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  1. Why pay a human $50,000 a year when you can pay $10,000 for a robot that will operate for years
  2. The most feminine and beautiful girls are the ones with the child-like joy, unencumbered with trauma and bitterness. It still applies. A negative smart person sucks the life out of everything.
  3. @Jannes Thats not really a reason. Offering free content is literally a marketing strategy.
  4. @Leo Gura The way the kid (Jake) just matter of factly says: "I'm just doing what I like to do" - sounding super unimpressed that others make such a big deal out of what for him is normal.
  5. Truly amazing The black pill kids were truly ahead of the curve Though it seems the "forever alone" slogan has died off Yet, the accuracy Forever alone, indeed and it is lovely rejoice
  6. What... I'm not But that's great advice on 1 girl a day Todd V said 3x3 (3 girls, 3 times a week) minimum to get really good
  7. This thread went over your head.
  8. How do you do it, brah? One more question: Are we all gonna make it?
  9. First of all I only take advice from dating coaches Lastly, no pat on the back A cookie and some milk will do
  10. Focusing on the negative is bound to lead you to failure Do not dwell on the negative Dwell on the positive. Dwell on your purpose. Where you're headed This is a failure mechanism you are activating. If you activate failure mechanisms, you will produce a hellish reality
  11. I wouldn't consider it word vomit. But your writing style and intelligence is too high for many people to understand. I personally find your thinking style fascinating. I did have to use chatgpt to break some of it down lol.
  12. Why doesn't everyone intelligent succeed in life? If they're so smart, wouldn't they easily figure life out?
  13. that would be a great video idea. i know youve talked about it. but expanding on it
  14. Many times it scares the shit out of me and I want to go back to asleep / sleepy boy mode. But last week I was so depressed and frustrated with my life that solipsism brought back a sense of peace. But the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper. I know I'll prolly have a rough time if I really push deep.
  15. I felt like I was wasting my time doing Leo's course. I was wrong The course is sorta genius I have been working the "values" portion lately and let me tell ya... I find myself having to revise my values as I think more about them and reflect on my week Reflect on what I dont like, struggles and so forth And so I revise them my writing prompts for the course Hence, I now have a pathway towards achieving it -- based on my personality, based on my personal experiences and reflections So basically you are priming your mind to seek out the solutions to your problems. To your life. Problem being a life that does not align with your values Call it a dream, yea sure, whatever... I would prefer a bit of a different dream Anyway, if you been thinking about buying the course... What are you waiting for. For a small price of $249 you can start to reconfigure your mind towards the life that you want. Fuck a "solution" based product teaching you how to do a specific thing. Leo's program will aid your mind to create its own solutions specific to YOU You dont need to pay 1000 for some guru business course. That's like paying for a diamond for $1000 (like a dropshipping course) versus paying $250 for the diamond factory (Leo's course)
  16. why dont you go to gay venues?
  17. stay tf away
  18. Nice man. I thought you meant you were literally on DMT when you presented this lol
  19. very smart girl / human / whatever...
  20. Yes but not in a forced way generally speaking. So what has worked is to not make it a big deal and maybe baby step it at first. Meditate for only a few minutes. Then things take a momentum of their own because you actually enjoy doing something difficult that has a positive effect on my life. I could play Xbox out of habit but seems relatively un-challenging, and wont have a long term benefit. The key is mini habits! I mean the key is kinda finding the middle ground, where I nudge myself in the direction I want, without cultivating a negative attitude towards it because I am forcing myself.
  21. Following the analogy Jailbreak refers to Apple devices which are closed source OS When you jailbreak it that means you have access to 'a lot more' than Apple previously intended What does this mean in terms of enlightenment when Leo says it And what is possible?
  22. This is one of the best trip reports I have read