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  1. Honestly the main impediment I have seen from people that are not good with girls is social skills. Yes, good looks will carry you. But the average dude doesn't realize how fucking bad they are socially, especially compared to women who are naturally more socially adept. If you're into pickup that's already an indication of your social ineptitude. And no matter how hard you work, it might be near impossible to overcome because you're overly smart, overly intellectual, and borderline autistic That's my observation from what I've seen from dudes who get bad results with pickup They just don't click with chicks the way neurotypical people do
  2. He's above average (7) in looks, charismatic, and intelligent but didn't turn out so well years down the line!
  3. I go in and out of this. Getting a very social job where you interact with people and push yourself can help balance you out.
  4. If true he got played like a fool Like when the cool kids invite you to their table at lunch, only to fuck with you Beyond foolish to play chess with a grandmaster with the entire world as the audience
  5. And by that I mean Awakened with a capital 'A' Not a glimpse Please no spiritual narcissism or boasting I am asking sincerely
  6. I still get triggered. Stressed. Negative thoughts and so forth. But it only makes the game more worth playing--you thought meditating and sitting around like a Buddhist would suffice? Lol. Lazy boy. Facing solipsism head on the way you said is quite intense though. It's easier to have like you said in the background. Or very in the background to the point where the dream is reified.
  7. It's imaginary so why not risk 'everything' / 'nothing' Nothing to lose
  8. That is inevitable Even though I said no spiritual narcissism ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. abandoning the ambition to know it is impossible Realized this on amanita
  10. Relax man I know this won't fix your situation, but I suggest taking the pressure off for a couple of weeks. Take some time to decompress and do other s*** You can always come back and reassess your relationship to chess and what it means for your future But I'll just chill focus on other s***, Friends, Life, maybe a trip somewhere Just chill I like to play chess too but I am nowhere Damn near as good as you are
  11. exactly this. you are getting impatient. no wonder you getting liquidated lol. invest less, and an amount you can afford to go a few years without so you can cash out on an upswing instead of losing
  12. @Magnanimous I like the Physics degree. Especially if you specialize in all the weird shit with like quantum physics, relativity, and so on... Mind bending implications and so on. If you're a true writer, you know what you need to do to grow as a writer. Whereas getting a Physics degree can expand your mind about difficult subject matter that can inform your worldview, philosophy, and writing. Additionally, you will never have to worry about having wasted your time on a "useless degree" or whatever they like to call them. You're not selling your soul and doing it for the money only. It's both practical and also intellectually stimulating. Personally, if I were to go back to school yeah it would be a combo of Philosophy and Physics.
  13. He seemed pretty neutral to me lol -- I don't think he was undermining it
  14. Make it a habit to talk to x girls each day at school or each time you go out. Your mind is fooling you. Enough with this HSP nonsense. You could straight up just ask for directions to start
  15. By falling in love so deeply with the art of social skills / pickup, and loving human beings in general, the discomfort and pain becomes secondary. inspiration my friend thats the answer falling in love with incremental progress && the occasional reward ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  16. absolutely! there's plenty of great careers to choose from like... managing a scam call center or becoming a spiritual charlatan then I get to live like a King
  17. are you in SALES?
  18. let Elon try it
  19. He said he has a hard-on (heart onโฃ๏ธ) for Leo! Is there not a greater declaration of love than the homoerotic appreciation for the mind of another man โ™‚๏ธ ?
  20. This is a very very good book ๐Ÿ“š Highly recommend -- goes hand to hand with God realization
  21. That's Florence during the Renaissance gay artists -- Da Vinci and many others
  22. documentary about handsome young men in the Dominican Republic seducing middle aged tourists women for their money. Quite comical and sad
  23. if youre asking youre already passed the point