistic approach we need everything from classical medication to vaccinations to alternative medicine etc.. There is good and bad in classic medication but the same goes for alternative medicine. We need to develop those things more consciously and keep the root of the problem in focus. So from this viewpoint vaccinations are actually a treatment of the source of the problem (weak Immune system against certain infection) and should not be neglected especially in a holistic approach. But on the other side we need to make sure those are developed as consciously as possible with as little negative side effects as possible.
  3. @Natasha In my opinion it is rather blue vs orange. Because most of the criticism against vaccinations is not based on truth but rather belief. And than there is false information without proof made up to justify this belief. It kind of remembers me on the Trump election fraud conspiracy. Lots of things that are said but basically nothing to back it up. The only goal is to make everything as nebulous as possible and sowing doubt. But this is always the feature of conspiracy theory that they mix a kernel of truth with falsehood and claim this is true so this is true as well... And I actually think there are a lot of problematic things going on in the pharma industry and there is a lot of greed (as example new overpriced medicals with no real extra use) and it should be regulated more tightly. Ad pharma should be a lot more conscious than they are currently. In my opinion the vaccinations are actually the part of pharma which is quite conscious the big money making is somewhere else. Pharma would probably earn a lot more money without any vaccinations. But simply saying and spreading falsehood so that the pharma industry appears to be worse as they are actually does not solve this problem it does quite the opposite.
  4. @Loving Radiance No actually you are not reading properly what I wrote and the context. Natasha posted a meme that said Thiomersal (Form of Mercury) and a lot of other toxic stuff is part of the flu shot. I posted the actual ingredient list of the flu shot and you can see that there is no Thiomersal in there. While it is true that it is part of some vaccines (small minority) it is not part of the flu shot. And so the claim is wrong. I did not say that there are no vaccines at all that contain it.
  5. @Natasha Fair point but mine is the official ingredients list which gets controlled by FDA. Where did you get your ingredients list from? If there would be other things in there (for example mercury) it could be easily detected and it would cause big penalties for pharma industry so this is highly unlikely. But I mean I am open to it if you can prove that it is actually wrong because in du bio pro reo. But where do you get you information from? Maybe they also have monetary or spiritual biases? Want to sell something else so they can make money?
  6. @Carl-Richard Also new Technology is used and a lot of money is also used. If you pay a lot of money things get a lot faster.
  7. @Natasha I just looked up the actual flu shot ingredients and what you posted about the flu shot is anti-vaxx fake news. According to the forum guidelines fake news is not allowed here so please delete it because it is misleading. You fell into the trap of simply parroting things other say without actually questioning honestly if they are true. I looked up the actual ingredients list of the flu shot it can be found at point 11 Description So each 0,2 ml shot contains actually: live attenuated virus: an A/Guangdong-Maonan/SWL1536/2019 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus; an A/HongKong/2671/2019 (H3N2)-like virus; a B/Washington/02/2019- like virus (B/Victoria lineage); a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus (B/Yamagata lineage). and 0.188 mg monosodium glutamate 2 mg hydrolized porcin gelatin 2.42 mg arginine 13.68 mg sucrose 2.25 mg dibasic potasium phosphate <0.24 mcg ovalbumin may contain: <0.015 mcg gentamicin sulfate and < 0,37 mcg EDTA So the graphic you posted is just fearmongering @Preety_India Do not believe things you read on the internet do your own research.
  8. Yeah he made a post in his blog some time ago but I found a even more detailed explanation.
  9. @Patrick_9931 Honestly I had the same thing on one of my LSD Trips it was probably the most intense one. At first I had resistance but than I reminded myself that Leo told us that death is a "bluff" and I just thought ok lets call the bluff. Before I had like this feeling of disappearing and it got to the point where it felt for me like the next step and it is all over. As I took this step I lost the last feeling of the body (I tripped in a dark room) and it was just like beeing nothing it is difficult to explain. It also felt like I was away for an eternity but I did not really care whether or not I come back because I was in the state of being IT. It is hard to describe.
  10. Yeah you are right it is no deal breaker. I just thought it is helpful for anyone who might want to try it.
  11. @Leo Gura You are right it is mostly the same technique but there are a few details different. In short the differences with this method: Filling the syringe to 1 ml instead of 0.5 ml You insert the syringe and administer the substance standing After the administration you sit down instead of doggy position It is important to be relaxed before doing it otherwise it will leak You do not have to take a shit before doing it (I tested it and it did not matter that I have not taken a shit before. Will probably only make a difference if you administer it in doggy style and you lie down) Not sticking it as deep as you suggest and it is described the range what is best depending on your anatomy so you can experiment with it in case it is not working Not a difference but helpful for anyone who has problems with plugging: practicing with cold water A personal note from me that is not in the reddit: In your blog post you show a 1 ml syringe that looks like that But this syringe is sub optimal because often there will be some substance left in the syringe. It is better to use a syringe like that so after the administration the syringe will be empty:
  12. @Username I made a thread about a different boofing technique you might want to try this. With this technique empty bowels are not necessary. You should maybe reduce dosage before trying the new technique not that it gets unexpectedly strong. Here is the link on Reddit where everything is explained: