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  1. its definitely not what you probably want to read on the politics sub-forum, but I got to say it, this is a crazy dream I'm dreaming.
  2. People like Osho have had the same treatment and even little bits of it follow Sadhguru but what they teach is gold
  3. If the majority keeps getting ruled by the minority the same stuff will happen, better democracy actually functions, I’d rather the majority get their way and have to deal the minorities dissent than the other way around. We shouldn’t abolish the senate but I wouldn’t mind making it more democratic
  4. @Bobby_2021 for now I guess the best we can do is not get a republican it’s bs that when we want someone who will actually do something for america it’s called moronic but it is what it is, I don’t care what leo says Bernie would have gotten a lot more done for progressive policies than Biden, but also I’m not an idiot, I realize that the vast majority of people don’t value those policies, in the other thread I was just saying Bernie actually had an energized movement and Biden just had a bunch of casuals problem was always that Bernie’s movement wasn’t nearly as big as every centrist and conservative democrat in the United States but, I would bet my life he would’ve beaten trump in the general, but all it is is a what if. What we can hope for is a president with at least more a backbone than Biden, I’ll take him for now over trump but it’s just more of the same dribble, no minimum wage increase, no build back better, sure he stopped pipelines and did some stuff for the environment and admittedly I think monitories and lgbt people feel more comfortable but that’s not some huge accomplishment. The bar is extremely low if just stopping trump again is the best we can do but of course it’s my number #1 priority given this new republican platform. I find it good to go through periods of not giving a shit about politics too, it really doesn’t change much, always the same arguments and the same talking points, one side is more conscious than the other but when you push that side to do something great there’s a multitude of excuses. I’m optimistic but very jaded at the moment
  5. Osho talks about this in his passage on Ashtavakra gita he says there are three types of people in the world: those who he part of “the congregation” (performers - creators - actors- dancers etc) and they are most far gone because they need validation from others to give a sense of self worth, they are lost in the game. then there are the “spectators” who simply watch and do not actually DO, watching tv, shows, movies, sports, plays, YouTube, and they not as bad as the first category but still lost in inaction (I think most of us on the forum would fall into this category, including these reactionaries) they cheer on the congregation because it is exciting and it takes them away from reality and life, it’s an escape. and then there are the “observers” those who do not become part of or cheer on the congregation they simply are and do as they are, they don’t need an escape and can realize their being and not identify with the body or some outside excitement or please someone or something, it’s really quite fascinating I recommend reading his English passages on the Ashtavakra gita
  6. I see younger zoomers dating all around me and my city, yes it’s a pretty progressive place, and it’s anecdotal evidence, but also like leo says, women want to be approached I don’t buy all this exaggerated every woman is a radical feminist shit
  7. Why shouldn’t we censor all music or art? Why start with music? Like it was said, call of duty has done more damage to the developing minds of kids then any rap could do, even though I would agree I wouldn’t want my kid listening to that if there is just no deep message, but really also who am I to judge, of course there needs to be standards but is not an explicit warning enough? I mean cigarettes got them, violent video games should have them too. Just let people know what they are getting into but give them the autonomy to make their own choices (and if people making their own choices becomes problematic and destructive like it is becoming with guns, then you can talk about laws and regulations/restrictions), and live with the consequences. Just my two cents
  8. Just kinda makes voting sound mundane and boring, you’re Just like a goal keeper stopping the net from candidates like trump bush desantis etc, would be nice to vote for someone instead of against but maybe that’s just wishful thinking in todays america. thanks for your input @Leo Guraincremental change just puts a bad taste in my mouth cause I know we could be doing so much more, but I can live with taking 1 step forward and no steps back if I have to.
  9. @Leo Gura alright I concede, after looking at the states won it wasn’t close, but don’t act like Bernie didn’t have momentum, real momentum, it wasn’t a lost cause doomed from the start as you are trying to paint. There was real enthusiasm behind a candidate like sanders, I don’t think politics is so simple as people are dumb so they vote x, yea maybe that’s most of it, but a lot of people can be persuaded. and if you’re right and I’m wrong, then what good is voting for any type of progressive change? I doubt I should be wasting my time advocating or following progressive policies or change if it’s just going to be out voted by the idiots. Wouldn’t it be wiser to just accept people aren’t ready for it, after all you say that a vote for the Green Party is throwing away your vote. Just curious
  10. Biden beat Bernie by a lot of votes but within each states the vote was close, it literally could have made the difference if every candidate didn’t endorse Biden or warren dropped out before Super Tuesday, yes Bernie lost but for almost all of the race it Bernie was ahead and Literally it only flipped after South Carolina and the whole establishment candidates endorsing him. I think the picture you’re painting was incorrect, Bernie still has a lot of appeal and is the most popular politician in the country, he just couldn’t beat the political establishment machine, that’s not bad political analysis. Point: the people got what they wanted but it wasn’t such a through in through landslide, if it was a sports analogy it was more of a 4th quarter comeback
  11. Demonizing valid spiritual teachings as neo advaita or some other buzzword because you don’t agree with what they imply
  12. Lol most scientists say a plant based diet is perfectly healthy - IF DONE RIGHT. there plenty of ways to eat shit on a vegan diet and get fat and there’s plenty of ways to do that on an omnivore diet, I’ve said it before on this forum, a vegan diet isn’t the most convenient and easy but it’s pretty healthy when done right, but you have to actually put some effort into, and also there will never be a one size fits all diet for everyone, I went vegan for ethical reasons not to be an athlete but these days there are plenty of examples of successful vegan athletes, it just depends on the person and their will power and genetics etc. I doubt the world will ever been 100% vegan or 100% carnivore but wouldn’t you want to live in the world where you can choose your diet. And yea vegans can be insufferable but it is true that if you eat meat you’re more than likely supporting the slaughter of innocent animals and that’s a moral call for you to make, no one can force you to eat anyway, I eat meat but that’s just because I’m on a Keto diet and trying to lose weight, I plan on going 100% vegan but I wouldn’t push it on anyone, I would just give them the facts and let decide. That’s how society really changes, not by forcing your views on each other, even if truth is on your side.
  13. What the essence of something is will always be debatable
  14. Republicans and their trickle down economics aren’t going to fix things, but yea inflation is definitely a problem, money could always lose its value at the drop of dime couldn’t it that’s the scary thing about it.
  15. Nadal inspired me to become a greater tennis player than I ever could have hoped, and got me a college scholarship
  16. Is every birth good? Obviously if you could have aborted hitler you would? Or wouldn’t you have? This is why the decision should never be in someone else’s hands
  17. As a person with multiple hospitalizations and manic episodes, it does feel like going off the meds is unhealthy and unsafe, but at the same time I don’t like the fact that I’m on medication every day, I do feel like bipolar manic states are very connected to psychedelic experience and have experienced a change of consciousness on them myself, however it’s just too taboo and hard to regulate myself or expect current society to accept unmediated mania. I would suggest it would take a lot of patience to “sit with” a manic state and treat it like a trip, everyone is different but with me I just couldn’t stop my racing mind and I lost a lot of sleep because of it. Maybe I’m living in fear but it just seems like its too hard to go off the meds or use psychedelics at this part of my life. maybe later on in life when I’m more secluded I can try it
  18. Well I did like the Biden speech, I hope he has the backbone to DEMAND it, you gotta bully these people on this issue, it's not going to come from bipartisanship.
  19. I think it depends more on ideological differences, the south and southwest are less liberal so it doesn’t matter that they are diverse as much and the northern states are typically less conservative so it doesn’t matter that they are more homogenous
  20. You mentioned neale Donald walsch, so I’d like to add in one of his newer books he said “the awakened species would never kill another not even out self defense, and would not be violent, unless asked to by another being” humanity still has a long way to go, we kill animals like it’s nothing and then keep dogs and cats as pets, it’s really messed up.
  21. I like albo and I think he will form a coalition with the Green Party which now has a couple seats in the Aussie parliament. imagine if the us had the Green Party in congress, sheesh.
  22. I’m not too much of a maine history buff, but West Virginia and maine are vastly different, yes they are both white, although maine is heavily influenced by New England politics, is more coastal, therefore there are more Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey transplants and also different industries with more farming I’d say and fishing. The average Mainer I’d say is slightly left leaning, it’s a relatively safe state where there is a lot of tourism which effects opinions and also a history of democratic leaning presidents having influence, jfk, fdr had a house in maine. it might have something to do as well as that maine was part of the union in the civil war and was always a freedom state and part of the Underground Railroad was started here, these are all just guesses but New England is more developed, the education is pretty good per capita, costs of living is relatively low so people arent so stuck in survival, maine was hit hard by the opioid crisis and be no means is it all peaches up here, and I must point out that once and a while there is an election of a republican ie lepage (trump lite) it’ll be interesting to see if lepage or mills wins in November. It’ll be close but I think mills will win re-election, most of the population of Maine lives in cities too so that might have something to do with it. Aroostook county is still largely forest and that’s where most of the deep red voters are, if I’m not mistaken in the last presidential election maine split it’s electoral votes and voted for Biden over Bernie in the primaries so again it’s not entirely fair to call it very liberal and angus king did vote against raising the federal minimum wage. troy Jackson our #1 state dem did campaign for Bernie though and I’m a big fan of him and mills is okay in my eyes, I respect her politics much more than lepage.