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  1. @Natalya Sure, men and women are wired differently but how men react to sleeping around versus how women react to sleeping around cannot be so black and white. For instance, one of my best guy friends has had sex with 3 girls in his life as he has become quickly emotionally attached to each of his partners while I have a girl friend that is quite the opposite; she just knows what she wants and is patiently waiting but still enjoys sex now and again. Not advocating to go out and bang everything that walks but I think it's important to be open minded to the possibility that others don't feel exactly how you feel about sex and giving anecdotal evidence about "being labeled" and how other women feel should be done with caution. That being said, do what makes you happy - I'm not here to judge, nor is my opinion any more valid than yours!
  2. @Natalya Putting a specific number on the guys a girl should/can sleep with doesn't make sense. What if number 6 is her prince in shining armor? I've dated girls who have had sex with way more than 5 guys and I didn't label them. A woman shouldn't be concerned with what society thinks of her, as they are probably wrong. If she's having sex for the right reasons, why worry about the number? +2 points @Lynnel
  3. I'd recommend reading Mastery by George Leonard - it's a recommendation from Leo. A big point the book harps on is enjoying being on the "plateau", or the place in your journey where you are not seeing any improvements but only practicing to practice, knowing that persistence will eventually lead to improvement, and eventually mastery. Whatever you are pursuing, or even if you aren't pursuing something in particular, give this a read - it's a great source of inspiration. I'm also a person who considers himself lazy yet ambitious (although sometimes I think I'm being hard on myself). Mastery hasn't completely flipped my work ethic upside down but I believe it's shown me the light on not only "grinding", but enjoying the grind. I consider myself to be on the same path as @Leo Gura just a long ways behind him but I believe that finding satisfaction and enjoying the process is key in your pursuit of whatever it is you are pursuing. Thanks guys, Flynn
  4. I usually drink (pretty much strictly on the weekends) but it is a habit I'm trying to kick, or at least moderate. It's a funny cycle I go through pretty consistently; Friday, I get off of work and I'm excited to go out with my friends and we have a great time. Saturday morning, I usually feel slightly hungover but also feel that I can very easily express what I want to say and have a higher than average level of happiness. Throughout the day, I notice my level of happiness taper off until I start drinking again and usually have a fun Saturday night but it's not as fun and fresh as Friday night. Sunday, I'm usually pretty shot/useless if I've been out drinking and don't get much accomplished. Monday is usually my worst day at work and I feel somewhat uptight and uncertain of myself. As the week progresses, I feel myself become happier and more confident as the sober days stack up - I stick to my healthy habits/routines and usually get a lot accomplished. And then Friday comes. If you're not going to quit drinking, I would highly recommend moderating your drinking as I've been doing the past couple of weeks - I've attained a much more level mood by keeping myself to 4 or less drinks in a night. AND, if you're going to have a drink - I'd recommend the NorCal Margarita (high quality tequila, seltzer, crushed lime, crushed ice, sprinkle of salt); from the research I've done (and my own empirical data), it gives you a significantly reduced hangover and is the "healthiest" drink you can order. Thanks guys, Flynn