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  1. Less than one. Simply sit in a quiet room and be aware of the silence.
  2. My favorite book! Highly recommended. The author, David Carse, makes it available for free on his website.
  3. @VeganAwake Glad you finally read this one. I knew it was up your alley. It's a special book, eh? Could've probably used some editing (e.g. the chapter "A Parable: Wake Up!" was completely unnecessary) but overall it's awesome. The author, David Carse, has a website that is also extremely useful, filled with helpful pointers.
  4. Recognizing what you are is not a particularly memorable experience (sorry to disappoint you). The 'qualities' or your true nature (mainly the feeling of peace) gradually emerges as you rest in yourself over a period of time.
  5. The actual recognition itself is not an extraordinary experience. Having said that, the peace that emerges from resting as your true nature is something to write home about.
  6. There will be no fireworks when you recognize your Self, no grand epiphany. Recognizing what you are is a very low-key, subtle experience.
  7. @Ellenier Just be, knowingly.
  8. Be aware of being aware. Simply notice the experience of being aware, and rest there. That is resting as awareness. Sometimes it is peaceful, sometimes nothing noticeable happens. If the peace isn't present, it's not necessarily due to doing it wrong. The peace comes and goes.
  9. Yes, women are extremely perceptive and intuitive. If you are needy, they will know it. In my experience, women find you most attractive when you have a "I don't give a fuck" mentality, not caring whether the girl likes you or not.
  10. My guess is these women smell neediness. Which is just as repulsive as B.O.
  11. Thanks bro! Yes, Rupert's pointers are definitely the clearest I've come across.
  12. All this striving, all this struggle, all this suffering... It's totally needless! The truth of your being is right under your nose and has been all along. Simply be aware of being aware (as taught by Rupert Spira). Ask yourself the question, "Am I aware?" and then simply rest in the experience of being aware. It's so simple! So many books, so many teachers, so much searching... Meanwhile, the peace we've been seeking was within us all along. No need for meditation, no need for psychedelics (nothing wrong with them--but completely unnecessary). Simply notice that you are aware, and rest in that experience. You're welcome.
  13. The seeking has come to an end. Now it's just a matter of continuing to familiarize myself with Myself.
  14. True nature = Awareness. The awareness that is aware of these words right now... That is what we are.
  15. You may be right. I don't necessarily need to be fully 'enlightened'. For now, I'm content with paying temporary 'visits' to my true nature.
  16. As Ramesh Balsekar would say, "All there is, is Consciousness." But within that Consciousness there is still room for impermanence apparently. I'm not advocating for the rejection of the body and mind, but rather, simply not identifying them as 'me', as they are impermanent. Only that which is eternal is worthy of identifying with I'd say.
  17. The body and mind have a lifespan. You do not.
  18. Yes, but while you are alive, doesn't it make sense to live as peacefully and happily as you can? You might as well make this short-lived roller coaster ride as comfortable as you possibly can.
  19. I assume this was intended for @Javfly33 but what the hell: Our true nature is our Self. That which we generally overlook in favor of identifying with a body and mind.
  20. Yes and according to Rupert, this integration process never stops. I'm not sure I agree, but that's what he says.