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  1. I’m from maine as well, it’s very conservative in the rural areas and very liberal in the urban areas. Just from my experience all around the state, I wouldn’t call our governor janet mills extremely liberal, she’s more of a Biden than a Bernie.
  2. The solution is to educate people so they don’t vote against they’re own interests, China only looks appealing in the short term
  3. Government-sponsored therapy and mental health services should be as common as anything and ideally would come in a package but its still an important topic, people could get a lot more out of life with the right attitude and professionals/guidance.
  4. I think the external world is just a reflection of the internal so I guess it makes sense that inner work impacts the outside, there have been studies that show how meditation can lower the crime rate if done locally. It’s not so weird, the yogis say your consciousness sends out subtle vibrations which effect the world around you and Sadhguru says only a handful of enlightened people can change the world. Interesting food for thought.
  5. @puporing yea as leo and many other can intuit, you have to come to god or unity, it’s not going to force you to submit, it may gently nudge you or whisper to you, in my experience it’s very gentle and clever but I don’t think it’s going to drag you there, that’s the egos job lmao. idk about your contemplations, things can move rapidly or stagnate depending on events or fate or how the process goes, at least politically you see a bit of a quick movement socially towards inclusion and unity, but lifestyle wise it may take a while to integrate, I still haven’t had enlightenment or that shift in consciousness, I still feel like a separate individual, and if I’m in the 1% percent of people actually doing practices from time to time than we may in fact have a long way to go as a collective. but it’s kind of a mindfuck, sometimes I think my progress and intensity of practice has a direct impact on the “outside world” since I believe I’m imagining it, it’s quite the intuitive experience, it may be off topic but I guess it relates, for some reason the Ramana Maharishi quote comes to mind- “The greatest thing you can do for the world is your own self realization”
  6. People never watch the videos they just comment on them lol. After watching though I can say that it certainly seems that he means the end of the world will be a new beginning for a shift in consciousness, I certainly hope so, I don’t think he means a physical end because it didn’t sound like that, maybe just a change and what he calls “the fall of the ego” people might look like they are living less in what leo calls “devilry” and more in just awareness, it could be pretty but something tells me the ego will go down kicking and screaming. The great reset as shunya means it is not really going to be great for that many people they might just be in for a rude awakening lol
  7. We need more people like this and UBI and many other things.
  8. @Danioover9000 I was just saying that thoughts of pedophilia aren’t bad thoughts they are simply unhealthy or not self serving, I don’t think thoughts are good or bad and are neutral. also it’s debatable that thoughts are even under anyones control so to label them anything at all to me is too much. you don’t praise yourself for having pleasant thoughts so you shouldn’t beat yourself up for having unpleasant or bad ones I didn’t watch the video and I don’t care about destiny was more replying to India
  9. Itachi you gotta use your sharingan to see through this bullshit
  10. I think a better word to use are unhealthy or not self serving, “bad” seems a bit harsh.
  11. @Husseinisdoingfine I watched that vid, it doesn’t tell kids to watch porn, it says that it’s Normal to watch porn, which is true definitely the vast majority of people do. It also says that porn isn’t real in the sense that a lot of it is dolled up and fake and produced professionally, and isn’t something you should expect to resemble real sex. Pretty wise if you ask me.
  12. Call it whatever it is but something is apparently happening
  13. I read that Osho article @Husseinisdoingfine linked and Osho also says there’s a step in spiritual growth above heterosexuality and it’s asexuality. So I guess being gay or straight really doesn’t matter in spirituality until you lose the sex drive altogether in his eyes.
  14. @Aleister Crowleyy a lot of people are just deeply asleep compared to him
  15. I think if you’re looking at diet most people don’t look at ethical arguments, if you just want a healthy diet sure maybe veganism isn’t the best for everybody on the planet in 2022, but to me arguments for vegan diets are ethical ones and nutritional information comes second even though there is overwhelming evidence that vegans have better blood and reduced risk of heart disease and other ailments. it’s just like other products Nike may make the coolest looking shoes but they sure as hell aren’t the most ethical products. It’s about what you care about, if you care about reducing animal suffering than veganism is the way to go. If you don’t than obviously it’s not going to be a compelling argument. I would venture though that this animal holocaust that is happening on the planet cannot evade humanity forever and eventually we are going to have to care about it’s implications. You judge the growth of a society but how it treats it’s least fortune and most defenseless , and it’s obvious humanity is still a primitive one.
  16. @BipolarGrowth that video was hilarious joe Rogan definitely won that argument . And the vegan had some good points. I agree the most ethical way to eat meat is to hunt. But it’s not sustainable because if everyone hunted then pretty much all game animal life would go extinct, also factory farms aren’t sustainable either in either CO2 arable land water and they are factories of suffering, it’s a animal holocaust every day. That in itself isn’t relative love. I assert that if people had to kill every animal they ate then there would be a lot more vegetarians. Eat whatever you want, but don’t kid yourself about the implications of your diet, Nike still has sweat shops people still buy from them, it’s obvious people don’t care. Until they do.
  17. I typed out a couple reponses but I have nothing to say really, there is some truth to this video, but the inorganic ones is just like a Christian saying the devil this the devil that.
  18. I may not share your views brother but there definitely is an obvious bias against Palestine and it is super evident in America and the west. America loves Israel because they want to be the puppet master of them in the Middle East. I down believe in saying down with Israel and other shit like that but I believe a two state solution is best, there’s no way that’ll happen in the current climate though, and yea you’re definitely biased as other forum users will point out. But the points you make are very valid.
  19. People get tribal. I get the argument that it’s easy to go meta from my living room half way around the world, I’m not in Ukraine, but this type of level headed approach is better damage control. one should at least try to understand it if they can, regardless of who’s the bully, bad guy, etc. what’s the most wise solution?
  20. Think it was the correct decision Leo, but this thread is definitely getting out of hand. cheers p.s. I thought the zen koan comparison was a good one, sometimes you just need a straight answer but some people just won’t give you and inch, part of the reason I like users like @VeganAwake and Jim Newman/tony parsons is directly that but I remember when asked if they use advaita language even they conceded that there is no need to all the time only as a pointer.
  21. Totally agree with bad hippie, just to live a good life you shouldn’t have to slave away for a wage or start a business. A good life to me isn’t even extravagant, just your basics needs some shelter and food. The whole psychology of capitalism and the people who defend it seems very ego based. Of course I’m very ego based too, I just want to survive as well, but exploiting workers so you can sell cheap good and have tremendous wealth inequality isn’t sustainable and in my opinion will have to change it it will collapse in on itself. I don’t like the whole psyche of needing to prove yourself through value to society to live a basic life off the street, I personally believe I can benefit society in other ways than financially being a cog in a system or an owner of a business and believe we all should have basic economic rights just for existing as humans, call me lazy call me naive but it seems the fairest and most free way to run a society to me, to not be corned into being a worker or business owner and just being able to do your own thing at your own pace, and not have to starve for it. Plus a lot of jobs are just useless jobs and would probably be better for society if they didn’t exist or people had their own free time. if you want to work hard work hard but don’t push that on others, some people are meant to do other things in life and the material world isn’t for everyone.