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  1. It’s a good question you raise… if everything is gods will, then people who commit suicide are too. Suicide feels wrong to me that’s why “I” wouldn’t do it but I’m curious as to what will happen if there was no longer a feeling of being in a body. It’s said that it’ll be this and that after death but I haven’t had the consciousness to be certain of it yet. Way too many concepts
  2. Guilt is probably worse than the perceived pain of hurting someone’s feelings. The world has enough people pleasers, not enough authentic beings. Just my take
  3. I never existed and it’s all unreal there’s absolutely not tangibility of any of it, it’s just an appearance and I’m part of that appearance
  4. @Leo Gura I actually enjoy god mode, it’s quite fun to play with it. It doesn’t ruin the game for me, matter of fact I prefer god mode to hard mode. agreed, struggling for everything doesn’t create worth it in my eyes, it certainly can but I can enjoy most things and blessings/gifts the easy way, guess that’s just me. I like easy
  5. As long as had my memory of the pain that should be enough, thats the constant reminder, but yet i think that reality is perfect and therefore i try to change as little as possible, of course i still have preference which is automatic to some degree and in that preference is a pleasant experience over a painful one,but theres no use working your life trying to chase pleasure and avoid pain because as you know you really cant avoid pain. apparently its just necessary in existence, and so i concede to that fact. i wish it wasnt so, but i concede
  6. let the people decide for themselves, there more than enough info, its a nuanced topic and yea id probably say its not for everyone and isnt healthy, but im pretty sure scientific evidence would back that eating red meat per instance is a lot more harmful that smoking weed. you cant be an prohibitionist are you? youve addressed the health aspects but what about the communal aspects, should people really go to jail for posesseing weed when they can legally buy alcohol and cigarettes? i personally dont smoke anymore but i did it responsibly for the most part when i did, i definitely dont think people should be driving on it. but its not the end of the world if people can go to local store and buy some. science says alcohol and tobacco are much more harmful anyway....
  7. We cant live in a society where tobacco and alcohol are legally sold and weed isnt, it too hypocritcal, I hope people make psychs legal too, thats the only way i could try them, if they were done in a clinically sound way.
  8. Something i need to contemplate is yes they say you need duality to know the good and the bad, but once’s you’ve seen the bad to know the good, do you still need the constant reminder of the bad? once I’ve been hit in the balls I know to protect them, I don’t need to be reminded again and again, duality could work this very same way, but it doesnt
  9. That’s why my name is Gidiot - Genius/Idiot. this is a great realization
  10. @axiom I will try that thanks, yea I have no idea what infinite awareness and self is nor do I know how I’d confirm it to myself if I did feel it, yea I know I got into spirituality cause I thought I could get somewhere, I’ll just keep doing whatever happens and be content with it. There really is no other option as I said in another thread if I don’t have the balls for psychs there’s no way I have the balls for destruction of the self in any way
  11. Amen brother, we don’t need socialism or communism but we don’t need capitalism either, we aren’t just individuals in a society and we aren’t just a society with no individuals it’s a balance. but it’s telling Sadhguru said it’s not like the people stuffed into these big cities are doing it out of love they are there because of greed and because of survival. To me that is the fundamental flaw, there is no sense of community we are far too afraid of one another and there is just a lack of compassion and empathy, understanding, waking people up is key for sure. I don’t think spirituality will be popular world wide until automation takes over though and people actually have time to think. Being a wage slave takes up so much time and energy.
  12. I’d like to get somewhere but what irks me is that even with like you said decades of effort you may not get there. I love it man, I truly do I love life but it’s just so frustrating spinning your wheels. Maybe this must happen too like you said, everything must collapse to see what’s always been there
  13. @axiom haha I don’t know who to believe but I think both leo and Jim Newman, Osho and Sadhguru, all have something to say and I’ll listen, also it’s not like I never did practices I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of hours of meditation and yoga over 5 years now I just don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere, that’s why those messages became so appealing
  14. @Breakingthewall and if you want out? You’re seen as having a problem even though what you described sounds neurotic. The only way there can be constant motion is if there is a state of stability and pleasantness otherwise you will just collapse from exhaustion or pain suffering etc. sad thing is, that is not our natural state and you have to do practices to get there and in my experience of doing hundreds of hours of practices it still isn’t there so yet here Holykael is and here I am
  15. @Someone here true dude, it’s one of the reasons I don’t go close to suicide, but I think any sane person has thought about it at least once in their life, it’s just so violent that I don’t think anything pleasant can come of it, duality is so annoying, I don’t necessarily think you need to experience deep suffering to know great pleasure, god certainly does, but these egos, idk
  16. Well fair enough, I still enjoy life and consciousness and seeing through the illusion, I don’t want for nothing really. I like listening to neo advaita teachings but I do feel in my gut when I listen to them that they are missing something, it just doesn’t feel right. (Could be my bias) And I’m honest enough to say I can’t be bothered to do thousands of hours of meditation or 200 trips of psychedlics. I don’t have the patience for the former or the balls/stable mental health for the latter, so maybe that’s why I like hearing those empty teachings. I will go my own way and suffer if I have to. That’s just life anyway and I apparently designed it that way, sucks that consciousness and awakening comes at such a price I’d easily trade my life for it if I could just press a button but putting in all that effort, much harder.
  17. I’ll take toxic green over toxic red any day of the week and twice on sundays hahaha
  18. Maybe I’m confused but I can’t fathom how there is a prescription in reality when every single mystic including leo, sadh, Osho, says it’s purposeless and meaningless. If it’s purposeless and meaningless then the reality is there are no shoulds, oughts, and needs to anything. you can’t say it’s meaningless and purposeless and then say well you need to realize god or do a practice. this seems quite obvious to me but I could be wrong
  19. That I don’t exist in any type of concrete location aka nowhere and neither does anyone else and I’m dreaming this all up and all these posts on the forum are from dream characters trying to make this all feel real. Far out, yet I’m participating so obviously I’m still asleep. Sorry to post this comment on the forum for the 50 trillionth time but it needs to be harped for my own rememberance.
  20. What wrong with communism is that you have a selfless ideal with selfish people. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done, just like leo said, just because science “works” doesn’t mean it’s right or true. Capitalism “works” for a lot of people, doesn’t mean there is any truth to it. Communism has failed because the ideal is something we as stupid human chimps aren’t ready for. I mean people are still betting their life savings on football games, that’s how dumb we are
  21. love it, i dont think the debt is legitimate in the first place, sure room and board at college, meals (that should ideally be free for public college too like high school) could cost something but thousands of dollars of tution for an 18 year old, that is very problematic for society.
  22. ownership, how could you own a piece of reality, social contract