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  1. @Leo Gura I'll check out the vlog. Thanks.
  2. @Leo Gura Even though we may not be able to understand it, I'd still love to hear about this divine plan as you see it. If you feel it would take too much time to explain, then just a summary would suffice. Thanks.
  3. I had an insight last night after smoking weed. Which was, that the purpose of the manifestation is awakening. Everything that's happening right now, everything that's ever happened, has been about awakening... Consciousness rediscovering itself. If this insight was legit, then I would be inclined to say there is indeed a divine plan that is unfolding.
  4. I smoked some weed recently and it suddenly occurred to me that there is a constant like/dislike relationship happening between myself and life. A constant resistance to what is. To even the smallest things in life. And I realized that much of my resistance to what is is totally unconscious and automatic. So, I'm left to wonder, how does one deal with resistance when that resistance is unconscious and seemingly beyond one's control?
  5. I'm not much of a meditator, but being mindful is a realistic option for me. Why do you suggest minimalism? I already am somewhat of a minimalist, although I still have some stuff like a TV and videogame console. Yeah I really should write these insights down as they come. Thank you.
  6. @RichardY Funny clip!
  7. What are your thoughts on nature? People often ascribe some sort of spiritual significance to nature. How do you see it?
  8. So I took some cannabis capsules and started watching some Rupert Spira videos, and it occurred to me that whatever I am, it has remained the same since childhood. Thoughts change, feelings change, but Awareness never changes. And Awareness watches everything unfold, every thought, every feeling, every perception. A feeling of boredom is not a problem for Awareness. A feeling of boredom is perfect just as it is. I don't know if I realized myself to be Awareness or not, or if I was just intellectualizing everything, but even if it was just intellectualizing and nothing more to it, it's pretty amazing what these substances can do to elevate your thinking.
  9. I've wondered this myself from time to time. What is the point of pursuing anything or improving yourself when it all leads to nothingness? Everything you achieve, everything you become, it all amounts to nothing in the end.
  10. Did you ingest the weed or smoke it?
  11. At the 3:18 mark... That shit's messed up.
  12. Thanks everyone for your responses. I just bought some capsules. I'm hoping ingesting will give me a deeper experience than smoking.
  13. @RendHeaven It was David D'Angelo's material for me. And yeah, I've completely left that stuff behind now. 100% spiritual stuff for me at this point.
  14. When one surrenders, what exactly are they surrendering to? God's Will?
  15. I got into spirituality through the pickup community. My biggest challenge is not being aware of who I really am. When I try to locate myself, I find nothing. So I'm sort of stuck in a place where I know I don't really exist as a separate entity, but at the same time I don't know who I really am. Stuck in no man's land.
  16. @Matt8800 Any particular insights come your way or just generally beneficial?
  17. @Serotoninluv Nature is nice but I feel like I'd want to be as far away from other human beings as possible when I'm high. As it may spark some paranoia.
  18. Yikes. Sounds like you might've smoked too much. In the past I've mostly just experienced a lot of thinking and some paranoia. Setting an intention combined with spiritual practice could be helpful. I'll have to try that.
  19. Not to harp on this, but, I can assure you I have no direct experience of being anything other than a human being. Can you elaborate on how ignorance isn't the case?
  20. Why is ignorance the case? Why have we forgotten Ourself?
  21. Is relinquishment of thought an alternative path to the Self?